We’ve had plenty of MOON inspired fan contributions from drawings and paintings, to short fan made movies, have not had a song so far though, until now.

MC Matches from Houston, TX has sent us his remix of Lupe Fiasco’s “Shining Down” featuring a verse inspired by Sam Bell’s time on Sarang…

We asked MC Matches what was it about MOON that inspired him to create:

The movie really related to me first of all because I’m a sci fi/ digital age guru. I actually work in the energy industry, and it is a well known fact that oil and gas will eventually deplete, and alternative energy such as wind will be our primary source. This movie displays truly what humans will start doing, branching off to new planets just to find energy.

The movie can be related to what is going on in the energy industry at the moment, we spend time and resources training individuals to work in remote locations such as offshore, when if the technology existed we could just send clones. Then it’s a question human life, and do you really want to create life and abuse the human race by lieing and telling them that they are on a 3 year assignment and that they will be going home to a wife that is really dead? When Sam finds out the truth he is crushed, which reminds us that human life is not to be toggled with in this manner.

I love this movie because it opens our eyes to what we should expect to see in the future. Not to mention the most creative minds on earth came up with the plot to this film, and when I saw it I knew I had to be a part of it in some way.

More details on MC Matches on his MySpace page and Twitter