Duncan Jones has received, perhaps the highest accolade in the British film industry. The coveted Kermode award for Best Director, for MOON.

Ed Sullivan / Kermode (Kermode award photo by Jane Parker)

Ed Sullivan / Kermode (Kermode award photo by Jane Parker)

Although extremely busy on the first week of filming his second feature ‘Source Code‘ in Montreal, Canada, Jones reacted almost immediately to the news of this fantastic achievement on his Twitter account:

Thats a very special one! And the awards a looker… A model of Ed Sullivan!

For those of you who are not aware of Mark Kermode, what better introduction than that what they put on his BBC Blog HERE:

Outspoken, opinionated and never lost for words, Mark Kermode is the UK’s leading film critic.

He is resident film critic on Radio Five Live’s Mayo Show and on the News Channel, is a presenter on The Culture Show and often appears on BBC Newsnight Review.

Kermode has been a big supporter of MOON, interviewing Duncan on BBC Radio 5Live at the Edinburgh Film Festival back in June 2009 prior to the films UK July launch.

Duncan Jones & Mark Kermode

Wittertainment Live image by Martin Burns from Flickr

Kermode’s admiration for Jones’ work recently caused him to play a version of ‘Thus Spake Zarathusa‘ on a Rolf Harris Stylophone in homage to MOON.

So, once again, we say congratulations Duncan & all involved in making MOON 🙂

Thanks to Jane Parker for use of the Kermode Award photo.