The initial public vote nominations for the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010 have been whittled down to the final nominations. Again it’s all down to public vote, winners decided by us, the movie going, ticket buying peeps, as Jason Issacs says:

“When the critics judge something, it comes from the encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that’s ever been put out at all. When Bafta and the Oscars judge something, it’s us judging our peer group and looking for different things, and possibly carrying with it all the alliances and prejudices that go with that.”

“And when the public judge something, it’s from films that they’ve actually bought tickets to go and see. So there may be a bunch of films they haven’t seen, but there were things that they were drawn to go and see … and they were happy they bought tickets for, so it just tells you something else … the real cold face of arts meets commerce.

“In the end, it’s a film business and these things have to be attractive to the public, so it’s in some ways a more honest celebration of what the public have liked, but they are the public’s awards.”

BAFTA Award winning Director Duncan Jones‘ MOON is up for Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy, so if you would like MOON to win, head over to the form and cast your vote >>HERE<<