MOON Sold Out?

Last in the rack Twitpic at Best Buy from Laurence Reichman

Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell, was released on Blu-Ray and DVD in the US & Canada last Tuesday 12th January 2010, and although we have no sales figures yet, from the comments we’ve seen over on Twitter, it seems sales are brisk, and in some cases, it is sold out at branches of major US retailers such as Target and Best Buy. Check out these comments:

Easy day so far. Been trying to buy Moon and Hurt Locker Blu-Ray but it’s sold out. This is bittersweet.

From Matthew Klekner

@ManMadeMoon Went to 2 stores at lunch to buy Blu-Ray MOON for my bro’s birthday – BOTH SOLD OUT!! Frustrated/happy #SamRockwellOscar

From Robert Tarr

WeHo Best Buy & Target both sold out of Blu-Ray. Copies of MOON. Hopefully academy voters got their hands on some… #moon #rockwell

From Aaron B

@ManMadeMoon hey, Moon is sold out at my local Target. I figured that was awesome:)

From Melissa Gill

And this from respected Movie Journalist Scott Weinberg

The big Best Buy in NE Phily = Totally sold out of MOON.

Hopefully all those lovely Academy Voters getting out early to see what all the fuss is about. Not too shabby for a little British Indie Sci-Fi film, not too shabby at all. Also nice to see it flying high in the Tower top 100 Blu-Rays

There is an awful lot of MOON love out there, especially from people that did not get a chance to see it’s limited theatrical release.