Whilst mooching about on Twitter yesterday (a very rare occurrence I can assure you) I noticed that film lover, David Sugarman, had tweeted a pic to MOON Director Duncan Jones ( @ManMadeMoon ), so I thought I’d share it with you, I also asked David to tell us about the pic & his thoughts on MOON:

David Sugarman's 'Sam Bell - MOON'

Moon is a film that means a huge amount to me. Science-fiction is so often divided into two camps: one high and intellectual, distanced from the characters; or simply brainless action. Moon delivers the intelligence, the human ethical fallibility, the questions of progress and technology. It also engages with the character(s) of Sam Bell so that I care vastly more about him than I can recall any other space-based sci-fi character meaning to me.

While I cannot claim to have seen every film released in 2009, Sam Rockwell’s performance is almost certainly one of, if not the best screen performances I have ever seen. It’s not possible to discuss this film without raving about it and sounding generally too enthusiastic for it to be genuine, and a huge part of those ravings revolve around Sam’s acting.

Good luck to the whole campaign,
David Sugarman (@ShugZ)
You can also read David’s review of MOON >>HERE<< and view a larger version of the drawing above (and some of David’s other film related sketches >>HERE<<