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Source Code Gets A Grand Theft Auto Trailer

Source Code GTA V Trailer

Those of you familiar with Source Code may be aware of one particular shot in the film that was inspired by Grand Theft Auto. As mentioned by Duncan in an interview in 2011 with /Film

“There were these moments in the film where I thought, “This could be really fun. This could be a moment where we could do something that no one’s really done before.” And there was this thing I had in my head. We have a scene where Jake jumps off a moving train. You’ve seen that, whether it’s jumping out of cars, jumping out of trains, you’ve seen it in so many films, and you know what to expect. You know how people are going to shoot it. They’re going to cut their way around it, they’re going to get the stuntman involved, they’re going to cut back to your lead actor and he’s going to sort of brush himself off and get up. And I didn’t want to do that.

So I thought, “I want to do what they do in Grand Theft Auto, in the game, not the movie. I want to be there with a camera on my lead actor the whole time as he jumps off the train, rolls down the track, bruises himself, cuts himself up, and then gets up at the end of it. I want to do that because no one does that.” You can’t do that.

And we actually ended up doing that shot. So that for me was like…that was one of those special effects kind of little gems that I knew I wanted to do that I hadn’t seen anyone else pull off before. So there’s things like that where I was like, “This is really important to me. I can scrimp and save here. I can cut down on my ambition in this section, but give me this.”

Well now things have come full circle as a creative chap called Steve at Final Flame Pro has re-created the Source Code trailer using Grand Theft Auto.

“I have a Youtube channel that mainly features Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer remakes of popular movies and TV shows. I’m a big fan of time travel stories such as ‘Source Code’ and ‘Quantum Leap’, so when I thought of making a new video I thought ‘Source Code’ would be an exciting challenge. I used the Playstation 4 and the GTA 5 Rockstar Editor to recreate all the classic moments from the movie and I hope people enjoy the video.”

And here it is! Fantastic work, Steve!

Check out more of Steve’s videos on his channel.

WARCRAFT Trailer Two – Now with added Dwarves!

Warcraft Unite Poster

Nothing quite grabs your attention like being smashed in the face by an Orc (Durotan in this case played by Toby Kebbell) as you will see when you press play now to watch the latest trailer for Duncan Jones’ soon to be released feature film adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s WARCRAFT.

There’s been some speculation on what races  will feature in WARCRAFT. We knew about Orcs and Humans but keep your eyes peeled while watching this latest trailer for a glimpse of those hardy fellas, Dwarves!

WARCRAFT smashes into your cinemas, into your eyeballs and into your noggins from June 10th (30th May if you’re in the UK).

WARCRAFT Gets New Poster and Trailer Date Announced

Busy day! Just after I pressed the old publishing knob on the last post re potential MUTE news, they went and dropped a new WARCRAFT poster AND the date for the first trailer!

Thats this coming Friday 6th November to us lot that do the date backwards. Rest assured we’ll pop it up here as soon as it drops and promote the bottom off it all over the place. Exciting!

Duncan Jones Posts 1st WARCRAFT Trailer

WARCRAFT Driector Duncan Jones just caused hearts to flutter a tad by teasing his followers over on twitter with…

Evil little monkey! Is he teasing there may be an actual trailer for the WARCRAFT film currently in post production set for release March 11th 2016? Follow Duncan over on Twitter to find out…

SOURCE CODE: German Language Trailer From Kinowelt

Kinowelt - SOURCE CODE

SOURCE CODE finally opens in Austria, Germany and Switzerland today, and as well as the poster above, we also have the German language trailer from distributor Kinowelt below.

Eine Eilmeldung im Fernsehen: Kurz vor Chicago explodierte ein Personenzug – es gab keine Überlebenden. Wenig später erwacht Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) in genau diesem Zug – im Körper eines anderen Mannes und an der Seite der jungen Christina (Michelle Monaghan). Nach und nach begreift der Kampfpilot: Er ist im „Source Code“. Dank dieser Technologie kann Stevens den Körper eines anderen Menschen übernehmen – für acht Minuten vor dessen Tod. Sein Auftrag: Finde die Bombe und schalte den Bombenleger aus. Wieder und wieder durchlebt Stevens die Katastrophe und setzt das Puzzle mit Christinas Hilfe zusammen. Die Zeit drängt, denn ein weiterer, viel größerer Anschlag droht.

Mit seinem glänzenden Debüt „Moon“ (2009) erregte Regisseur Duncan Jones weltweit Aufsehen. Jetzt legt er spektakulär nach: Sein Actionthriller SOURCE CODE ist ausgeklügelt, hochspannend und lockt den Zuschauer bis zum Schluss immer wieder aufs Glatteis. SOURCE CODE punktet neben dem cleveren Drehbuch auch mit einem herausragenden Ensemble. Allen voran Jake Gyllenhaal, der als einer der vielseitigsten Schauspieler Hollywoods zuletzt in unterschiedlichen Genres zu sehen war: Mit vollem Körpereinsatz in „Prince of Persia – Der Sand der Zeit“, als liebenswerter Charmeur in der romantischen Komödie „Love and Other Drugs – Nebenwirkung inklusive“ und als sensibler Cowboy in dem umjubelten Drama „Brokeback Mountain“. An seiner Seite spielt Michelle Monaghan („Untreu – Unfaithful“, „Stichtag“) die Rolle der schönen Fremden. Perfekt ergänzt wird das Duo durch Vera Farmiga („The Departed – Unter Feinden“, „Up in the Air“) und Jeffrey Wright („James Bond 007 – Casino Royale“).


Source Code: Trailer 2

Is it really three months since the first Source Code trailer was released? Wowsers, time is flying quickly towards the world premier of Duncan Jones’ second feature, starring Jake Gyllenhall, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright.

The Source Code premier is set to take place at this years SXSW on March 11th in Austin, Texas, with general release shortly afterwards on April 1st, until then, enjoy the new trailer…

Thanks to WDW 🙂

Source Code Complete!

Confirmation from Director Duncan Jones that his 2nd feature ‘Source Code‘ starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga & Jeffrey Wright is now complete and ready to roll 🙂

From Duncan’s twitter feed:

Duncan Jones - Source Code Complete 13th Jan 2011Filming started in February 2010 (here’s where it all began) and completed on April 29th 2010, we’ve had plenty of updates since then, all Source Code related pages here should you fancy a mooch.

While we await the final word from the Director, here’s the trailer for ‘Source Code’ which will premier at SXSW on March 19th, in Austin Texas. Opening in the US on April 1st 2011, and UK (we believe) April 22nd.