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MOON Features in The Prince Charles Cinema’s Sci-Fi All Nighter

The Prince Charles Cinema Sci-Fi All Nighter


Get yer Selk suit on and head down to The Prince Charles Cinema in London on Saturday 15th February for a Sci-Fi marathon featuring some of the best ever Sci-Fi films including Duncan Jones’ 2009 award winning debut MOON. Also screening will be:

  • Sunshine
  • ALIEN (Director’s Cut)
  • The Thing
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
  • The Fly

The marathon begins at 21:00, tickets £22.50 for members, £25.00 for non members. Further details over on The Prince Charles Cinema event page.

London MOON Screening With Gavin Rothery 15th September

Get your skates on and you might be able to bag yourself a ticket to a screening of MOON featuring a Q&A with Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery.

MOON is screening as part of the The London Labour Film Festival at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on Saturday the 15th September, and they have just taken delivery of a lovely 35mm print.

MOON 35mm Print For Labour Film Festival

The London Labour Film Festival is a celebration of social commitment through cinema. This September the LLFF will host a series of film screenings, talks and special events offering varied, challenging and inspiring cinematic takes on the lives, hopes and struggle of workers. Spanning three days at the heart of the UK capital, and taking audiences on journeys from the very real effects of the financial crisis on the working classes to visions of future labour on both earth and the moon, the LLFF will welcome guests including Ken Loach and Mike Leigh for what will be a major contribution to a growing global movement committed to cinema’s treatment of labour.

With that in mind, Gavin may have some things to say about the treatment of workers by Lunar Industries, in fact he just tweeted:

Anybody coming along to @LabourFilmFest to watch Moon on Saturday? I’ll tell you all about the Lunar Industries ethics on space-clones 😉

Get  your tickets over at the Prince Charles Cinema site.

MOON Features in Top UK Films of 2009

UK Film Council - Top UK Films 2009
UK Film Council - Top UK Films 2009

Figures released this morning by the UK Film Council put the Best British Independent Film of 2009, MOON, in the top 20 box office for both UK Films, and UK Independent Film.

MOON comes in at #19 with a £1.32 Million Gross in the Top 20 UK Films, and #14 in the Top 20 UK Independent Films.

Fantastic for a little British Sci-Fi, with limited release, and limited promotion. Despite this, MOON has continued to perform well in theatres around the world, currently on general release in Germany (1 year after original UK release) and approaching $10 Million gross worldwide (src Box Office Mojo)

A lot of MOON’s success has been down to incredibly good word of mouth, and support from movie sites, and the movie blogging community. Thanks to everyone who went out and bought a ticket 🙂

If you missed MOON at the cinema last year, you can catch it at the Prince Charles Cinema, and the BFI Southbank in August.

Thanks to Pinewood Studios for the heads up (follow them on Twitter)