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Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction MOON Lunar Rover

Would you like to own one of the original model miniature lunar rovers from Duncan Jones’ 2009  multiple award winning debut feature MOON? Daft question really, wouldn’t we all… Continue reading Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

That Time David Tennant Drove A Rover In MOON

Yes, it’s true! A new wee snippet of info from model miniature master Steve Howarth on the use of a David Tennant Doctor Who figure to stand in for Sam Rockwell…

“We were using this figure as a scale reference and it just seemed obvious that it would only be seen from a great distance and so a felt tip pen beard onto Tennant would be enough, as it turns out, more than enough.”

So next time you’re watching MOON, you now know that when you’re watching those amazing model miniature shots of the Rovers traversing the surface of the MOON, Doctor Who is behind the wheel! 🙂

MOON: Steve Howarth’s Model Miniatures

You will hopefully be well aware of MOON Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery‘s excellent ‘They Never Went To The Moon‘ site, full of wonderful behind the scenes tales on the making of MOON, and where Gavin has also very generously shared many concept and design drawings, mock ups, and animatics.

Gavin describes the model building process in detail, and the joy of working with an incredible team headed up by legendary model maker Bill Pearson, in fact you almost smell the workshop when reading this entry.

So how would you like a peep into the model building process itself? Well ok, pop your breathing masks on, as we head into the wonderful world of Steve Howarth at Fingertip Fabrications.

Fingertip Fabrications - Duncan Jones' MOON

As well as a wealth of MOON model creation detail, including the birth of GERTY, and the creation of the MOON Rovers, you can also delve into the making of the Helium3 Harvesters, and Sarang Moon Base itself.

The site has a lot more to offer than MOON as well, so stop by and treat yourself to Steve’s work on Red Dwarf and the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy‘ along with many other examples of Steve’s Film & Television work.

There is absolutely tons of info on the site covering Steve’s career, it’s an absolute treat, so sit down and have a bloody good mooch through, enjoy!