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SFWA Nebula Ray Bradbury Award Sparks British Battle Royal

To begin with, this was a two man showdown billed by @SongWarmonger as the Fight Of The Century between British Film Directors Duncan Jones (Source Code) and Joe Cornish (Attack The Block). The prize being the Science Fiction Writers of America Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation. That was until Duncan Jones decided to up the ante by asking:

@SongWarmonger where’s @neilhimself though?! This war deserves the three-way action poster this fight promises!

Neil Gaiman (Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife,”) waded in with:

@ManMadeMoon I just get to watch the two of you KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT. Then steal the prize.

All this trash talk could only lead to one thing, the extension of the original bout into a full blown British Battle Royal! For which @SongWarmonger has kindly supplied an updated poster.

I don’t know about you, I can hear the spandex snapping and smell the deep heat already, this promises to be a right crotch twanger and no mistake. May the best man win!

Joe Cornish v Duncan Jones v Neil Gaiman Battle for The SFWA Ray Bradbury Award 2011

Thanks to Marge for creating such a marvellous poster, large version available to print off and keep forever right here 🙂

MOON: Portrait of Eve Bell By Massimo Carnevale

MOON: Eve Bell by Massimo CarnevaleI don’t think I need to write much about this when you can see it for yourself, beautiful.

Portrait of Eve Bell (Kaya Scodelario) from MOON by Massimo Carnevale was spotted by @Songwarmonger on Massimo’s blog. If you are a movie fan, or a fan of damn fine artwork, head over and have a look at the rest of Massimo’s work, incredibly talented chap!

MOON Blu-Ray Or DVD Free With SFX Magazine Subscription

Thanks to the Eagle eyed SongWarMonger we have news of a smart offer from Decembers UK SFX Magazine.

As you can see from the wee picture below, subscribe now for £22 every six months, and you get BAFTA award winning MOON on Blu-Ray or DVD and dafter than MOON, horror comedy Zombieland. If you’ve got them already, looks like the perfect gift for that special someone what likes great Sci-Fi and zombies, and stuff.

MOON Free with SFX Magazine Subscription Dec 2010