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Science Fiction Theatre Presents MOON – London 15-02-16

Science Fiction Theatre Presents MOON

Anyone near London on Monday 15th February may like to pop along to a screening of Duncan Jones’ MOON from Science Fiction Theatre.

Starting at 20:00 at The Victoria, MOON will be preceded by a talk from Dr Tony Milligan, teaching fellow in ethics and philosophy of religion at Kings College London, who will explore the morality, ethics and justification for mining the Moon.

Where: The Victoria, 451 Queensbridge Road, E8 3AS

When: Monday 15th February @ 20:00

Tickets: £3.50 in advance, £5.00 on the door

Follow Sci-Fi Theatre on Twitter, full details over on their web site. Have fun! 🙂

*MOON image by Mehmet Ulusahin

MOON + Q&A With Hideki Arichi @ Winchester Planitarium

MOON + Q&A With Hideki Arichi @ Winchester Planitarium

If you’re in the Winchester area on Thursday 22nd October you might want to pop along to a screening of MOON at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium along with a post screening Q&A with MOON Art Director Hideki Arichi.

Hideki Arichi - Artist / Printmaker / Ronin

Screening starts at 19:00, Q&A with Hideki straight after at 20:40.

Hideki is a multi talented chap who also worked on MOON writer / director Duncan Jones’ short film WHISTLE as well as other films such as Edge of Tomorrow, Robin Hood and Batman Begins. Hideki has also been known to pop up in front of the camera on TV & Film (24, 47 Ronin), check out his IMDb profile for more info, or ask him about it all on the night!

As well as a his career in film Hideki is also a talented artist specialising in print making, you can view his work over on his portfolio site here.

Full screening and ticket details available over on the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium site.

Filmosophy Presents MOON – 13th May – Edinburgh Filmhouse

Sam Rockwell - MOON (2009)Filmosophy will be screening MOON on Tuesday 13th May, 17:50 at Edinburgh Filmhouse as part of the Filmosophy 2014 season. The screening will include an introduction and post screening discussion on philosophical issues raised in the film such as identity, memory and ethics. But what is Filmosophy?

“Filmosophy is where film meets philosophy. Some films, like philosophy itself, can challenge our preconceived views of ourselves and the world around us. They may provide more questions than answers; yet, in doing so, they will expand our ideas and allow us to view familiar things in an unfamiliar way. They are films that demand to be discussed.”

Tickets for the screening can be booked at Filmhouse.

More details on Filmosophy and the 2014 season of films can be found on the Filmosophy site.

MOON Features in FACT ‘Science Fiction: New Death’ Exhibition

FACT Science Fiction: New Death

Duncan Jones’ BAFTA Award winning feature debut MOON will be screened on Monday 7th April, 20:30 at FACT in Liverpool as part of their 3 month long exhibition Science Fiction: New Death.

Other films in the season include Tron (1982), Solaris (1972), Alphaville (1965) and Akira (25th anniversary 2013 edition). MOON in great company as part of “some of the greatest sci-fi films of all time” according to the FACT guide.

Full exhibition details for all film, audio, visual, art and installation running through the course of the 3 month duration available over on the FACT web site.

If you’d like to see MOON on the big screen in Liverpool next Monday evening, ticket details here. Have fun! 🙂

London MOON Screening With Gavin Rothery 15th September

Get your skates on and you might be able to bag yourself a ticket to a screening of MOON featuring a Q&A with Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery.

MOON is screening as part of the The London Labour Film Festival at the Prince Charles Cinema in London on Saturday the 15th September, and they have just taken delivery of a lovely 35mm print.

MOON 35mm Print For Labour Film Festival

The London Labour Film Festival is a celebration of social commitment through cinema. This September the LLFF will host a series of film screenings, talks and special events offering varied, challenging and inspiring cinematic takes on the lives, hopes and struggle of workers. Spanning three days at the heart of the UK capital, and taking audiences on journeys from the very real effects of the financial crisis on the working classes to visions of future labour on both earth and the moon, the LLFF will welcome guests including Ken Loach and Mike Leigh for what will be a major contribution to a growing global movement committed to cinema’s treatment of labour.

With that in mind, Gavin may have some things to say about the treatment of workers by Lunar Industries, in fact he just tweeted:

Anybody coming along to @LabourFilmFest to watch Moon on Saturday? I’ll tell you all about the Lunar Industries ethics on space-clones 😉

Get  your tickets over at the Prince Charles Cinema site.

The Record Club & Shipley Film Society Present MOON & Hunky Dory 22nd January

The Record Club & Shipley Film Society Present MOON, Hnky Dory & PWEIAnyone near Shipley, West Yorkshire has a unique opportunity to attend a great evening of film and music.

The Record Club along with Shipley Film Society are holding an evening of film & music on Sunday, January 22nd. A screening of Duncan Jones award winning 2009 debut MOON starring Sam Rockwell, will be followed by a full play through of David Bowie’s 1971 classic album Hunky Dory (celebrating it’s 40th Birthday!) on vinyl 🙂

The Record Club were inspired by reading an article on the BBC News site on record clubs and the idea of returning to listening to vinyl LPs all the way through, as originally intended by the recording artiste. Shipley Film Society’s aim is to bring together like minded people for film viewing and discussion over a few drinks afterwards. Combine the two and you have what promises to be a wonderful evening of film & music with a bunch of great people to boot!

As well as MOON & Hunky Dory, the evening will also be mixing in associated music including records from MOON score composer Clint Mansell’s former band Pop Will Eat Itself. Shipley Film Society have also requested that anyone that owns 7″ vinyl copies of Chesney Hawkes ‘The One and Only’ and Katrina & The Waves ‘Walking On Sunshine’ bring them along too. If you’ve seen MOON you’ll know why, if not…

When: Sunday, January 22nd 2012 @ 19:00

Where: The Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, BD18 3RR

Full details at The Record Club site, and the Shipley Film Society site.

MOON Showing As Part Of The Filmhouse ‘What is Human Dignity?’ Season 26th November

MOON At Edinburgh Filmhouse What is Human Dignity? November 2011

Good News for fans of seeing MOON on the big screen in Edinburgh. Filmhouse includes a screening of Duncan Jones’ award winning feature debut as part of the short ‘What is Human Dignity?‘ season beginning Friday 25th November.

MOON itself will screen on Saturday 26th November at 18:00 and includes a post screening discussion with a panel of bioethics and medical law specialists covering some of the issues raised in the film.

They may be taking a DNA sample on the way out, but this is nothing to worry about, just part of the “the experience”, there is no truth in the rumour that the screening is sponsored by Lunar Industries.

Thanks to Lilly Hunter & Lynne Henderson for the heads up 🙂

MOON & Source Code Double At The New Beverly LA With Duncan Jones November 18th & 19th

MOON & Source Code Double Bill at the New Beverly, Los Angeles, CAAs Michael Palin would say, if he were hanging from a cell wall right now, talking to anyone in LA, or the surrounding area “You lucky, lucky…” you know the rest 😉

And he’d be right, because situated on 7165 West Beverly Blvd,Los Angeles, CA. The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles will be hosting a double bill of MOON & Source Code on Friday the 18th, and Saturday the 19th November. That’s two double bills of critically acclaimed, award winning Sci-Fi. Not only that, but the Director of both films, Duncan Jones, will be there in person as well, on both nights!

MOON & Source Code Director Duncan JonesSo get yourselves over to the New Beverly site, get in touch, and get those tickets before they’re all gone! Have fun! 😉

MOON Screenings In The UK & France This Weekend

MOON Université de NantesIf you are in Leeds, UK or Nantes, France over the next few days, then you have the chance to see Duncan Jones‘ multi award winning, debut feature MOON starring Sam Rockwell on the big screen.

The Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds gets the ball rolling with a fantastic Sam Rockwell double bill of Galaxy Quest & MOON on Saturday 15th October beginning at 23:00 through to the early hours of Sunday morning at 02:30. Head over to their site now to pick up your tickets, and see the facebook event page for further details. Wonder if anyone will dress up?…

Now, I’m stretching the weekend to include the following Monday, 17th October when you can see MOON at Université de Nantes, France at 19:30. This will hopefully be an especially nice treat for our friends in France, as MOON was never released there theatrically, only on DVD & Blu-Ray. Have fun you lot! 🙂

MOON: Screening At The Image Gazer Film Festival

Duncan Jones' MOON

MOON was originally released in 2009, and is now available on DVD / Blu-Ray and digital download. This makes repeat viewing of Sam Rockwell’s incredible performance as Sam Bell a simple matter of switching on the telly, and getting comfy. It’s always nice though, to watch a film as wonderful as MOON on the big screen.

Image Gazer Film Festival 2011

Image Gazer Film Festival Director Dylan Howard, has been in touch to let us know that should you be anywhere near Bucksport, Maine, USA in June, then you may be lucky enough to get to see Duncan Jones’ MOON as part of the Festivals 2nd year line-up.

MOON will be screened at 17:00 on the 18th June at the Alamo Theatre, in Bucksport, along with another 25 films, over 4 days at the festival, which runs from June 16th – June 19th 2011.

So, if you’re in the area, pop over to Dylan’s site for further details.

Thanks, Dylan 🙂