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Paul Rudd & Alexander Skarsgard To Star In Duncan Jones’ Sci-Fi Thriller “MUTE”

MUTE Script Pic Tweeted By Duncan Jones

Duncan teased news on MUTE yesterday and now we have the official announcement of not only confirmation that MUTE is happening, but amazing casting too! Scan to the bottom of the release and you’ll notice it also confirms Duncan will be working again with Clint Mansell and Sam Rockwell who may reprise his role as Sam Bell from MOON, hurrah!

LOS ANGELES (November 3, 2015) – Paul Rudd (ANT-MAN) will be joined by Alexander Skarsgard (TARZAN,TRUE BLOOD) in the title role, for the sci-fi thriller MUTE, which will be directed by BAFTA-winning director Duncan Jones (WARCRAFT, SOURCE CODE, MOON).

MUTE is based on a script by Jones and Mike Johnson and will be produced by Stuart Fenegan under Jones’ and Fenegan’s Liberty Films banner. Lotus Entertainment has come on board to handle international sales starting at the upcoming AFM. CAA who arranged for the financing is handling the domestic sale. Production is scheduled to start in March 2016. Lotus’ Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, and Ara Keshishian will serve as executive producers.

Berlin. Forty years from today. A roiling city of immigrants, where East crashes against West in a science-fiction Casablanca. Leo Beiler (Skarsgard), a mute bartender has one reason and one reason only for living here, and she’s disappeared. But when Leo’s search takes him deeper into the city’s underbelly, an odd pair of American surgeons (led by Rudd) seem to be the only recurring clue, and Leo can’t tell if they can help, or who he should fear most.

Director Duncan Jones said: “I’ve been working towards making MUTE for 12 years now. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that we’re finally going to shoot this utterly unique film. The fact that I get to make it with Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd makes it all the more exciting! MUTE is a film that will last. It is unlike any other science fiction being made today.”

Lotus Entertainment’s Jim Seibel said: “We’re very excited to work with Duncan and Stuart. They are an immensely talented team that will surely deliver an exciting and cinematic film. Director Duncan Jones is a true visionary filmmaker and the real deal. It’s his caliber of talent that makes storytelling both visually exciting and captivating.”

Producer Stuart Fenegan said: “Bill, Jim and Ara share the same passion I do for building another vision of the future with Duncan. I look forward to going on this journey with them, and also reuniting with Sam Rockwell and composer Clint Mansell… can’t do sci-fi without Sam and Clint!”

Studio Sheila Creates Wonderful Sam Bell Print

We were very impressed with this drawing of Sam Bell tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones last week, so much so we had to get in touch with Sheila and find out more about it.

Mooned - Sam Bell by Studio SheilaIf you pop over to Studio Sheila you’ll see pop culture, movies and myths provide the main inspiration for her work, we asked Sheila to tell us a bit more about her work and how MOON inspired her in particular.

“Being that I love movies, I like the idea of drawing something from a movie that sticks with me.  That something could be a specific actor’s performance or a scene that’s deeply moving, bizarre, scary, or just plain funny, and basically “freezing” it on paper.

As far as what medium I use, I work in pencil, ink, charcoal, and sometimes watercolor.

Regarding Moon, I’d been curious about it for a while and finally bought it.  Since the movie stayed with me for a long time after I watched it, I wanted to draw something Moon-related.  Without giving anything away in the movie, I wanted to show the various character traits of Sam Bell, which includes humor, too.

And I wanted to incorporate Gerty the robot, too.  Gerty is a character that provides some relief for the viewer, I think, because you empathize with Sam’s loneliness and want him to have some kind of company.  I think it puts the viewer more at ease to see him with Gerty.   But Gerty is also a dark character in that it’s only trying to comfort Sam because it’s been programmed to do so.

I’m not an actor and far from an authority on acting or film-making, but I feel that Sam is one of those actors who has no vanity with his performances and that’s what makes his acting so strong.  What I mean “no vanity” is that he’s not afraid to appear very raw in roles.  It hits you in your gut.  And he’s primarily alone in this eerie and haunting movie so the film hinges on whether the actor can pull it off or not.  I think it needed a really strong actor like Sam to do it justice.  That’s the kind of actor that makes for a great drawing subject, too.

Plus, is there a person around who doesn’t like Sam Rockwell’s acting?  I haven’t found one yet.  It’s Sam Rockwell, people!”

It’s a bloody lovely piece of work, and one that you could own too if you like?

Competition closed, CONGRATULATIONS TO Chris Hager 🙂

To win a copy of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila just drop us a mail with the answer to the following question.

Sam Bell is quite an accomplished artist too, what artistic hobby does Sam use to pass the time during his time on the Sarang MOON base?

Answers to: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk
Subject line: Studio Sheila MOON Competition

One entry per person please.
Prize for the winner is one 14″ x 20″ print of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila.
Closing date for entries Friday 27th June. Good luck! 🙂

Stunning Painting of Sam Bell by Cameron S

Spotted this stunning painting of Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in MOON a while back on Reddit and waited to share as we wanted to credit the artist, contact with the chap that posted it reveals the name of the artist as simply Cameron S. Hopefully Cameron will get in touch and we can update.

Cameron has perfectly captured Sam’s emotional reaction to viewing videos from home on Earth of his wife Tess with their little girl, Eve. Reminds me of the equally brilliant painting of Eve Bell by Massimo Carnevale.

Sam Bell by Cameron S

Cloning Sam Rockwell?

You know we love finding interesting new posters designed by all the talented people out there inspired by MOON & Source Code, but they are usually posters *for* MOON & Source Code.

This one tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones a couple of days ago by Matt Bucceri takes the idea of Sam Bell being cloned and appears to suggest that it was actually Sam Rockwell that was cloned. But by who? And how? And are there Sams walking around out there now?…

Cloning Sam Rockwell?

Celebrate Christmas With A New Duncan Jones & Sam Rockwell Film!

A Duncan Jones Film - Clone Alone (Christmas 2012)
A Duncan Jones Film – Clone Alone (Christmas 2012)

Ha! Just wanted to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. Thanks as always for your support over the last year. Very much appreciated 🙂

The image above is from this very interesting post from MOON Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery’s excellent Making Of MOON blog and shows a still from an alternative ending to MOON (ok I’ve been fannying about with it a bit). Check Gav’s site for all the details 🙂

Thought that would make a nice little Christmas pressie for those that have not read it before, maybe best to steer clear if you have yet to see MOON and are looking forward to it’s British “proper telly” premiere on BBC2, Sunday 30th December.

2013 promises to be a very busy year for both Duncan & Gavin (also currently working on secret Sci-Fi projects) so we look forward to bringing you all the news.

Have a great Christmas, and all the very best for the New Year.


All I Want For Christmas Is A MOON POSTER!!!!!!!!

Duncan Jones' MOON - Poster from Dark Horse

One of the most requested items since the release of Duncan Jones’ award winning feature film debut MOON in 2009, has been this now classic poster featuring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell.

Sadly it has never been made available to the general public, and it might be easier to find a Yeti burger than one of these beauties…UNTIL NOW!

We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that as of NOW you can pre-order your very own, official MOON poster in time for Christmas!

Not only that, for those of you that get in quick, there is also the chance to get hold of a super ltd edition signed by MOON Director Duncan Jones himself! (100 copies only)

“WHERE?!?!?! HOW?!?!?!” You may ask… well, thanks to the “amazing-balls” DARK HORSE COMICS (Duncan’s word, not mine, but they are) here is some linkage…


MOON Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Lithograph

27 x 38 inch collector-quality fine-art piece, presented on acid-free premium paper and packaged in a wide-mouth, sturdy poster tube. This lithograph is signed and numbered by filmmaker Duncan Jones and limited to 100 copies. SOLD OUT!

Standard MOON Poster

Again, 27 x 38 inch poster, packaged in a wide-mouth, sturdy poster tube.

Both are available for pre-order NOW! Ready for release on December 5th 2012. We know you’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, so thanks for your patience while we’ve got all the necessary bits & bobs sorted to be able to help you get hold of a proper, official one 🙂

Oh, I know some will ask, so YES they do International delivery 🙂

Looper & MOON Directors To Collaborate?

Sounds like a collaboration is in the works between two of the hottest young film Directors in town today after MOON Director Duncan Jones tweeted out his thoughts on Rian Johnson’s new release LOOPER:

Just got out of Looper. Thought it was fantastic! Don’t miss it.

For anyone out there who claims they love R rated sci-fi, but hasn’t seen Dredd or Looper, do it. This is the good stuff.

Duncan went on to get in touch with Rian directly:

Saw Looper at Arclight. You introduced! Brilliant! Huge congratulations. Wait till the buggers try to make you write a sequel. 😉

And before we knew it, the seeds of a collaborative movie mashup were sewn. Rian himself coming with a tentative title:

Thanks man, means a lot that you dug it!  I say we meld worlds for a dual sequel: Moopers.

Before going on to pitch it to the Sci-Fi hungry masses:






@ManMadeMoon and I are going to Cloud Atlas that shit up.

And after that, with the speed of the internet, you knew it wouldn’t be long before the mashup poster was born. So here it is, courtesy of Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne's MOON / LOOPER Movie Mashup Poster for LOON

So if you like the good stuff, and you want more from Rian, Duncan and others. Get out to your local picture palace this weekend and go see, support, and spread the word on  Looper and Dredd 🙂

And if you want to check on the progress of LOON, follow Duncan & Rian on Twitter.

MOON & The Man Who Fell To Earth Double Bill In London, February 10th

MOON - Man Who Fell To Earth Double Bill

In London on Friday 10th February? Fancy seeing Sam Rockwell do his thing in MOON & David Bowie do his thing in The Man Who Fell To Earth, on the big screen in a fantastic Duncan Jones & Nic Roeg double bill? Well you’re in luck, cus you can 🙂

  • When: Friday 10th February, 2012 @ 18:30
  • Where: The Genesis Cinema, Mile End Road, London E1
  • How Much: £8.00 double, £5.00 single.

Get in touch with the Genesis Cinema through their web site, or Facebook page.

Thanks to Paul Byrne for the heads up 🙂

New Beverly Q&A with Duncan Jones Sam Rockwell & Stuart Fenegan

MOON & Source Code Double Bill at the New Beverly, Los Angeles, CADuncan Jones presented a MOON & Source Code double bill at the New Beverley Cinema, Los Angeles on the 18th & 19th of November, featuring an introduction of each film, and a Q&A with Duncan and his producer Stuart Fenegan, hosted by Julia Marchese. What the audience on the 18th were not aware of, was the surprise appearance of Sam Bell himself, Sam Rockwell.

For those of us unable to attend, I found a few snippets of the Q&A, and was putting together a post for you to get a flavour of the event. Then I found this…

Some fantastic insight into the process of making MOON there, and also some hints towards where Duncan & Stuart are heading with what sounds like a Sci-Fi trilogy of ‘Mute’ ‘MOON’ and ‘…’ (that’s the last title we managed to get out of Duncan for film three)

And to top it all off, and maintain the British connection, there’s a nice portion of Edgar Wright at the end presenting Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Fantastic work there by Random Dreamer Studios 🙂

As you may have caught Duncan mention there in the Q&A, Julia at the New Beverly is supporting a campaign to fight for the survival of 35mm film projection in cinemas, please take a moment to read Julia’s post, and sign the petition here.

MOON Screenings In The UK & France This Weekend

MOON Université de NantesIf you are in Leeds, UK or Nantes, France over the next few days, then you have the chance to see Duncan Jones‘ multi award winning, debut feature MOON starring Sam Rockwell on the big screen.

The Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds gets the ball rolling with a fantastic Sam Rockwell double bill of Galaxy Quest & MOON on Saturday 15th October beginning at 23:00 through to the early hours of Sunday morning at 02:30. Head over to their site now to pick up your tickets, and see the facebook event page for further details. Wonder if anyone will dress up?…

Now, I’m stretching the weekend to include the following Monday, 17th October when you can see MOON at Université de Nantes, France at 19:30. This will hopefully be an especially nice treat for our friends in France, as MOON was never released there theatrically, only on DVD & Blu-Ray. Have fun you lot! 🙂