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Dark Bunny Tees Add MOON Inspired Shirt To Ltd Collection

Some of you may already be familiar with Dark Bunny Tees. A creator of high quality and unique ltd edition Film & TV inspired T-Shirts for just over five years now (about the same amount of time we’ve been popping stuff up on here too, spooky). He even produced one for Duncan Jones’ favourite film ‘The Salute of the Jugger‘ (or ‘The Blood of Heroes’) As you can see modeled by these two Jugheads (Alex Chenery & Duncan Jones).

Salute of the Jugheads - Alex Chenery & Duncan JonesWell, Alex over at Dark Bunny Tees has been in touch to let us know he’s finally created something inspired by MOON (having been a big fan since cinematic release in 2009). The classic Wake Me When It’s Quitting Time T-Shirt worn by Sam Bell at the beginning of MOON…

Sam Bell MOON Treadmill…and, kind of towards the end too (if you know, you know. If you don’t I won’t spoil it. Go watch it and see.)

The T-shirt is 100% preshrunk cotton and even comes vacuum packed for added authenticity (again, you’ll know why if you’ve seen MOON).

MOON - Wake Me Up When It's Quitting Time - Dark Bunny TeesYou can get yours now over on Dark Bunny Tees and as a special offer to you lot, Alex is offering a 15% discount off anything on the site until the end of Wednesday 24th September if you use discount code I-AM-SAM-BELL at checkout*

Thanks, Alex 🙂

*the bit where we say “not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.”


Studio Sheila Creates Wonderful Sam Bell Print

We were very impressed with this drawing of Sam Bell tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones last week, so much so we had to get in touch with Sheila and find out more about it.

Mooned - Sam Bell by Studio SheilaIf you pop over to Studio Sheila you’ll see pop culture, movies and myths provide the main inspiration for her work, we asked Sheila to tell us a bit more about her work and how MOON inspired her in particular.

“Being that I love movies, I like the idea of drawing something from a movie that sticks with me.  That something could be a specific actor’s performance or a scene that’s deeply moving, bizarre, scary, or just plain funny, and basically “freezing” it on paper.

As far as what medium I use, I work in pencil, ink, charcoal, and sometimes watercolor.

Regarding Moon, I’d been curious about it for a while and finally bought it.  Since the movie stayed with me for a long time after I watched it, I wanted to draw something Moon-related.  Without giving anything away in the movie, I wanted to show the various character traits of Sam Bell, which includes humor, too.

And I wanted to incorporate Gerty the robot, too.  Gerty is a character that provides some relief for the viewer, I think, because you empathize with Sam’s loneliness and want him to have some kind of company.  I think it puts the viewer more at ease to see him with Gerty.   But Gerty is also a dark character in that it’s only trying to comfort Sam because it’s been programmed to do so.

I’m not an actor and far from an authority on acting or film-making, but I feel that Sam is one of those actors who has no vanity with his performances and that’s what makes his acting so strong.  What I mean “no vanity” is that he’s not afraid to appear very raw in roles.  It hits you in your gut.  And he’s primarily alone in this eerie and haunting movie so the film hinges on whether the actor can pull it off or not.  I think it needed a really strong actor like Sam to do it justice.  That’s the kind of actor that makes for a great drawing subject, too.

Plus, is there a person around who doesn’t like Sam Rockwell’s acting?  I haven’t found one yet.  It’s Sam Rockwell, people!”

It’s a bloody lovely piece of work, and one that you could own too if you like?

Competition closed, CONGRATULATIONS TO Chris Hager 🙂

To win a copy of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila just drop us a mail with the answer to the following question.

Sam Bell is quite an accomplished artist too, what artistic hobby does Sam use to pass the time during his time on the Sarang MOON base?

Answers to: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk
Subject line: Studio Sheila MOON Competition

One entry per person please.
Prize for the winner is one 14″ x 20″ print of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila.
Closing date for entries Friday 27th June. Good luck! 🙂

Calvin and Hobbes Inspires Kid’s Version Of MOON

The challenge was laid down just over five hours ago by long time Twitter resident, film critic and smart arse Scott Weinberg:

Now I want someone to make a kids’ version of Moon. Make it about a guy who wishes for a friend but gets too many friends!
10/02/2014 16:42

The challenge was answered in some style by Elisa Fardy:

Sam & GERTY by Elisa Fardy

@ManMadeMoon @scottEweinberg I skipped the poster and I directly made the fake book cover. http://t.co/OsCsEbUDf8
10/02/2014 19:09

Combining the cover of Bill Waterson’s ‘Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’ (A Calvin and Hobbes Collection) with an image of GERTY by Charlie Marshall and a subtly placed Lunar Industries logo, Elisa came up with what MOON Director Duncan Jones could only describe as “Amazing!”

Would site quite nicely on a shelf next to a TV showing Bill Mudron’sSam And Gerty’s Lunar Funtime Club House‘ 🙂

Stunning Painting of Sam Bell by Cameron S

Spotted this stunning painting of Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in MOON a while back on Reddit and waited to share as we wanted to credit the artist, contact with the chap that posted it reveals the name of the artist as simply Cameron S. Hopefully Cameron will get in touch and we can update.

Cameron has perfectly captured Sam’s emotional reaction to viewing videos from home on Earth of his wife Tess with their little girl, Eve. Reminds me of the equally brilliant painting of Eve Bell by Massimo Carnevale.

Sam Bell by Cameron S

Cloning Sam Rockwell?

You know we love finding interesting new posters designed by all the talented people out there inspired by MOON & Source Code, but they are usually posters *for* MOON & Source Code.

This one tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones a couple of days ago by Matt Bucceri takes the idea of Sam Bell being cloned and appears to suggest that it was actually Sam Rockwell that was cloned. But by who? And how? And are there Sams walking around out there now?…

Cloning Sam Rockwell?

Look Out Clint Mansell – 8 Year Old MOON Fan Coming After You!

If you’re a regular round these parts (usual?), you’ll know all about our friend Charles Kline Jr who went to great lengths in 2011 to re-create some of Sam Bell’s costumes from MOON. Charles also informed us of a fantastic Halloween out take from MOON later the same year, so we’re pretty sure Charles is a bit of a fan of Duncan Jones’ award winning 2009 debut.

MOON - Sam Bell 1 and 2 Charles Kline

Well, it seems this love for MOON is now being shared by other members of the Kline family. Charles just got in touch on Twitter earlier to alert us to the fact that MOON composer Clint Mansell may want to keep an eye on the rear view mirror as young Charles Kline III gets into gear with his version of the intro to ‘Welcome to Lunar Industries’, Charles is EIGHT! And figured out the notes by himself! Take it away Charles 🙂

MOON Fan Fiction ‘Helping you is what I do’ by Wildgoosery Gets Duncan Jones Seal Of Approval

MOON - GERTY Crying :(

As we were getting set for a live tweet of the British television premiere of MOON on BBC2 last sunday (30th December 2012 – highlights from Duncan & gang here) Duncan was pointed in the direction of something we’ve not come across previously, MOON Fan Fiction.

If you’re a regular visitor here, you will be well aware of the the high quality of fan contributions that we come across from time to time. We’ve had posters, music, a complete physical re-creations of GERTY and more, but nothing has quite reached the level of Wildgoosery’s fan fiction piece ‘Helping you is what I do‘ written to cover the events of MOON, from GERTY’s point of view.

I have to tell you, such is the level of authenticity, I was close to tears all over again. And it’s not just me that thinks Wildgoosery has done an incredible job, the ultimate seal of approval comes from the original creator of GERTY, Sam Bell, Lunar Industries and the whole MOON universe, Duncan Jones himself who commented on the piece:

To tune into the tone of Moon this well denotes a rare sensitivity & empathy. You’ve done an extraordinary job. It made my heart ache. Poor Sam. Poor Gerty. Poor Sam… And Sam… And Sam. Thank you so much for helping Moon to live on beyond our small film. I hope I can widen this universe for you in future films, if for no other reason but to see what you will do with it. A fan of your speculations, Duncan Jones. Writer/director Moon.

Which understandably prompted this reaction from Wildgoosery:

I’m just going to sit here for a while being utterly stunned!

Well, this is last thing I ever expected to find in the comments of my little story! I would be skeptical of its origins, except a poke through twitter reveals that you were pointed this direction yesterday!

I have no idea what to say, other than “Thank you!” Moon had a tremendous impact on me — I saw it twice in the theater, and have the DVD on hand for when I want my faith in modern science fiction filmmaking restored — and in writing this story, I came to even further appreciate the thought and care and craftsmanship that went into what you created. Hard SF movies are a rare thing these days, and quality ones are practically non-existent. After Moon and Source Code, I look forward to seeing what you do moving forward.

Please take a moment to pop over and read the full story, and to stand back an applaud a wonderful piece of writing 🙂

You can read more MOON fan fiction over on the same site.

All I Want For Christmas Is A MOON POSTER!!!!!!!!

Duncan Jones' MOON - Poster from Dark Horse

One of the most requested items since the release of Duncan Jones’ award winning feature film debut MOON in 2009, has been this now classic poster featuring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell.

Sadly it has never been made available to the general public, and it might be easier to find a Yeti burger than one of these beauties…UNTIL NOW!

We are absolutely thrilled to let you know that as of NOW you can pre-order your very own, official MOON poster in time for Christmas!

Not only that, for those of you that get in quick, there is also the chance to get hold of a super ltd edition signed by MOON Director Duncan Jones himself! (100 copies only)

“WHERE?!?!?! HOW?!?!?!” You may ask… well, thanks to the “amazing-balls” DARK HORSE COMICS (Duncan’s word, not mine, but they are) here is some linkage…


MOON Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Lithograph

27 x 38 inch collector-quality fine-art piece, presented on acid-free premium paper and packaged in a wide-mouth, sturdy poster tube. This lithograph is signed and numbered by filmmaker Duncan Jones and limited to 100 copies. SOLD OUT!

Standard MOON Poster

Again, 27 x 38 inch poster, packaged in a wide-mouth, sturdy poster tube.

Both are available for pre-order NOW! Ready for release on December 5th 2012. We know you’ve been waiting for this for a very long time, so thanks for your patience while we’ve got all the necessary bits & bobs sorted to be able to help you get hold of a proper, official one 🙂

Oh, I know some will ask, so YES they do International delivery 🙂

Secret Document Reveals The Cause Of Scottish Man Losing his Job!

This just in. Incredibly it seems it is not only events off planet that Lunar Industries have had a hand in influencing, but maybe here on Earth as well where they are not too keen on those of us who are fans of MOON, and Sam Bell sticking it too them!

Just months after sending this letter to MOON Director Duncan Jones in March 2010, the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown lost his job. I’m sure you all agree with Duncan on this as well, especially as it could be any one of us next!

“two months after this he was fired. Bit harsh for being a Moon fan, don’t you think?”

Gordon Brown Conrgatulates BAFTA Winning Duncan Jones - March 2010