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Source Code: ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes Japanese DVD & Blu-Ray Release March 21st

Source Code ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission 8 Minutes Japanese DVD & Blu-Ray 21st March 2012

Thanks to our friend Rintaro Watanabe over in Japan, we now have a home release date for Source Code ミッション:8ミニッツ (Mission: 8 Minutes) in Japan.

After a successful run in theatres in Japan toward the end of 2011 (opening in October), you will now be able to pick up a copy of ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes on DVD or Blu-Ray on the 21st March 2012.

Rintaro has also sent over the link to Amazon Japan in case you want to pre-order, sure there are plenty of other retailers you will be able to pick it up from as well. I’ll leave you with the Japanese trailer.


Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

创意“硬”科幻《源代码》8月30日登陆内地银幕Source Code opens in China today, one of only 20 foreign films to open on the Chinese mainland due to a quota system currently in place. Things may change in the future, with up to 1,600 new cinema screens being added per year to service a growing appetite for both local, and foreign films (1). Even GERTY has seen the potential, with actor Kevin Spacey starring in entirely locally funded feature ‘Inseparable‘, where 50% of the dialogue will be in Mandarin (2).

So it seems, for the moment, Source Code is lucky to be one of the 20 foreign films screening this year, and thanks to meeting new friends on Twitter, it may be that Chinese fans have had something to do with it’s selection, and one fan in particular, who has been supporting Duncan Jones work since the 2009 release of MOON… Continue reading Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

ミッション:8ミニッツ SOURCE CODE Japan 10.28.11

Source Code Japan Mission:8 Opens Friday 28th October 2011ミッション:8ミニッツ Source Code opens in Japan on Friday 28th October 2011, kicking off with a premiere in Tokyo.

Ahead of the October opening, Source Code Director Duncan Jones will be taking a  break from writing his third film, to fly over to Japan for a short promotional trip at the end of this month. Continue reading ミッション:8ミニッツ SOURCE CODE Japan 10.28.11

源代码 Source Code Finally Released In China 30th August

源代码 Source Code - China 30th August 2011Thanks to twitter friend nightdipper confirming to 源代码 Source Code Director Duncan Jones yesterday, we can now confirm that the long awaited cinema release in mainland China will happen at the end of the month, on the 30th August. For our friends in China, here is a brief synopsis, and the poster to look out for this month… Continue reading 源代码 Source Code Finally Released In China 30th August

SOURCE CODE: 8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina June 30th

Source Code - 8 Minutos Antes de Morir - ArgentinaThanks to Val Davis over on the Facebook page, and a bit of mooching about, it’s looking like Argentina will be getting ‘SOURCE CODE’ / ‘8 Minutos Antes de Morir’ (8 minutes before dying) from June 30th. We got the poster, and the trailer which appears to show the film will be released subtitled, will update the post if we hear anything about it being dubbed also. Continue reading SOURCE CODE: 8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina June 30th

SOURCE CODE: Italia – Primi 5 Minuti


Ciao! SOURCE CODE opened in Italy on 29th April in around 300 cinemas. Distributed by 01Distribution, promotion for SOURCE CODE is in full swing with an official site in conjunction with Gazzetta dello Sport, and now the first 5 minutes (well 4 minutes 19 seconds) of SOURCE CODE in Italian!

Source Code è il programma top secret di una misteriosa agenzia governativa americana. Il Capitano Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal ) è costretto, suo malgrado, a rivivere gli ultimi 8 minuti di vita del passeggero di un treno che esploderà. 8 minuti per scoprire chi è l’attentatore, 8 minuti per capire chi è lui, 8 minuti per capire chi è la donna che ha davanti (una splendida Michelle Monagha). Un allucinante viaggio nel tempo imprigionato in una vita non sua cadenzata dalla voce di chi guida il gioco, il colonnello Goodwin (Vera Farmiga)

Source Code: International Posters & Release Dates

Right then, as we prepare ourselves for the this weeks general release of Duncan Jones’ much anticipated second feature film ‘Source Code‘, we have some all important international release dates for you all, so you can plan your weekends accordingly.

We also have a lovely selection of International ‘Source Code’ posters for you to have a look at (there’s a particularly young looking Jake on what we think is a fan made one there). Keep an eye on our Flickr group, because we will be adding to this set as we find new ones, and there are other lovely sets for you to have a look at there as well 🙂


11 March 2011 (USA Premiere South by Southwest Film Festival)

31 March – Belarus, CIS, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Russia & Ukraine

1 April 2011 – Canada, Philippines, UK, Taiwan & USA

7 April 2011 – Czech Republic, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Serbia, Slovak Republic & UAE

8 April 2011 – Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania & Turkey

12 April 2011 – Mongolia

14 April 2011 – Portugal

15 April 2011 – Romania, Spain

20 April 2011 – Belgium, France, Switzerland (French)

21 April 2011 – Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary & Singapore

22 April – Albania

24 April – Greece

28 April – Switzerland (Italian)

29 April 2011 – India, Italy & Vietnam

5 May 2011 – Australia, New Zealand & South Korea

6th May 2011 – Poland

11th May 2011 – Indonesia

13 May 2011 – Finland

20 May 2011 – Norway

June 2011 – China (Date to be confirmed)

2 June 2011 – Austria, Germany & Switzerland (German)

9 June 2011 – Netherlands

10 June 2011 – Mexico

16 June 2011 – Denmark & South Africa

23 June 2011 – Argentina & Croatia

27 July 2011 – Brazil

5 August 2011 – Sweden

Oct 28th 2011 – Japan

Nov 18th 2011 – Venezuela

Also Known As (AKA)

8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina
Contra o Tempo – Brazil
Първичен код – Bulgaria
Code source – Canada
Ta teleftaia 8 lepta – Greece
Forráskód – Hungary
Kod nieśmiertelności – Poland
Transfer de identitate – Romania
Исходный код – Russia
8 Minuta – Serbia
Código Fuente – Spain
Yasam sifresi – Turkey
ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes – Japan

All dates are subject to change (apart from those in the past), so check with your local massively multicoloured dream emporium as well! We’ll keep updating as & when further dates are confirmed.

Currently to be determined

Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia – Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, West Indies, My House.

MOON DVD & Blu-Ray German Release 28th January

Well it’s taken a while, but our friends in Germany can celebrate and have all sorts of ‘MOON’ fun next week, when Duncan Jones’ multi award winning first feature ‘MOON’ is released on DVD & Blu-Ray on Friday 28th January.

Distributed by Koch Media, MOON is released in both single & double disc special edition, on both formats. The difference between the two being the addition on the special edition of the original UK release bonus material (Duncan’s short ‘Whistle’, ‘The Making of Moon’, Special Effects Feature, & interviews) and now for our german viewers.

  • Top 10 in den deutschen Kinocharts
  • Überwältigende Presse- und Zuschauerresonanz zum Kinostart – jetzt schon ein Klassiker des Genres!
  • Mit Sam Rockwell (“Iron Man 2”, “Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis”) sowie Kevin Spacey (“21”, “Superman Returns”) prominent besetzt.

Astronaut Sam Bell ist alleine auf dem Mond “Selene”, wo er als Mechaniker den Abbau von Helium-3 überwacht. Das kostbare Gas könnte die Energiekrise auf der Erde beenden. Zwei Wochen vor seiner Abreise beginnt Sam seltsame Dinge zu sehen und zu hören. Nachdem eine Routinekontrolle katastrophal schief geht, entdeckt er, dass Lunar ganz eigene Vorstellungen von seinem Verbleib hat. Als dann noch ein Doppelgänger auftaucht und die Firma einen bewaffneten Aufklärungstrupp schickt, wird Sam klar, dass seine Rückkehr zur Erde in Frage steht.

“Mit einem großartigen Science-Fiction-Drama gibt David Bowies Sohn Duncan Jones ein aufsehenerregendes Regiedebüt. Befeuert von einem spektakulären Auftritt von Sam Rockwell in einer Doppelrolle, ist ihm eine exzellente designte Produktion gelungen.” (Blickpunkt Film)

So for all you lovely people in Deutschland (or MOON collectors) you can order through Koch now:

  • Single Disc DVD – HERE
  • Double Disc DVD Special Edtn – HERE
  • Single Disc Blu-Ray – HERE
  • Double Disc Blu-Ray – HERE

MOON Opens in Poland This Friday

MOON Starring Sam Rockwell - Directed By Duncan Jones

Thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet, we’ve just got news that MOON is opening in Poland on Friday 3rd September. Details in from Krzysztof A. Rostek who also reviewed MOON here.

Here are more Polish reviews of MOON. In general they are very positive, saying that although budget was so low, this film is very engaging amazing and worth to watch. Sam Rockwell is a star of that film, he makes this character believable. MOON takes a lot from old SF classics like ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Alien’, but Duncan does not simply copy them, but makes his own film.

But to be honest there’s not much press coverage about MOON. Perhaps because it’s not a big hollywood movie. Though I’m sure there are people who will love that film. There is a big audience in Poland who appreciate ambitous SF films with character driven story, not heavily based on CGI.

Reviews from Poland

WirtualnaPolska Film

And more info in from Ania Adamczak via the ManMadeMovies Facebook Page

Here’s my interview with Duncan Jones (both in English and Polish), a review, and some more info in Polish/Oto mój wywiad z Duncanem Jonesem, recenzja i inne info o ‘Moonie’ po polsku: http://opium.org.pl/tag/moon/

Baw się dobrze! 🙂