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Poll: Would You Like To Be Able To Buy MOON Merchandise?

Since the release of MOON in 2009, there has been the odd request for a MOON merchandise. Unfortunately, there is no official merchandise available at the moment.

No official t-shirts, posters, badges, patches, mugs, robotic assistants, flowbees or sealed bags of beans exist. We occasionally manage to find some promotional bits & bobs to send out to competitions winners, or auction off for charity. But nothing you can actually order online, or go buy from a shop.

BUT WAIT! For MOON Director Duncan Jones has just told this:

There’s a CHANCE we may finally get to sell Moon posters & Collectors toys.

Basically we need to show there are at least 500 fans out there who would buy a Gerty desktop toy or a collectors Sam piece. 🙂

So, we’d like to get an idea of how many of you would be interested in buying some MOON gear, and what you’d like to be able to buy if it were possible. Please complete the poll below, and leave a comment, because I’ll be doing a random draw on the comments on Friday 16th at 23:00, and sending the winner a MOON promo T-Shirt (S/M or L) and a set of 4 MOON patches.

Many thanks in advance, I’m sure there are at least 10 of you out there, hopefully more 😉

Poll: What do you think is the best 30 sec clip of dialogue in MOON?

MOON: Sam Rockwell & Ducan Jones discuss the best line of dialogue

Can you help out MOON Director Duncan Jones in choosing the best clip of dialogue from the film? Duncan’s put the feelers out on twitter earlier:

Alright you lot. Here’s a question for those that liked Moon… what do you think the best bit of dialogue is in the film. A 30 sec clip.

We’re gonna try one of these new fangled poll thingies, cast your votes, and maybe we’ll get to find out exactly what it’s needed for soon…