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Duncan Jones Feels A New Movie Coming On

SOURCE CODE continues it’s journey around the theatres of the world, appearing just last week as the top new entry in the Netherlands box office chart, and opening this week in Denmark & South Africa, pushing past the already fantastic $100 Million in worldwide Box Office takings (now at around $112 million).

Duncan Jones Setting His Sights On George Clooney

Meanwhile, back in LA, it seems Director Duncan Jones is already hard at work on film number three, and has just announced things are moving along nicely, last night on the Twitter:

“Lots of fun today! Met with a few special effects companies and some very talented concept artists. I feel a movie coming on! 😉

Still a long way to go, but very happy so far. :)” Continue reading Duncan Jones Feels A New Movie Coming On

MOON UK DVD / Blu-Ray Review Roundup

MOON UK launch confirmed for Monday 16th November 2009 on Blu-Ray & DVD, we couldn’t be any more excited obviously, but before our review of the UK Blu-Ray, to provide a bit of balance and all that, here are a few of the latest reviews to hit the web this week, clicky the banners for the full review:


Moon is better than 2001: A Space Odyssey by a country mile.


HeyUGuys say:

I cannot recommend this Blu-ray enough. Not only do you get to see one of the most arresting films in years, complete with stunning design work and a flawless performance by Sam Rockwell, the extras on the disc make this an essential purchase.


The Geek Files says:

Jones’s film is thoughtful, technically excellent and superbly crafted, rather astonishing for a debut effort and even more astonishing given the limitations of the relatively microscopic budget. Despite this, nothing looks cheap or wobbly; every cent is well spent on screen. It’ll be interesting to see what the filmmaker can do with more cash in the pot. Overall, well worth investigating.

Sound and image are clean and clear with no problems whatsoever, and the menu display and navigation is slick and stylish.

The Geek Files MOON

Empire says:

They do make ’em like they used to — a fresh blast of old-school sci-fi, bursting with ideas and a stellar turn from Rockwell.

Empire MOON

ManMadeMovies Says:

Our original review of the theatrical release of MOON

Go see ‘Moon’, enjoy it, spread the word, go again and take a friend, they’ll love you for it. In a summer stuffed full of mega bucks CGI fests, it’s great to get more bang for yer buck when leaving the local cinema with plenty to talk about, and plenty to think about also

And now we say, go buy MOON on Blu-Ray or DVD UK this coming Monday 16th November and prepare to to witness one of the best male lead performances seen on screen in recent years from Sam Rockwell. So much so we think he deserves at least a nomination in the 2010 Academy Awards.

This was my first Blu-Ray experience, enjoyed the movie that much at the cinema, I shelled out for a Blu-Ray player and what is commonly known as a “Big Telly” ready for release, and the transfer to Blu-Ray does not disappoint, in fact, the viewing experience has been enhanced, which is good as MOON demands repeat viewings to pick up on some of the more subtle touches Director Duncan Jones has woven into his fantastic first feature length movie.

Even after repeat viewings, it is still incredible to realise that the entire budget for MOON was $5 Million, or around £2.75 Million sterling. Every single cent has been sucked dry by a crew intent on making a great movie, the craft and effort is on display at all times from the internal Sarang Moon base sets, to the external lunar landscape model miniatures.

More evidence of the skill that has gone into the making of MOON are in the great extras included on both Blu-Ray & DVD:

Commentary with writer / director Duncan Jones, director of photography Gary Shaw, concept designer Gavin Rothery and production designer Tony Noble. Very funny and easy to detect a great sense of camaraderie amongst the crew as they joke about situations that occured during production.

Commentary with writer / director Duncan Jones and producer Stuart Fenegen A more technical overview with great insights into the production of MOON

Whistle – a short film by Duncan Jones Great short about a future assassin and the effect of his work on those close to him, you can see touches of the same style as MOON and what may become a signature of Jones’ work, the subtle involvement of the Director and crew in the film itself. (see if you can spot VFX wizard Gavin Rothery in both films, and Jones also…)

The Making Of Moon featurette What it says on the tin jobby, a one of the only opportunities on the disc to get a glimpse of the work put in by the amazing Sam Rockwell.

GERTY Table Tennis Easter Egg Not gonna ruin it for you ;P

Creating the Visual Effects featurette Very interesting guide through all the methods used to make Sam’s life on Sarang believable.

Science Centre Q&A with Duncan Jones featurette REAL space people at NASA get a special screening of MOON and we get to see the Q&A after, Jones answers questions on the science behind MOON.

Filmmakers Q&A at the Sundance Film Festival featurette Possibly my favourite feature on the disc as we see the premier of MOON at Sundance with Duncan’s intro, and post screening Q&A. He genuinely looks excited and slightly nervous to start with and you watch him grow into the role of feature director as the Q&A progresses. I’m sure he’s done enough now to be an old hand, but wonderful to see the beginning of the career of a Director with such great potential.

Once you have worked your way through the extras, which are the same on either format, you are left with an incredible little British Indie Sci-Fi that pays homage to some of the classics of the past, but points forward to a very promising future for Director Duncan Jones, this is seriously a treat for movie fans whether they love Sci-Fi or Psychological Thrillers alike, or just bloody good film making.

MOON is one of those films where all the ingredients have combined to deliver a thing greater than the sum of it’s parts. Which is something that does not happen too often. For as well as the stunning visuals, incredible performance of Rockwell as Sam Bell, everything is pulled together with the beautiful and haunting soundtrack by Clint Mansell

Check out a few clips below, MOON is available to grace your home from:

UK Monday 16th November 2009
US Tuesday 12th January 2010

MOON Trailer

MOON GERTY gives Sam a haircut

MOON Message from home

MOON The Crash

MOON Sam wants to go outside

Moon UK Blu-Ray Disk Multi Region!

‘Moon’ Director Duncan Jones has today received confirmation from Sony that ‘Moon’ Blu-Ray will be Multi Region encoded, and passed on the good news via his Twitter >>account<<:

Excellent news… Got Sony UK confirmation today that Blu-ray out on NOV 16th is playable on regions A, B & C! That means it works in US!

Moon Blu-Ray UK Multi Region

So get your pre-order boots on UK & Rest of The World, ‘Moon’ Blu-Ray is coming at you November 16th 2009 available from all good retailers that will ship to you from UK ( that includes Amazon I do believe >> HERE << )

Further details on the Blu-Ray disc goodies & extras in our previous ‘Moon UK and US DVD / Blu-Ray Release details
Blu-Ray region details for reference >> HERE <<

Note: Multi Region playback on UK release is for Blu-Ray only!

Moon: ‘Moon’ Opening in Holland 15th October 2009

Hoi Holland!

Donderdag in premiere!

‘Moon’ opens in Netherlands Thursday 15th October.

Have had a quick mooch about and found it is scheduled to show at the following venue:

Kriterion – Amsterdam: http://www.kriterion.nl/news/741/15/Moon/

And in case you don’t know already, here is what it’s all about:

Astronaut Sam Bell woont al bijna drie jaar op de maan in opdracht van Lunar Industries. Hij leeft daar een eenzaam bestaan en door een defecte satelliet heeft hij amper contact met zijn vrouw Tess en driejarige dochter Eve. Zijn enige maatje aan boord is Gerty: een robot. Onverwacht krijgt Sam gezondheidsproblemen en gaat hallucineren waardoor hij een bijna-fataal ongeluk krijgt.

Als hij terug is op zijn basisstation, ontmoet hij zijn jongere en gewelddadigere “ik”. Deze tweede Sam beweert dat hij daar is om hetzelfde driejarige contract uit te dienen. Dan begint de strijd van de ‘echte’ Sam om zo snel mogelijk uit te vinden wat er verkeerd is gegaan en hoe hij op een veilige manier terugkomt naar huis.

Please help all of Holland get a slice of ‘Moon’ by adding any additional cinemas in the comments below. Dank U Wel!

Moon: Australian release & win double pass

Cinetology win Moon tickets

Moon opens nationwide in Australia next week from the 8th October 2009. To celebrate the release, movie review blog Cinetology are offering you the chance to win one of 25 in-season double passes valid nationwide from October 8th 2009, all details >>HERE<<

In other Australian Moon news, Director Duncan Jones went on an interview-a-thon last night with the Australian press / radio, so look out for plenty of coverage over the next week from:

  • News: Street Press Australia
  • News: Rotten Tomatoes Oz
  • News: Herald Sun
  • News: The Age ‘EG’
  • News: The West Australian
  • Radio: Robbie, Marieke & the Doctor on Triple J

Enjoy ‘Moon’ at last Australia, we know you have been waiting a long time!

Info & Movie times available at the Sony Australia Moon site >>HERE<<

Moon wins top Award at Athens International Film Festival!

News Just in ‘Moon’ has won top prize (The Golden Athena) at the 15th Athens International Film Festival!

Duncan Jones twitpic of Award

In the International Competition section, young directors compete for the Golden Athena Award, which comes with a €10,000 cash prize.

The winner is chosen by a European Youth Jury, consisting of 18-25 year old film students from various European Countries.

The Award itself, courtesy of ZOLOTAS jewelers, is a replica of the statue of Athena during the battle between the Olympians and the Giants, as seen in eastern pediment of the old temple of the Acropolis (c. 510 BC,) now kept in the new Acropolis Museum.

The award was collected in person by Moon director Duncan Jones who flew out to Athens this very morning to attend tonights screening.

So that’ll look nice on t’mantlepiece 🙂

PS – Extra special big thank you to @maragibson on the Twitter for the news

Moon: Early Concept Artwork & Behind the Scenes!

Want to see some very early ‘Moon’ concept artwork AND some behind the scenes shots from the shoot itself? Course you do, for example, here is a fantastic early concept of the lovely GERTY:

Moon: GERTY concept artwork

Full size images available on the ‘Moon: The Movie’ Flickr group along with more early concept artwork, behind the scenes pics from the original shoot, and many great pics added by other group members from ‘Moon’ premiers, red carpets and much more.

Couriered to us in the early hours of the morning by a wheezing bearded fellah with a missing tooth (I almost mistook him for Herman Toothrot!) Many thanks bearded courier guy 🙂

Will post these up on the manmademovies Facebook group also, enjoy!