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Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction MOON Lunar Rover

Would you like to own one of the original model miniature lunar rovers from Duncan Jones’ 2009  multiple award winning debut feature MOON? Daft question really, wouldn’t we all… Continue reading Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

That Time David Tennant Drove A Rover In MOON

Yes, it’s true! A new wee snippet of info from model miniature master Steve Howarth on the use of a David Tennant Doctor Who figure to stand in for Sam Rockwell…

“We were using this figure as a scale reference and it just seemed obvious that it would only be seen from a great distance and so a felt tip pen beard onto Tennant would be enough, as it turns out, more than enough.”

So next time you’re watching MOON, you now know that when you’re watching those amazing model miniature shots of the Rovers traversing the surface of the MOON, Doctor Who is behind the wheel! 🙂

Duncan Jones Virgin Money ’40 Years of Better’ Commercial – The Making Of

You’ve no doubt seen the new Virgin Money ’40 Years Of Better’ commercial directed by Duncan Jones, premièred on UK TV on Sunday 8th January. Some of you have been able to catch it on the big screen as well in the week since at your local picture palaces. So how would you like to see a featurette on the making of this journey through the history of the Virgin Group? Some incredible model miniature work mixed with post production CGI and a hell of a lot of talent. Wrap your eyes round this 🙂

And if you liked that, pop over to the My Virgin Money Magazine for an exclusive interview with Duncan on the making of ’40 Years of Better’.

Duncan Jones Directs New Commercial For Virgin Money

We teased this earlier in the week, and now we can reveal a new commercial from MOON & Source Code Director Duncan Jones. Filmed in London at Shepperton studios, UK, in October 2011, this new commercial for Virgin Money was premièred on Sunday 8th January 2012 at 20:15 on UK television channel ITV.

As you will see, Duncan’s fondness for utilising old school techniques returns with the use of model miniatures. This isn’t the only connection with Duncan’s debut feature MOON though, as the trip back over from Los Angeles to direct the commercial also included a return to the same studios where MOON was filmed in 2009, as Duncan tweeted at the time:

At Shepperton studios! Just been wandering around the old Moon sound stage. In there again shooting a commercial! Feels weird. 🙂

Commenting on the commercial this evening Duncan said:

Great fun working with some of the same model miniature peeps I did Moon with!

Anyone wondering what the two pieces of music in the commercial are, Starts with Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, then fades into Outlands by Daft Punk from TRON: Legacy.