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Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction MOON Lunar Rover

Would you like to own one of the original model miniature lunar rovers from Duncan Jones’ 2009  multiple award winning debut feature MOON? Daft question really, wouldn’t we all… Continue reading Prop Store To Auction Original MOON Model Miniature Lunar Rover

Print Off And Make Your Very Own Lunar Rover

“Paper Rovers….” sang Marie Osmond once, as if she knew one day you would be able to print off and make your very own Lunar Rover from MOON. No surprise though as she did have the nickname ‘Nostradamus’ within the Osmond family.

Lunar Ind Paper Rover By Martin SangerThanks to Martin Sänger for sharing. Get yours from his site and have a look at the other Sci-Fi related paper craft…I said paper… oh suit yerself 😉


MOON Fan Fiction ‘Helping you is what I do’ by Wildgoosery Gets Duncan Jones Seal Of Approval

MOON - GERTY Crying :(

As we were getting set for a live tweet of the British television premiere of MOON on BBC2 last sunday (30th December 2012 – highlights from Duncan & gang here) Duncan was pointed in the direction of something we’ve not come across previously, MOON Fan Fiction.

If you’re a regular visitor here, you will be well aware of the the high quality of fan contributions that we come across from time to time. We’ve had posters, music, a complete physical re-creations of GERTY and more, but nothing has quite reached the level of Wildgoosery’s fan fiction piece ‘Helping you is what I do‘ written to cover the events of MOON, from GERTY’s point of view.

I have to tell you, such is the level of authenticity, I was close to tears all over again. And it’s not just me that thinks Wildgoosery has done an incredible job, the ultimate seal of approval comes from the original creator of GERTY, Sam Bell, Lunar Industries and the whole MOON universe, Duncan Jones himself who commented on the piece:

To tune into the tone of Moon this well denotes a rare sensitivity & empathy. You’ve done an extraordinary job. It made my heart ache. Poor Sam. Poor Gerty. Poor Sam… And Sam… And Sam. Thank you so much for helping Moon to live on beyond our small film. I hope I can widen this universe for you in future films, if for no other reason but to see what you will do with it. A fan of your speculations, Duncan Jones. Writer/director Moon.

Which understandably prompted this reaction from Wildgoosery:

I’m just going to sit here for a while being utterly stunned!

Well, this is last thing I ever expected to find in the comments of my little story! I would be skeptical of its origins, except a poke through twitter reveals that you were pointed this direction yesterday!

I have no idea what to say, other than “Thank you!” Moon had a tremendous impact on me — I saw it twice in the theater, and have the DVD on hand for when I want my faith in modern science fiction filmmaking restored — and in writing this story, I came to even further appreciate the thought and care and craftsmanship that went into what you created. Hard SF movies are a rare thing these days, and quality ones are practically non-existent. After Moon and Source Code, I look forward to seeing what you do moving forward.

Please take a moment to pop over and read the full story, and to stand back an applaud a wonderful piece of writing 🙂

You can read more MOON fan fiction over on the same site.

Secret Document Reveals The Cause Of Scottish Man Losing his Job!

This just in. Incredibly it seems it is not only events off planet that Lunar Industries have had a hand in influencing, but maybe here on Earth as well where they are not too keen on those of us who are fans of MOON, and Sam Bell sticking it too them!

Just months after sending this letter to MOON Director Duncan Jones in March 2010, the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown lost his job. I’m sure you all agree with Duncan on this as well, especially as it could be any one of us next!

“two months after this he was fired. Bit harsh for being a Moon fan, don’t you think?”

Gordon Brown Conrgatulates BAFTA Winning Duncan Jones - March 2010

Fancy A Drink At The Lunar Industries Bar?

Imagine Sam Bell working his taters off mining He-3 for Lunar Industries, coming towards the end of a three year contract on MOON base Sarang. Alone apart from the company of his robotic companion GERTY, unable to communicate directly with Earth and his young family, desperate to get home and be with the ones he loves. Sam is slowly losing his marbles without any other human company, so imagine if he found out after all this time that something like this had been going on, right under his nose!

MOON - Lunar Industries Bar by Josh Kao

A bar, a Lunar Industries Bar on the MOON!, with dancing girls and an obviously wealthy cliental. All of which is bad enough, for poor old Sam. But imagine if he also knew that GERTY knew, AND was busy in there serving drinks!

Well, none of this is true of course, the image above is a piece of concept art by artist Josh Kao that we came across recently after it was featured in Charlie Jane Anders feature over on io9 about Josh’s concept art, specifically his futuristic cityscapes.

Pop over to Josh’s blog to view more, prepare for a long stay though, there’s some incredibly good stuff over there. On the piece above, Josh says:

Bar design based on the movie “Moon”, my favorite film of 2009. That’s a gogo dancer, not a stripper….i swear. I needed to fill up some space…

Josh has even included this kind of plan view, just in case you fancy setting something up yourself 🙂

Josh Kao - MOON Lunar Ind Bar Overview

And if you want to see more, actual MOON concept art, pop over to MOON VFX Supervisor and Concept Artist Gavin Rothery’s site.

Happy Halloween: Sam Bell Whittles A Lunar Industries Pumpkin

MOON Lunar Industries Halloween Pumpkin By Charles KlineAlways great to come across an out take from MOON, and here we have the result of a bit of pumpkin whittling from Lunar Industries employee Sam Bell while up on Sarang one Halloween, either that or it’s the result of some very handy carving from our own Sam Bell, Charles Kline from Colorado, USA.

Charles is an old friend of the blog, check out his amazing Sam Bell uniform if you’ve not seen it already.

Have a great Halloween everyone, and rest assured, if you are unable to get out Trick or Treating, Lunar Industries will be able to provide someone to do it for you, as you, while you have a…sleep…

CNN Features MOON In Odd Energy Sources In Film

CNN - Energy sources in film - MOONCNN has this slidehow on odd energy sources in the movies, and while some may seem completely impossible (Dilithium crystals) , nice to see MOON there as a representative of future energy solutions through nuclear fusion that may actually be possible within our lifetime… Continue reading CNN Features MOON In Odd Energy Sources In Film

MOON Screening At Denver Film Society Sci-Fi Series With Ka Chun Yu

MOON at Denver Film Society Sci-Fi Series 2011Any of you lucky enough to be near Denver between July 6th and August 10th will have the chance to see some great Sci-Fi courtesy of the Sci-Fi Film Series Presented By Denver Museum Of Nature & Science And The Denver Film Society.

Sam Rockwell In Duncan Jones' MOON

The key date from our point of view is obviously a screening on August 3rd at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax of Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, isolated employee of Lunar Industries, alone on the Moon with only the company of his robotic assistant GERTY (Kevin Spacey) to see him through his three year contract mining valuable Helium 3 to provide energy to the people of Earth. As Sam approaches the end of his contract, with thoughts of home providing hope, things take a turn for the worse, and Sam discovers not all is as it seems.

Always great to see some of you getting the opportunity to see Duncan’s award winning debut on the big screen, as for many, their first experience of MOON may have been home viewing due to the limited original theatrical release.

An added bonus with this Sci-Fi Film Series screening is a post-film discussion with Ka Chun Yu, PhD, curator of space sciences at Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

As well as MOON, the Sci-Fi series will also be screening classics of the genre such as Stanley Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyessy, Ridely Scott’s Alien & Alfonso Cuaron’s Children Of Men, most screenings also include a post film discussion with Denver Museum Of Nature & Science staff.

Dates and times available on the Sci-Fi Series programme guide.

Thanks to Ryan Boulding for the heads up 🙂

MOON: Sam Bell Spotted At Starfest 2011 In Denver

We were alerted yesterday to the fact that Lunar Industries employee Sam Bell, may have been in the Denver area of the United States over the weekend, sightings had been confirmed in and around the Starfest Entertainment Convention 2011.

We’ve obviously been wondering what he’s been up to lately. Further investigations however have revealed that our search for Sam will continue, in the meantime we can let you know how the sighting came about in the first place, with the help of MOON fan, Charles Kline

Continue reading MOON: Sam Bell Spotted At Starfest 2011 In Denver

MOON Fan Contribution – Lunar Landscape by Jack Stevens

Here’s another one I’ve been meaning to feature for a while, beautiful Lunar Lanscape by Jack Stevens, and details from Jack on MOON as the inspiration, also how he put it all together. Brilliant! The little version there does it no justice however, click image for full size 🙂

Jack Stevens:
Ever since I read the synopsis for MOON I was enticed, a few weeks later when trailers and images started to come out I got really excited. This was around the time I had just started reading in-depth into quantum physics expert Michio Kaku. I love Science Fiction films that could one day be possible. For example Helium 3 (which is what is being harvested on the moon’s surface) is essential for Nuclear Fusion, being rare on earth is abundant on the moon. The Moon mission for a Lunar base in 2020 also makes this film feel more sci-real than sci-fi.
Not only did the story inspire me, the landscape that very few have been able to experience and see the earth suspended in the sun’s gravitational field where everything looks so delicate did as well.
After seeing the movie at the start of January I was convinced into making a matte painting based on the movie and perhaps using it to make an animation in Adobe After Effects.

MOON – Lunar Industries from jack stevens on Vimeo

And here are the progress steps.

MOON – Lunar Industries (Progress Steps) from jack stevens on Vimeo

Jack is already convinced he will be adding to his amazing portfolio in the future with new images inspired by Duncan Jones’ next movie “Source Code‘. Can’t wait to see what you come up with Jack, but for now, pop over to Jack’s online gallery and have a gander at some of his other work, great stuff 🙂