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COMPETITION: Stand Up To Win $126.00 & More…

Russell Peters accepts Jake Jake Gyllenhaal's challenge in Source Code

It’s been bloomin’ yonks since we had a competition here, so Duncan has come up with one that harks back to the great MOON competitions he did back in the olden times (ok 2009).

In the still image from Source Code above, you can see Max Denoff (Russell Peters) accepting Colter Stevens’ (Jake Gyllenhaal) challenge to make all the people on their train laugh. Duncan’s challenge to you is…

Perform a stand up comedy routine on a train in front of all the passengers and get a friend to film it. Upload the video evidence to youtube, vimeo etc and send us a link to prove you did it. We’ll compile them all into a blog post and have a public vote. The one with the most votes wins.

Just like Max the winner will receive $126.00 in cash from Source Code Director Duncan Jones, and some other nice bits & bobs Duncan will pop together to make it all worth your while 🙂

Sounds simple, but have you got the bottle? Eh?…

Tweet links of your video evidence to Duncan @ManMadeMoon using hashtag #SourceCodeStandUp or e-mail a link to me here unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk.

We’ll set an end date when we get a few in so you know what your up against.

Good luck, and have fun!


Seems @crimsong19 wants to do his “routine” on an Ox & Cart, so we’re opening this up to any form of mass transport. Now warm up, gargle, La La La Laaaaaaaaa, and GET OUT THERE!

Source Code: For Your Consideration

Source Code Poster 2011Awards season is gearing up with the BAFTAs taking place on 12th of February, the Academy Awards on February the 26th and more besides. All you voters out there will be working your way through screeners and assorted for your consideration material, so I thought I’d take a moment to pop up a reminder of Duncan Jones second feature Source Code.

Released in April 2011, Source Code is Director Duncan Jones second feature starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright… Continue reading Source Code: For Your Consideration

Source Code ( Contra o Tempo ) To Be Released in Brazil 30th September

Source Code Brazil - Contra o TempoGreat news for everyone in Brazil that have been waiting so long to see Duncan Jones’ Source Code. Twitter friend Emerson Medina has been in touch to let us know that Source Code will be released on September 30th under the title ‘Contra o Tempo’ (Against Time)

Sinopse: Contra o Tempo‘ acompanha o capitĂŁo Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), que acorda no corpo de um outro homem e descobre que faz parte de uma missĂŁo para salvar Chicago de um trem desgovernado. Em uma tarefa que nĂŁo se parece a nenhuma das que já realizou, percebe que Ă© parte de um experimento do governo chamado “Source Code,” um programa que lhe permite passar pela identidade de outro homem nos Ăşltimos 8 minutos de sua vida. Ele tem poucos minutos para descobrir o que irá acontecer com o trem.

Source Code DVD / Blu-Ray Enters US Charts At Number 1


Source Code DVD & Blu-Ray has entered the US national home entertainment charts at Number 1! Reported on Hollywood Reporter yesterday:

Summit Entertainment stormed to the top of the national home entertainment charts last week with Source Code, a PG-13-rated action thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal that generated $54.7 million in theaters.

Report supported by Rentrakfor week of July 24th – 30th (Source Code release on the 26th July in the US)

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Some interesting figures also on the uptake of the the Blu-Ray release, no doubt helped somewhat by an exclusive lenticular sleeve release for the Best Buy chain:

Source Code generated 41 percent of its first-week sales from Blu-ray Disc, significantly higher than the latest weekly percentage for Rango (28 percent) or Limitless (33 percent).

Possible we could also see this trend continue for the UK DVD / Blu-Ray release on August 15th as well, with an exclusive steel book case edition Blu-Ray now sold out due to popular demand on pre-order with popular online retailer Play.com.

And don’t forget UK pals, if you can’t wait until August 15th, rental chain Blockbuster have Source Code available to rent NOW! I picked up a copy last Friday, chap in the shop said he loved it, and it has been very popular so far, there were hardly any left on the shelf when I picked it up 🙂

Thanks to our good friend Larry Richman in the US for the Hollywood Reporter link.

Exclusive Early Source Code Rental With Blockbuster + Competition

Source Code DVD / Blu-Ray Release UK Blockbuster 29th July 2011Source Code is released on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US tomorrow (26th July), while we in the UK have to wait until the 15th of August to pick up a copy. That is unless you are a member of Blockbuster who have the exclusive early home rental of Duncan Jones’ thought provoking, action packed, box office smash starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga & Jeffrey Wright.

You will be able to rent Source Code from Blockbuster from this Friday, 29th July on both DVD & Blu-Ray, and you can also win a copy by entering Blockbuster’s Source Code competition.

And just in case you’re wondering what Source Code is all about, wishing you could watch the first few minutes to get a taste of what the weekends entertainment could be like. Have a look at…the first few minutes 🙂

SOURCE CODE Available On VOD In The US 8th July

SOURCE CODE US BOX ART - SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENTIf you’re in the USA this coming weekend, and fancy watching Duncan Jones’ latest film SOURCE CODE, and can’t wait for the July 26th DVD & Blu-Ray release you’re in luck. As Summit Entertainment are releasing the film over two weeks early on VOD (Video On Demand) so you will be able to buy or rent SC from Friday 8th July.

Not being in the US we’re presuming you will just need to check with your local cable or satellite provider, Netflix etc. Have been able to check Amazon.com though and SOURCE CODE is is available to buy for $14.99 or rent for 48 hours for $3.99.

SOURCE CODE is also available NOW on Apple iTunes via this store link. 🙂

Early digital release is designed to test demand for release prior to disc based format. Full press release from Summit Entertainment with all the details follows…

Continue reading SOURCE CODE Available On VOD In The US 8th July

SOURCE CODE: German Language Trailer From Kinowelt

Kinowelt - SOURCE CODE

SOURCE CODE finally opens in Austria, Germany and Switzerland today, and as well as the poster above, we also have the German language trailer from distributor Kinowelt below.

Eine Eilmeldung im Fernsehen: Kurz vor Chicago explodierte ein Personenzug – es gab keine Überlebenden. Wenig später erwacht Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) in genau diesem Zug – im Körper eines anderen Mannes und an der Seite der jungen Christina (Michelle Monaghan). Nach und nach begreift der Kampfpilot: Er ist im „Source Code“. Dank dieser Technologie kann Stevens den Körper eines anderen Menschen übernehmen – für acht Minuten vor dessen Tod. Sein Auftrag: Finde die Bombe und schalte den Bombenleger aus. Wieder und wieder durchlebt Stevens die Katastrophe und setzt das Puzzle mit Christinas Hilfe zusammen. Die Zeit drängt, denn ein weiterer, viel größerer Anschlag droht.

Mit seinem glänzenden Debüt „Moon“ (2009) erregte Regisseur Duncan Jones weltweit Aufsehen. Jetzt legt er spektakulär nach: Sein Actionthriller SOURCE CODE ist ausgeklügelt, hochspannend und lockt den Zuschauer bis zum Schluss immer wieder aufs Glatteis. SOURCE CODE punktet neben dem cleveren Drehbuch auch mit einem herausragenden Ensemble. Allen voran Jake Gyllenhaal, der als einer der vielseitigsten Schauspieler Hollywoods zuletzt in unterschiedlichen Genres zu sehen war: Mit vollem Körpereinsatz in „Prince of Persia – Der Sand der Zeit“, als liebenswerter Charmeur in der romantischen Komödie „Love and Other Drugs – Nebenwirkung inklusive“ und als sensibler Cowboy in dem umjubelten Drama „Brokeback Mountain“. An seiner Seite spielt Michelle Monaghan („Untreu – Unfaithful“, „Stichtag“) die Rolle der schönen Fremden. Perfekt ergänzt wird das Duo durch Vera Farmiga („The Departed – Unter Feinden“, „Up in the Air“) und Jeffrey Wright („James Bond 007 – Casino Royale“).


SOURCE CODE: UK & US Blu-Ray And DVD Release Details

With SOURCE CODE coming to the end of it’s theatrical release in the US & UK, seems like a good time to look forward to the the home release on DVD and Blu-Ray. And we now have dates to pop on the calendar.

The US release has been reported on most sites as 26th July, and has been accompanied by quite different artwork (via dvdactive ) for the pack shots, than on the theatrical release. This appears to be an early trade advert, so things can change between now and release.

SOURCE CODE DVD / Blu-Ray Trade advertisement with some early package artworkWe’ve also had confirmation this morning of the UK DVD / Blu-Ray release of SOURCE CODE from online retailers play.com and Amazon UK, with play.com offering an exclusive Steelbook packaging on both DVD & Blu-Ray. Both confirm UK release date as 15th August 2011.

SOURCE CODE - play.com - SteelbookAll pack artwork subject to change at the moment, but certainly seems that the UK release is sticking with the UK theatrical release design. All seem to agree on the special features though:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Duncan Jones, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Access: SOURCE CODE – featurette.
  • Cast and Crew insights.
  • Dynamic, scene specific focal points.

Having watched and listened to a fair amount of interviews with Duncan & Jake during the SOURCE CODE promotional tour, am now really looking forward to listening to the audio commentary, like a bloomin comedy double act they are, and could probably quite easily take that up if this movie business don’t pan out as well as it is at the moment.

Will keep you updated if anything changes 🙂

SOURCE CODE Breaks Through $100 Million Dollars At Worldwide Box Office!


Just last week, Duncan Jones announced on Twitter that SOURCE CODE had hit $50 Million at the US domestic box office, which in itself was a fantastic achievement!

Duncan Jones announces Source Code hits $50 million at US Box Office -  6th may 2011We can now also announce that, over the last weekend, SOURCE CODE has hit over $100, 000, 000.00 in world wide box office. Flippin’ fantastic! And I am guessing maybe a smidgen more than the whole cast, crew, and production team may hoped for.

Brilliant reviews and great word of mouth has spread as SOURCE CODE has rolled out worldwide, and helped to keep it in the US & UK Top 10 for 4/5 weeks after the initial April 1st release date.

In the last two weeks Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Indonesia had their first taste of the mind bending second feature from MOON Director Duncan Jones, and there are still quite a few countries to go before SOURCE CODE completes it’s worldwide theatrical run.

Thanks to everyone who has been out and bought tickets to experience & support SOURCE CODE, showing what we all know, that a lot of us appreciate intelligent, thought provoking, emotionally involving cinema, made by a fantastic team.

MAHOOSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Director Duncan Jones, Writer Ben Ripley, Stars Jake Gyllehaal, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright, Russell Peters & the rest of the cast, composer Chris Bacon and everyone at The Mark Gordon Company, Vendome Pictures & Summit Entertainment.

There’s still time to catch SOURCE CODE at the cinema, for the first time, or for a return visit 🙂

And we are constantly updating the remaining worldwide release dates, so hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy SOURCE CODE on the big screen near you soon, if you haven’t already.

Thanks! 🙂

SOURCE CODE: Italia – Primi 5 Minuti


Ciao! SOURCE CODE opened in Italy on 29th April in around 300 cinemas. Distributed by 01Distribution, promotion for SOURCE CODE is in full swing with an official site in conjunction with Gazzetta dello Sport, and now the first 5 minutes (well 4 minutes 19 seconds) of SOURCE CODE in Italian!

Source Code è il programma top secret di una misteriosa agenzia governativa americana. Il Capitano Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal ) è costretto, suo malgrado, a rivivere gli ultimi 8 minuti di vita del passeggero di un treno che esploderĂ . 8 minuti per scoprire chi è l’attentatore, 8 minuti per capire chi è lui, 8 minuti per capire chi è la donna che ha davanti (una splendida Michelle Monagha). Un allucinante viaggio nel tempo imprigionato in una vita non sua cadenzata dalla voce di chi guida il gioco, il colonnello Goodwin (Vera Farmiga)