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Source Code: International Posters & Release Dates

Right then, as we prepare ourselves for the this weeks general release of Duncan Jones’ much anticipated second feature film ‘Source Code‘, we have some all important international release dates for you all, so you can plan your weekends accordingly.

We also have a lovely selection of International ‘Source Code’ posters for you to have a look at (there’s a particularly young looking Jake on what we think is a fan made one there). Keep an eye on our Flickr group, because we will be adding to this set as we find new ones, and there are other lovely sets for you to have a look at there as well 🙂


11 March 2011 (USA Premiere South by Southwest Film Festival)

31 March – Belarus, CIS, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Russia & Ukraine

1 April 2011 – Canada, Philippines, UK, Taiwan & USA

7 April 2011 – Czech Republic, Kuwait, Malaysia, Thailand, Serbia, Slovak Republic & UAE

8 April 2011 – Bulgaria, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania & Turkey

12 April 2011 – Mongolia

14 April 2011 – Portugal

15 April 2011 – Romania, Spain

20 April 2011 – Belgium, France, Switzerland (French)

21 April 2011 – Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Hungary & Singapore

22 April – Albania

24 April – Greece

28 April – Switzerland (Italian)

29 April 2011 – India, Italy & Vietnam

5 May 2011 – Australia, New Zealand & South Korea

6th May 2011 – Poland

11th May 2011 – Indonesia

13 May 2011 – Finland

20 May 2011 – Norway

June 2011 – China (Date to be confirmed)

2 June 2011 – Austria, Germany & Switzerland (German)

9 June 2011 – Netherlands

10 June 2011 – Mexico

16 June 2011 – Denmark & South Africa

23 June 2011 – Argentina & Croatia

27 July 2011 – Brazil

5 August 2011 – Sweden

Oct 28th 2011 – Japan

Nov 18th 2011 – Venezuela

Also Known As (AKA)

8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina
Contra o Tempo – Brazil
Първичен код – Bulgaria
Code source – Canada
Ta teleftaia 8 lepta – Greece
Forráskód – Hungary
Kod nieśmiertelności – Poland
Transfer de identitate – Romania
Исходный код – Russia
8 Minuta – Serbia
Código Fuente – Spain
Yasam sifresi – Turkey
ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes – Japan

All dates are subject to change (apart from those in the past), so check with your local massively multicoloured dream emporium as well! We’ll keep updating as & when further dates are confirmed.

Currently to be determined

Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia – Slovenia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, West Indies, My House.

MOON VFX Guru Gavin Rothery Reveals Duncan Jones Was A Badass Space Murderer

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter, there is a good chance you have been missing out on some fantastic behind the scenes revelations on the making of MOON.

MOON Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery has started posting up some rather wonderful snippets about his experiences of making MOON, starting at the birth of GERTY, and continuing through, so far, to the revealing of Director Duncan Jones and Co-Producer Nicky Bentham as eventually unseen murdering space bastards.

We even find out that the MOON crew, were the crew of the Eliza rescue ship, as you can see below. There’s Gavin on the left as the captain, 1st Assistant Director Mick Ward in the middle and Director of Photography Gary Shaw on the right. I shan’t reveal anymore here…for now, head over to Gav’s site, and fill your boots 🙂

MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery
MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery

Duncan Jones Hosts Moon / Outland Double Bill 16th October

Moon / Outland Double Bill

Date / Time: 16th October 2009 18:30 > 23:00

Place: Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Place, London, UK

Tickets & Info: >>CLICKY HERE ME DEAR<<

Double Bill £6 Members / £9 Non Members Starring: Sean Connery & Sam Rockwell
Moon Director Duncan Jones comes to the PCC to present a very special double bill of Peter Hyams’ 1981 Sci-fi thriller ‘Outland’ starring Sean Connery and Duncan’s very own recent box office smash ‘Moon’.

Come and hear him speak about the inspirations behind his film and watch the two films up on the big screen.

In Outland, Connery is a Police Marshall assigned to a Jupiter mining colony to investigate mysterious deaths.

In Moon, Rockwell works alone on the moon, mining for fuel, however after a serious accident he begins to wonder if he’s hallucinating or if the truth is even more bizarre?

‘Moon’ info a plenty all over this site 🙂

‘Outland’ Info >>IMDB HERE<<

Go, have fun, come back and let us know all about it.