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MOON Features In The Hope Lies’ Programme For ‘Days Of Fear And Wonder’

MOON - Norwegian Poster by Haakan HosethOver 200 locations across the UK will be presenting over 1000 screenings of classic Sci-Fi films and television programmes from October to December as part of the BFI’s celebration Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder

As part of the celebration our friends over at Hope Lies have created three very different strands of programming for independent arts centre QUAD in Derby, and they have selected MOON!

“We recently revealed that we’d been commissioned to curate a strand of programming for the British Film Institute’s Days Of Fear And Wonder, their ambitious science-fiction oriented programme that dominates much of the final quarter of 2014. Today we announce our full plans.

Our programme is for the Quad in Derby, an independent cinema complex. Over the course of three months we will be screening three strands of Science-Fiction films, with each strand focussing on something different.”

MOON features in the first strand, European Invasion!, along with Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville and Elio Petri’s The 10th Victim.

MOON screens on Tuesday, 14th October at 18:30, tickets available now from QUAD.

Further details over on Hope Lies

MOON poster featured above was the Norwegian theatrical release poster by Haakon Hoseth.

MOON Opening in Norway 12th Feb – Great New International Poster

MOON Norwegian Promotional Poster

MOON opens in Norway on February 12th 2010, and here is the Norwegian promotional poster designed by Haakon Hoseth which makes a great addition to our previous entries of MOON posters from around the world, maybe we should pop a nice gallery together at some point, when it finally completes it’s travels?

Thanks to Haakon, and Norwegian distributors Filmoptimistene for permission to show this to you all, and enjoy MOON Norway 🙂