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Studio Sheila Creates Wonderful Sam Bell Print

We were very impressed with this drawing of Sam Bell tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones last week, so much so we had to get in touch with Sheila and find out more about it.

Mooned - Sam Bell by Studio SheilaIf you pop over to Studio Sheila you’ll see pop culture, movies and myths provide the main inspiration for her work, we asked Sheila to tell us a bit more about her work and how MOON inspired her in particular.

“Being that I love movies, I like the idea of drawing something from a movie that sticks with me.  That something could be a specific actor’s performance or a scene that’s deeply moving, bizarre, scary, or just plain funny, and basically “freezing” it on paper.

As far as what medium I use, I work in pencil, ink, charcoal, and sometimes watercolor.

Regarding Moon, I’d been curious about it for a while and finally bought it.  Since the movie stayed with me for a long time after I watched it, I wanted to draw something Moon-related.  Without giving anything away in the movie, I wanted to show the various character traits of Sam Bell, which includes humor, too.

And I wanted to incorporate Gerty the robot, too.  Gerty is a character that provides some relief for the viewer, I think, because you empathize with Sam’s loneliness and want him to have some kind of company.  I think it puts the viewer more at ease to see him with Gerty.   But Gerty is also a dark character in that it’s only trying to comfort Sam because it’s been programmed to do so.

I’m not an actor and far from an authority on acting or film-making, but I feel that Sam is one of those actors who has no vanity with his performances and that’s what makes his acting so strong.  What I mean “no vanity” is that he’s not afraid to appear very raw in roles.  It hits you in your gut.  And he’s primarily alone in this eerie and haunting movie so the film hinges on whether the actor can pull it off or not.  I think it needed a really strong actor like Sam to do it justice.  That’s the kind of actor that makes for a great drawing subject, too.

Plus, is there a person around who doesn’t like Sam Rockwell’s acting?  I haven’t found one yet.  It’s Sam Rockwell, people!”

It’s a bloody lovely piece of work, and one that you could own too if you like?

Competition closed, CONGRATULATIONS TO Chris Hager 🙂

To win a copy of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila just drop us a mail with the answer to the following question.

Sam Bell is quite an accomplished artist too, what artistic hobby does Sam use to pass the time during his time on the Sarang MOON base?

Answers to: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk
Subject line: Studio Sheila MOON Competition

One entry per person please.
Prize for the winner is one 14″ x 20″ print of ‘Mooned’ by Studio Sheila.
Closing date for entries Friday 27th June. Good luck! 🙂

Calvin and Hobbes Inspires Kid’s Version Of MOON

The challenge was laid down just over five hours ago by long time Twitter resident, film critic and smart arse Scott Weinberg:

Now I want someone to make a kids’ version of Moon. Make it about a guy who wishes for a friend but gets too many friends!
10/02/2014 16:42

The challenge was answered in some style by Elisa Fardy:

Sam & GERTY by Elisa Fardy

@ManMadeMoon @scottEweinberg I skipped the poster and I directly made the fake book cover. http://t.co/OsCsEbUDf8
10/02/2014 19:09

Combining the cover of Bill Waterson’s ‘Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’ (A Calvin and Hobbes Collection) with an image of GERTY by Charlie Marshall and a subtly placed Lunar Industries logo, Elisa came up with what MOON Director Duncan Jones could only describe as “Amazing!”

Would site quite nicely on a shelf next to a TV showing Bill Mudron’sSam And Gerty’s Lunar Funtime Club House‘ 🙂

Digital Design Student Inspired by MOON & Gavin Rothery

Digital Design student Patrick Chamberland was so inspired by his love of MOON and the work of Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery, he produced this stunning work as part of his course work at Centre NAD in Montreal, Canada.

Gerty Final by Patrick Chamberland
Gerty Final by Patrick Chamberland

As well as sharing GERTY with us, Patrick was also kind enough to let us know some details about his version of GERTY:

I am currently a student in 3D Animation and Digital Design at Centre NAD, in Montreal, Canada, with a concentration in videogames.

We had a project in which we had to create a model of an object that was futuristic in nature and we had the option of creating a new design or using an already existing one. Being a huge fan of Moon (which I consider to be one of my top 5 movies of all-time) and Gavin Rothery’s designs, it then dawned on me that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my favorite robot ever, GERTY!

I was very fortunate that Gavin’s site was a treasure trove of fantastic reference to try and achieve the closest possible accuracy to the movie version of GERTY.

The actual model was created using 3DS MAX and a few different softwares were used to create the model’s textures with the main one being Photoshop.

What I think is really exciting with this model is that the image of the final rendered version is from a software named Marmoset Toolbag which is a real-time renderer. What this means is that the look of GERTY in the image is how he would look in an actual game engine such as the Unreal Engine.

If time permits, I would love to also model the whole Serang base and place it in the game engine which would mean that I would be able to walk around the whole base in real-time!

I have attached a picture of the non-textured/wireframed version of the model as well as a pic of the final “in-game” version.

This was certainly my most fun project to date and that was because of the passion ignited inside of me by Duncan’s amazing work in creating the movie masterpiece, Moon.

And here is the non-textured / wireframe image Patrick mentioned above. Stunning work once again from someone inspired by MOON. Thanks, Patrick 🙂

Gerty Wire by Patrick Chamberland
Gerty Wire by Patrick Chamberland

Have a mooch around Patrick’s site for more goodies.


MOON Fan Fiction ‘Helping you is what I do’ by Wildgoosery Gets Duncan Jones Seal Of Approval

MOON - GERTY Crying :(

As we were getting set for a live tweet of the British television premiere of MOON on BBC2 last sunday (30th December 2012 – highlights from Duncan & gang here) Duncan was pointed in the direction of something we’ve not come across previously, MOON Fan Fiction.

If you’re a regular visitor here, you will be well aware of the the high quality of fan contributions that we come across from time to time. We’ve had posters, music, a complete physical re-creations of GERTY and more, but nothing has quite reached the level of Wildgoosery’s fan fiction piece ‘Helping you is what I do‘ written to cover the events of MOON, from GERTY’s point of view.

I have to tell you, such is the level of authenticity, I was close to tears all over again. And it’s not just me that thinks Wildgoosery has done an incredible job, the ultimate seal of approval comes from the original creator of GERTY, Sam Bell, Lunar Industries and the whole MOON universe, Duncan Jones himself who commented on the piece:

To tune into the tone of Moon this well denotes a rare sensitivity & empathy. You’ve done an extraordinary job. It made my heart ache. Poor Sam. Poor Gerty. Poor Sam… And Sam… And Sam. Thank you so much for helping Moon to live on beyond our small film. I hope I can widen this universe for you in future films, if for no other reason but to see what you will do with it. A fan of your speculations, Duncan Jones. Writer/director Moon.

Which understandably prompted this reaction from Wildgoosery:

I’m just going to sit here for a while being utterly stunned!

Well, this is last thing I ever expected to find in the comments of my little story! I would be skeptical of its origins, except a poke through twitter reveals that you were pointed this direction yesterday!

I have no idea what to say, other than “Thank you!” Moon had a tremendous impact on me — I saw it twice in the theater, and have the DVD on hand for when I want my faith in modern science fiction filmmaking restored — and in writing this story, I came to even further appreciate the thought and care and craftsmanship that went into what you created. Hard SF movies are a rare thing these days, and quality ones are practically non-existent. After Moon and Source Code, I look forward to seeing what you do moving forward.

Please take a moment to pop over and read the full story, and to stand back an applaud a wonderful piece of writing 🙂

You can read more MOON fan fiction over on the same site.

GERTY’s Back!

It was a sad Duncan Jones that tweeted out a request last night to see if anyone knew the whereabouts of Lunar Industries employee GERTY. The one and only GERTY was sold in a MOON props auction in November 2009. Seems Duncan is still missing him 🙁

If anyone knows where Gerty is… Let me know. We miss him. 🙁

So thank goodness Edward Hartely was on hand to let us know GERTY is still out there and still involved in the film industry!

… Haven’t you heard? he’s trying new things, he doesn’t want to be typecast in sci-fi anymore….

GERTY In Drive 2 by Edward Hartely

Watch MOON Now – FREE!

Not sure what GERTY is smiling about…Oh! Yeah! You can watch Duncan Jones multiple award winning 2009 feature debut MOON now, for free*

Duncan Jones' MOON Streaming Free on Crackle

Just clicky the piccy, or click here to enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed Sci-Fi films of this century 😉

Streaming on Crackle has been tested US and UK so hopefully it’s all good wherever you are. And if that’s your first encounter with MOON, please don’t forget you can also pick it up on DVD & Blu-Ray with lots of additional content including Duncan Jones directorial debut ‘Whistle’ (2002), along with 2 commentary tracks and some great making of features as well. Enjoy!

*When we say free, we mean please ensure you provide a DNA sample in the test tube that will be provided by Lunar Industries at the end of the film. Don’t worry, they won’t do anything dodgy with it, it’s just like a survey, kind of…


Fancy A Drink At The Lunar Industries Bar?

Imagine Sam Bell working his taters off mining He-3 for Lunar Industries, coming towards the end of a three year contract on MOON base Sarang. Alone apart from the company of his robotic companion GERTY, unable to communicate directly with Earth and his young family, desperate to get home and be with the ones he loves. Sam is slowly losing his marbles without any other human company, so imagine if he found out after all this time that something like this had been going on, right under his nose!

MOON - Lunar Industries Bar by Josh Kao

A bar, a Lunar Industries Bar on the MOON!, with dancing girls and an obviously wealthy cliental. All of which is bad enough, for poor old Sam. But imagine if he also knew that GERTY knew, AND was busy in there serving drinks!

Well, none of this is true of course, the image above is a piece of concept art by artist Josh Kao that we came across recently after it was featured in Charlie Jane Anders feature over on io9 about Josh’s concept art, specifically his futuristic cityscapes.

Pop over to Josh’s blog to view more, prepare for a long stay though, there’s some incredibly good stuff over there. On the piece above, Josh says:

Bar design based on the movie “Moon”, my favorite film of 2009. That’s a gogo dancer, not a stripper….i swear. I needed to fill up some space…

Josh has even included this kind of plan view, just in case you fancy setting something up yourself 🙂

Josh Kao - MOON Lunar Ind Bar Overview

And if you want to see more, actual MOON concept art, pop over to MOON VFX Supervisor and Concept Artist Gavin Rothery’s site.

Lunar Apple Industries – Siri V GERTY

As soon as Apple introduced their latest voice recognition system Siri for iOS 5 yesterday, it drew immediate comparisons with the AI assistants present in Sci-Fi films.

HAL from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey‘ was an obvious one, with some commenting that each request to the new iPhone 4S could be greeted with “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

But by far the most popular request I noticed, was to get Kevin Spacey to voice Siri, reprising his role as GERTY from Duncan Jones’ MOON. What would it look like? What would he say? You don’t have to wait too long on the internet to find out, we just got this brilliant mock up from Twitter friend @morguendor 🙂

Apple Siri GERTY by @morguendor

Happy 40th Birthday Duncan Jones…Are You Hungry?

We couldn’t really let today pass by without wishing MOON & SOURCE CODE Director, Duncan Jones, a very HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY. Was kind of stumped when it came to what gift would be suitable, when up popped Twitter pal Natasha Ipatova with these delicious looking Lunar Industries GERTY cookies 🙂

Lunar Industries GERTY Cookies from @Nashbrik for Duncan Jones' 40th BirthdayHope you have a great day, mate! I’m off to put the kettle on, time to dunk a GERTY *evil laugh*