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MOON VFX Guru Gavin Rothery Reveals Duncan Jones Was A Badass Space Murderer

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter, there is a good chance you have been missing out on some fantastic behind the scenes revelations on the making of MOON.

MOON Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery has started posting up some rather wonderful snippets about his experiences of making MOON, starting at the birth of GERTY, and continuing through, so far, to the revealing of Director Duncan Jones and Co-Producer Nicky Bentham as eventually unseen murdering space bastards.

We even find out that the MOON crew, were the crew of the Eliza rescue ship, as you can see below. There’s Gavin on the left as the captain, 1st Assistant Director Mick Ward in the middle and Director of Photography Gary Shaw on the right. I shan’t reveal anymore here…for now, head over to Gav’s site, and fill your boots 🙂

MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery
MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery

The Making Of MOON

Having just celebrated it’s 1st Birthday (Happy Birthday guys) www.MakingOf.com features behind the scenes interviews with cast & crew on upcoming films, one of the first featured last year was Duncan Jones’ MOON. Featuring interviews with Director Duncan Jones and Star Sam Rockwell:

The site has great coverage of MOON and also includes interviews with:

Also a double bonus of Gary Shaw on Cinematography & MOON

Been meaning to pop these up for a while (just in case you have not seen before) I think they give a great insight into the process of making MOON, Making Of 1st birthday seems an appropriate occasion to share.

You can keep up to date with  Making Of features on Twitter and Facebook

Enjoy 🙂