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Win A Poster Signed By Duncan Jones To Celebrate MOON’s 5th Birthday

Today we are celebrating the 5th Birthday of Duncan Jones’ MOON.

Duncan Jones' MOON - Poster from Dark Horse

Released in the UK on Friday 17th July 2009 MOON has gone on to become a huge critical success both here in the UK and abroad winning many awards beginning with the Michael Powell Award for Best New British Feature Film at the 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival where it also received it’s UK premiere on the 28th June 2009. Among the many awards there was also of course Duncan’s BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Director which led to this rather emotional acceptance speech.

Among sci-fi fans MOON has also gone on to become something of a cult classic joining the ranks of those that inspired it in the first place. Films such as Silent Running, Outland, Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey. MOON was even compared to 2001 by some bloke called Terry Gilliam in Little White Lies (issue 34, p40-41)

“I think MOON is a really brilliant example of contemporary sci-fi because it has a message; it has strong visuals but it also has a proper science fiction core. It’s the closest thing to a modern-day 2001 I have seen”

We know you all love MOON too, that’s one of the reasons why we are here writing this now. The support for MOON since release from you lot has been one of the biggest reasons for it’s continued success on DVD / Blu-Ray and cinema screenings that have continued since release. To celebrate MOON’s 5th Birthday Duncan Jones has sent us some rather lovely signed MOON posters to give away to a few lucky fans. You may recall these became available back in November 2012 when the limited signed run sold out very quickly. Well, we have three to give away, and three different ways to win one


Duncan joined Twitter when we were all just figuring out how it all worked to help promote MOON as it approached release in 2009. So for all you lot that got on board then and since simply retweet this and we will choose one winner at 00:01 GMT on Sunday 20th July who will receive a MOON poster signed by Duncan Jones.


Not everyone uses Twitter, we have a great gang over on our Facebook page too, so for you lot please head over and like & share this post to be in with a chance of winning. Again, we will choose one winner at 00:01 GMT on Sunday 20th July who will receive a MOON poster signed by Duncan Jones.


Those of you that have been around since those early Twitter days back in 2009 may recall Duncan held a series of competitions in the run up to the release of MOON. One of these produced some marvelous results, so we’re going to repeat it for another chance to win a signed MOON poster.

Re-create a sci-fi moment from film or television, take a photo and email:

To: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk

Subject line: Happy 5th Birthday MOON

If you’re on Twitter you can tweet it over to @ManMadeMovies using the hashtag #Happy5thBirthdayMOON. We’ll give you a bit longer for this one to ensure we get the good stuff 😉 We will choose one winner who will receive a MOON poster signed by Duncan Jones at 00:01 GMT on Sunday 27th July.

Entry open to all on Earth and any beyond, should they wish to establish contact with humanity through an online competition.

Thanks to everyone that has supported MOON and Duncan over the last 5 years through MOON, SOURCE CODE and the upcoming WARCRAFT. We look forward to continuing to bring you news and all that over years to come. Good luck! 🙂

SOURCE CODE: 8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina June 30th

Source Code - 8 Minutos Antes de Morir - ArgentinaThanks to Val Davis over on the Facebook page, and a bit of mooching about, it’s looking like Argentina will be getting ‘SOURCE CODE’ / ‘8 Minutos Antes de Morir’ (8 minutes before dying) from June 30th. We got the poster, and the trailer which appears to show the film will be released subtitled, will update the post if we hear anything about it being dubbed also. Continue reading SOURCE CODE: 8 Minutos Antes de Morir – Argentina June 30th

Source Code News Roundup: US Release Moved Forward & A Surprise Cameo Teased…

Time for a Source Code news roundup folks. First up we have good news for those of you in the USA, Source Code release has now been moved forward to open on April 1st 2011 from the original April 14th date, 2 weeks less to wait. The official site and Facebook groups have both been updated to reflect this. As far as we know, still on for a March 11th UK release as announced earlier in Empire magazine.

We’ve also had a new official still from the Source Code Facebook page this week featuring an intense moment between Christina (Michelle Monaghan) & Colter Stevens (Jakes Gyllenhall) suggest you ‘Like’ that page if you want to keep up with any exclusive content they pop out during the build up to release.

Michelle Monaghan & Jake Gyllenhall - Source CodeMoving onto Twitter news now, and just when you thought you knew plenty about Source Code from the trailer Director, Duncan Jones hits us with

Just talked to top secret surprise “cameo” in Source Code… what a lovely… man or woman… or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!

Plenty of responses to that one, majority thinking we could see Sam Rockwell popping up, but it’s anyone’s guess, comments section below if you have any thoughts on that one.

Finally (thanks to the lovely WDW), a few words from Duncan when Entertainment Weekly suggested that reaction to the Source Code trailer, had compared it to brain teasers like Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’

I am a big fan of Christopher Nolan’s and would love to be put in the same category as him someday.

And, despite the train-exploding-theme of Source Code

The tone of the film is quite light… We get to see Jake play an action-man leading role but still have that little sense of humour to him – almost like an Indiana Jones.

So there ya have it, we’ll let you know as soon as there are any updates, which may, or may not be sooner than you think…

Source Code Official Site Goes Live

Been a busy week on the ‘Source Code’ front. First we had the official synopsis, then the surprise appearance of a very well received trailer, and now the official Summit Entertainment ‘Source Code’ site has gone live.

Source Code Official Web Site

The site currently contains a short synopsis, and the recently released trailer, with options to download the trailer for desktop, or mobile devices.

You can also add the official Facebook page to your ‘likes’ and subscribe to the Summit YouTube channel for future updates.

So there ya go, a week full of ‘Source Code’ goodness, nice 🙂

MOON VFX Guru Gavin Rothery Reveals Duncan Jones Was A Badass Space Murderer

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook page, or following us on Twitter, there is a good chance you have been missing out on some fantastic behind the scenes revelations on the making of MOON.

MOON Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery has started posting up some rather wonderful snippets about his experiences of making MOON, starting at the birth of GERTY, and continuing through, so far, to the revealing of Director Duncan Jones and Co-Producer Nicky Bentham as eventually unseen murdering space bastards.

We even find out that the MOON crew, were the crew of the Eliza rescue ship, as you can see below. There’s Gavin on the left as the captain, 1st Assistant Director Mick Ward in the middle and Director of Photography Gary Shaw on the right. I shan’t reveal anymore here…for now, head over to Gav’s site, and fill your boots 🙂

MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery
MOON: Eliza Crew Screen - By Gavin Rothery

Source Code: Jake Gyllenhaal Wraps as Shooting Comes to An End

Source Code star Jake Gyllenhaal wrapped on Thursday 21st April, leaving Director Duncan Jones and crew with just 4 days shooting in Montreal left next week, completing on Thursday 29th April.

The whole shoot started on 1st March 2010, and seems to have flown by, a suprised Jones tweeted yesterday:

Oh my good knees! This is the LAST FRIDAY of the Source Code shoot!!!

All that is left to do then, is lock them all in a dark room, and not let them out until they have finished making a jolly good film!

We are still none the wiser on exactly what they have been up to over in Canada, not helped by teasing tweets from Duncan like this from 18th April:

By the way… cant say what it is, but saw the “big money shot prop” for Source Code today.. its un-bloody-believable! Best prop ever!

There have also been no official pictures released from set, but there have been a few from other sources over the last few weeks, check Jake Gyllenhaal fan site Wet Dark and Wild for more like this of Michelle Monaghan & Jake Gyllenhaal filming Source Code in Millennium Park, Chicago, 9th April 2010:

In other news, nice to see enthusiasm for the film has lead to the creation of a dedicated Facebook Page, Film: Source Code which you can join if you want to catch up on further details, you can also follow them on Twitter if that’s your bag 🙂


MOON DVD/Blu-Ray Release Set For France

Thanks to Sophie over on the ManMadeMovies Facebook fan page we now have a date and box art for the French home release of MOON

Sophie let us know “Moon arrives in France in DVD and Blu-Ray on June 16th, 2010. Duncan, congratulations for this great film…” and also shared the box art. Merci beaucoup Sophie!

The French title ‘MOON: La Face Cachée‘ Means ‘MOON: The Hidden Face

UPDATE 02/06/10 There is now a Facebook Group to follow the French DVD / Blu-Ray Launch