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MUTE To Begin Filming In Berlin Wednesday 28th September 2016

MUTE - Duncan JonesHurrah! Hurray! and all sorts of leaping about and cheering ensued this morning as Duncan Jones announced via his Twitter account that MUTE will begin filming in Berlin next Wednesday, 28th September and also shared some beautiful concept artwork originally published in the May 2016 edition of Empire film magazine.

For those that are not aware of MUTE yet, here’s the deal

Berlin. Forty years from today. A roiling city of immigrants, where East crashes against West in a science-fiction Casablanca. Leo Beiler (Alexander Skarsgard), a mute bartender has one reason and one reason only for living here, and she’s disappeared. But when Leo’s search takes him deeper into the city’s underbelly, an odd pair of American surgeons (led by Paul Rudd) seem to be the only recurring clue, and Leo can’t tell if they can help, or who he should fear most.

MUTE takes place in the same cinematic universe as MOON, potentially being the second in a MOONIVERSE trilogy.

Wishing all the very best to Duncan, Stuart and the whole gang 🙂

Keep up to date with MUTE news on the dedicated Twitter account, or pop us a like over on the ManMadeMovies Facebook page.

Jameson Empire Awards 2012 – Done In 60 Seconds – Source Code by Thom J. Davies

Jameson Empire Done In 60 Seconds Awards 2012

I say, this here Thom J. Davies has entered the Done In 60 Seconds competition for this years Jameson Empire Awards with a humorous 60 second version of Duncan Jones’ ‘Source Code

Fingers crossed Thom’s entry is chosen amongst the top 20 UK entries, and we can head over to the Done In 60 Second site to vote for him from Thursday 26th January (don’t worry, we will remind you)

While you’re there, you might like to vote for Source Code itself in the 2012 film awards themselves 🙂

Source Code Beats the Bunny & The Promotional Tour Comes To An End

Director Duncan Jones joked last week that he may have to add a scene into SOURCE CODE where Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) pooped jelly beans in an attempt to “Beat the Bunny”, luckily for Jake, this will no longer be required, as SOURCE CODE has retained it’s #2 Spot in the UK Box Office at least, and has indeed “Beat the Bunny”.

Last weekend saw the end of the SOURCE CODE promotional tour, taking in a trip across United States, then onto Madrid, Rome, Berlin and finally London.

It was a very busy conclusion to promotional activities in London, taking in a full day of press on Friday the 8th April, then a screening and Q&A with Duncan at the Odeon, Leicester Sq. Duncan also took part in an online chat with UK film magazine Empire on Friday afternoon answering questions from the magazines readers.

Empire Online - Exclusive Transcript Duncan Jones Webchat 8th April 2011
Empire Online - Exclusive Transcript Duncan Jones Webchat

It’s a great session, questions as diverse as why Duncan chose to Direct SOURCE CODE before moving onto his next, self penned project, what Duncan’s favourite films are (question coming from reader checking previous Empire article on Duncan’s favourite Sci-Fi films) And includes an answer that reveals the existence of an alt take on GERTY’s voice by Kevin Spacey in the style of Christopher Walken!

Duncan also mentions a Venn diagram in the webchat when asked about whether he is a Nerd or a Geek, so here it is, should you need to identify yourself 😉
Buzzfeed - Nerd Venn Diagram

The afternoon also included a Twitter Q&A with Digital Spy, questions submitted beforehand to @dsatthemovies with personal answers recorded by Duncan. You can view the whole session on Digital Spy Movies. And here is one from a Mr Joe Dante, of Hollywood, CA (not the first time Mr. Dante has appeared here)

Audience At IGN Session with Duncan Jones At Kapow 2011 by Richard Davies
Duncan Jones at Kapow 2011 - by Richard Davies

Saturday’s schedule was a little less packed, with an appearance at the first Kapow comic convention, where Duncan took part in a chat with IGN about SOURCE CODE, MOON, and his interest in computer gaming, and thoughts on computer game movie adaptations, all explained in this clip with IGNUK ‘s Chris Tilly

The evening, and indeed the promotional tour itself, was rounded off with a screening of SOURCE CODE at the Electric Cinema, with Q&A.

It’s been a hectic few weeks of travel, hundreds of interviews with press, online, and TV, screenings and Q&A sessions (which Duncan seems to love) which has obviously helped get the word out on SOURCE CODE and helped ensure that as many of you as possible get out to your local picture palace (with a few friends of course) and enjoy a bloody good film.

Duncan and his lovely lady, Rodene have arrived safely back in Los Angeles for a well earned rest, and to begin work on the next project. If you want to see what the whole promotional tour has been like from their perspective, go have a look at their SOURCE CODE blog, what they done wrote with their own hands, and done pictures as well 😉

This is not the end for SOURCE CODE though, it’s still on general release for you to enjoy for the first time, or to see again, armed with some secrets to look out for on a second viewing, courtesy of Empire’s Damon Wise. Have fun! 😉

Source Code: Duncan Jones Q & A At Electric Cinema London Sat 9th April

Electric Cinema - London

An extremely busy SOURCE CODE promotional tour comes towards it’s end on Saturday the 9th April at the Electric Cinema in London. Following previously announced SOURCE CODE screening and Q&A at the Odeon, Leicester Square on Friday 8th April, and Duncan’s appearance at Mark Millar’s Kapow Comic Con on Saturday afternoon, Duncan Jones will be giving a Q&A at the Electric Cinema, Portobello Road, London, W11.

As an added bonus, the Q&A will be hosted by film writer & movie festival dude, Damon Wise, who recently revealed some secrets of the SOURCE CODE on Empire (spoiler free)

Announced by Duncan himself on Twitter earlier, the Q&A will take place at the 18:30 screening on Saturday evening, so if you were unable to attend the Odeon, or Kapow, this may be your last opportunity to ask Duncan those burning questions about SOURCE CODE in person, before he jets back to LA, to begin planning his next venture. Tickets available HERE.

If you are unable to attend any of the London events, Duncan will be taking part in a live webchat with Empire Magazine on Friday 8th April, at 13:00.

And don’t forget folks, SOURCE CODE is now on general release, so let’s get out there a beat the bunny this weekend 😉

Empire Webchat & Source Code Q&A With Duncan Jones London 8th April

Duncan Jones - Madrid March 2011

After whizzing all around the world promoting his latest film ‘SOURCE CODE‘ across the USA, to Madrid yesterday, Rome today, Berlin tomorrow. Brit Director Duncan Jones returns “For One Night Only” to his home town of London for a couple of nice events you may want to get involved in.

First up we have a live chat web chat with Empire Magazine at 13:00 on Friday 8th April, access to the chat will be at this here linkage (don’t worry if comms are down on there at the mo, we will be sending Sam Bell out to knock the jammer antenna down in good time)

ODEONNext up, and if you can still get tickets, we have a screening of SOURCE CODE including a Q&A with Duncan at the Odeon West End, Leicester Square, Friday April the 8th, 20:25 start. Tickets HERE!

Have fun you lot!

Source Code: Reviews & The First Five Minutes

Source Code | Change The Past - Save The FutureExcitement is building over here as the April 1st release date for Duncan Jones’ ‘Source Code‘ is just 2 days away! I’ll not being seeing Source Code until release in the UK this Friday, but there are many that have seen Duncan’s second feature film, and a lot of them seem to have rather marvellous things to say, so while I sit here thinking “2 more sleeps” why don’t you check out some of the great reviews.

If you’re still undecided on whether Source Code is the ticket for you this weekend, the first 5 minutes are included, just to whet your appetite 🙂

Kim Newman – Empire ****

“An exciting, intellectually stimulating science-fiction thriller which also connects emotionally. Everyone involved earns a promotion to the premiership.”

Catherine Shoard – Guardian ****

“this is a tale of mistaken identities and mysterious dames, strange agencies and impromptu heroics – an unabashed entertainment, moving, amusing, difficult to resist.”

Scott Weinberg – Cinematical

“A high-end, feature-length ‘Twilight Zone’ concept, bolstered by two excellent performances (Jake Gyllenhaal and the luminous Michelle Monaghan) and presented in a crisp 90-minute package, ‘Source Code’ is precisely the sort of clever-yet-accessible sci-fi thriller we need more of.”

Jordan Farley – SFX ****

“A movie with an indie spirit and blockbuster sensibilities, Source Code is popcorn entertainment with genuine heft, and proof that the move to Tinseltown doesn’t always mean having to sell your soul to the suits.”

Neil Smith – Total Film ****

“The Moon man returns to Earth with a clever, classy and affecting thriller that never goes off the rails. If Bowie isn’t careful, he’ll soon be better known as “Duncan Jones’s father”…”

Edward Douglas – Comingsoon.net 9/10

“Like the best science fiction, “Source Code” is quite deep and affecting on many levels with a premise that never gets dull or predictable or feels gimmicky. It’s very much the type of movie one can see over and over again and appreciate more of its intricacies each time despite knowing some of the many twists going in.”

Jon Lyus – HeyUGuys

“Jones has made good on Moon’s potential and we see a very talented director emerging, in command of his craft and pushing his boundaries. It is relatively unusual to be excited by what a director will do next and I want this film to do well if for no other reason than to have Duncan Jones working again, and soon.”

Source Code looks like it could also join MOON and get certified fresh as it’s just hit 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

Empire Dates Source Code Release For March 2011!

Source Code Jake Gyllehaal as Coulter-Stevens
Source Code Jake Gyllehaal as Coulter-Stevens

The October issue of Empire magazine dates release for Duncan Jones 2nd feature ‘Source Code’ as March 11th 2011.

Featured in the magazine’s list of the ’10 Movies We Want to See Right Now’ Duncan tells Empire when comparing casts on MOON & Source Code.

It was just me & Sam Rockwell and half a day with Kevin Spacey. On this one I’ve got four really talented actors – Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright. It’s a new test, a new experience…

Although still playing his cards close to his chest with regards details (as mentioned in our previous interview when questioned on promotion) Duncan does reveal that Coulter Stevens, played by Gyllenhaal is…

a military man who wakes up on a train not knowing how he got there. Before he gets a chance to work it out, things change in such a dramatic way, he doesn’t know whether the train is real or not.

Duncan goes on to talk about adding humour to the script, and again on the incredible experience of working with legendary editor Paul Hirsch.

Empire October 2010
Empire October 2010

Grab a copy of Octobers Empire to read the rest.

Thanks to WDW for heads up 🙂

Vote MOON Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy in Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010

The initial public vote nominations for the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010 have been whittled down to the final nominations. Again it’s all down to public vote, winners decided by us, the movie going, ticket buying peeps, as Jason Issacs says:

“When the critics judge something, it comes from the encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that’s ever been put out at all. When Bafta and the Oscars judge something, it’s us judging our peer group and looking for different things, and possibly carrying with it all the alliances and prejudices that go with that.”

“And when the public judge something, it’s from films that they’ve actually bought tickets to go and see. So there may be a bunch of films they haven’t seen, but there were things that they were drawn to go and see … and they were happy they bought tickets for, so it just tells you something else … the real cold face of arts meets commerce.

“In the end, it’s a film business and these things have to be attractive to the public, so it’s in some ways a more honest celebration of what the public have liked, but they are the public’s awards.”

BAFTA Award winning Director Duncan Jones‘ MOON is up for Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy, so if you would like MOON to win, head over to the form and cast your vote >>HERE<<

Vote MOON for St Patrick’s Day London Screening

jameson cult film club

How does a St Patrick’s Day screening of Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell, at the Royal Institute in London sound? Good? Exactly what we thought as well when Ben Mortimer pointed us in the direction of this vote off for the Jameson Cult Film Club >>HERE<<

As you can see from the above image, there is a public vote between ‘MOON’, ‘Donny Darko’, and the 1953 ‘War of the Worlds’ all you have to do, to ensure that it is ‘MOON’ that you want to see, is head over to the site, cast your vote before the closing date of January 25th 2010. Ticket registration will open on 17th February 2010, the venue will be decked out suitably for the winning film, so this promises to be a very special evening for the MOON fans (should we win) as the Jameson Cult Film Club says:

Together with our friends at Empire we have come up with a choice of three cult Sci-Fi movies, to screen at the Royal Institute, in London on St Patrick’s Day, March 17.

Many of you will recognise the venue from their Christmas Lectures, which are televised from the lecture hall every year. What you may not realise is that this fantastic venue has also been the home to some of the most prestigious scientific minds in the UK (including Michael Faraday), and some of the most important scientific discoveries of the last two decades were made within its very walls.

The venue will be dressed to complement the winning film; you will be surrounded by science wonders such as Faraday’s working lab in the basement for pre-screening drinks, before heading up into the famous lecture hall for the screening itself, followed by an after-party in the upstairs rooms of the Institute.

Tippety top night by the sound of it, so, if you want to see MOON, get on over and vote now.