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DNA Themed MOON Poster By @3ftDeep

Five years since release and the alternative MOON posters are still appearing. This time we got one from @3ftDeep over on Twitter featuring a DNA theme that’s seems a nice fit with this SOURCE CODE one from Daniel Norris.

MOON by Gary @3ftDeep

As always, further detail from the artist himself:

“I love films. I especially love films like MOON, a wonderfully compact story skillfully & minimally told. It reminds me of the short stories of Philip K Dick or Ray Bradbury.

No huge battle scenes or massive apocalyptical special effects (not that I mind either of these) but something more akin to Silent Running, a credit to the few actors, limited locations & of course superb direction.

I find I can always find creative inspiration from these kind of movies, especially with the films that stick with me, as MOON has.

I’ve wanted to do my take on a MOON poster since first seeing it a few years ago. This idea has been in the back of my mind since then (I have a very full ‘in progress’ folder on my computer!) but never seem to find the time. I’m a freelance graphic designer by trade & my alternative movies posters are done when I’m able to squeeze them in or when I need to take a break from the daily grind, to be purely creative for my own sanity.

The idea behind this poster was, first and foremost, to produce something graphically interesting enough to make you want to watch the film if you hadn’t seen it, without giving anything away but to also give further meaning once you have. I hope this is what I’ve achieved and, if you have seen it, understand what I was trying to convey.”

If you’d like to see more of 3ftDeep’s poster work, head over to his Deviantart page or his Facebook page.

Watch MOON Now – FREE!

Not sure what GERTY is smiling about…Oh! Yeah! You can watch Duncan Jones multiple award winning 2009 feature debut MOON now, for free*

Duncan Jones' MOON Streaming Free on Crackle

Just clicky the piccy, or click here to enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed Sci-Fi films of this century 😉

Streaming on Crackle has been tested US and UK so hopefully it’s all good wherever you are. And if that’s your first encounter with MOON, please don’t forget you can also pick it up on DVD & Blu-Ray with lots of additional content including Duncan Jones directorial debut ‘Whistle’ (2002), along with 2 commentary tracks and some great making of features as well. Enjoy!

*When we say free, we mean please ensure you provide a DNA sample in the test tube that will be provided by Lunar Industries at the end of the film. Don’t worry, they won’t do anything dodgy with it, it’s just like a survey, kind of…


Source Code: Poster By Daniel Norris

Blimey, it’s poster week! Source Code doesn’t open until April 1st, but we’ve already had amazing Poster art from Olly Moss, Simon C Page and Lloyd Stas, add to that this lovely piece playing off the Source Code being a DNA ladder.

As you’ll see from Daniel’s Tumblr entry, he was inspired by the amazing poster work we’ve already seen.

Thanks for letting us share, Daniel 🙂

Source Code by Daniel Norris 2011
Source Code by Daniel Norris 2011

Make sure you check out Daniels other poster work as well, on his Flickr stream.