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Moon: The Work Of The Amazing Gavin Rothery

Gavin Rothery Portfolio

Ladies and gentlemen, what a treat we have for you today, just uploaded to the ‘Moon: The Movie‘ Flickr photo group are a ton of incredible hi res images from the portfolio of the VFX genius that is Gavin Rothery.

Can’t even begin to describe how stunning this work is. From concept art, model miniature shots, set & production photos and much more, there really is no point attempting to use my puny descriptive abilities as I will never do this work justice, do yourself a favour, grab a nice cup of tea, put half an hour aside, delve in, and feast yer eyes.

The pics are available to view:

  • Via the ‘Photos‘ link up there in the site navigation
  • On Gavin’s online portfolio HERE
  • Stunning Flickr Slideshow HERE

Once you’ve had a look at the ‘MOON‘ work I would encourage you to check out the rest of Gavin’s portfolio…maybe have another cup of tea…and a biscuit, treat yourself, you deserve it.

Don’t forget to pick up ‘MOON‘ on Blu-Ray or DVD in the UK on 16th November where you can watch an exclusive film with Gavin and crew explaining the process of creating the visual effects, and listen to a unique audio commentary over the film itself.

Many thanks to Gavin for permission to share this incredible work 🙂

Moon: Early Concept Artwork & Behind the Scenes!

Want to see some very early ‘Moon’ concept artwork AND some behind the scenes shots from the shoot itself? Course you do, for example, here is a fantastic early concept of the lovely GERTY:

Moon: GERTY concept artwork

Full size images available on the ‘Moon: The Movie’ Flickr group along with more early concept artwork, behind the scenes pics from the original shoot, and many great pics added by other group members from ‘Moon’ premiers, red carpets and much more.

Couriered to us in the early hours of the morning by a wheezing bearded fellah with a missing tooth (I almost mistook him for Herman Toothrot!) Many thanks bearded courier guy 🙂

Will post these up on the manmademovies Facebook group also, enjoy!

Mute: First Look at Mute Concept art

Liberty Films 'Mute' concept art 1

Liberty Films have revealed the first details of what we hope will be Moon Director Duncan Jones’ next movie ‘Mute’.

First piece of concept art above features a street scene from a futuristic Berlin.

Who is the chap on the left? Who is the young lady he appears to be talking to? Who is the white shirted chap being escorted from the ‘Fremde’ (German word, translation Outsider / Alien / Strangers) nightclub into awaiting hover car? Hopefully we will know more soon….

Detailed interview with Mr.Jones about ‘Mute’ over on io9

Liberty Films Details ‘Mute’ status as in development.

Writer: Duncan Jones / Mike Johnson (Sherlock Holmes)
Producer: Stuart Fenegan
Project currently in pre-production and set to shoot in Berlin early 2010 with studio babelsberg