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Source Code: Win A Trip to SXSW 2012

Source Code Mission

With just over a week to go until Source Code premiers at SXSW on 11th March, additional content is now coming online on the official movie web site.

As well as viewing the trailer and synopsis on the main site, there is now a mission page where candidates (you) can connect via social media and web platforms to complete a series of missions, each mission completed is rewarded with a badge, and upon completion, candidates will be fired into the mind of a…oh hang on, each candidate will have their image added to an animated Source Code poster on the main site.

As if that wasn’t good enough, candidates will also be entered into a competition to win a trip to SXSW 2009, to meet Director Duncan Jones just before the screening of MOON, unless the past time / dimension interface is down, in which case it will be a trip to SXSW 2012, which is in the future, pretty cool either way.

Sounds like you should get over there and have a go?

Update: Just checked the Ts & Cs “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 13 and older” So looks like US residents only..

Duncan Jones Judges Virgin Media Shorts 2010

Virgin Media Shorts

Duncan Jones was delighted to join the Virgin Media Shorts judging panel this year, and spoke in The Telegraph about the event.

“I have a huge amount of respect for well-made shorts, like commercials, which is my background, you have a limited time to paint a scenario and create characters you can believe in.”

“Film-making is like most other creative pursuits, the more you do it, the more you learn about how to do it. I think anything that galvanises creative people to put in the hard work of making a film, has got to be good.”

“The awards at the end of it are a terrific cherry on top but what it’s really about is giving people motivation to try, even if it’s just to watch other people’s shorts and say: ‘I can do better than that’. And for those who aren’t short listed, maybe the competition was the tipping point to get them to make a short in the first place.”

And what did Duncan think of this years 12 shortlisted films?

“They’re all excellent, of course! The quality has been top notch and I’ve had more than a few giggles watching them. I even found myself showing a few choice shorts to my mates.”

“But the real beauty of the Virgin Media Shorts competition is that everyone can get on the net and see the quality of the shorts for themselves. Get yourself on a computer and go have a look.”

This years Grand Prize went to ‘Sign Language‘ a wonderful short from Director Oscar Sharp that managed to convey a whole range of emotions in just 2 minutes & 20 seconds

So, as Duncan says, get over to the site and check out some great shorts.

Duncan Jones To Judge Virgin Media Shorts

Highlighting, and supporting new talent in UK Film, Virgin Media Shorts, supported by the UK Film Council have revealed their judges for the 2010 competition, one being our own, BAFTA Award winning Director, Duncan Jones.

Image by Rodene Ronquillo

You gotta be in it to win it folks, so if you fancy seeing your short film up on the silver screen, here are the details:

Virgin Media Shorts is a short film competition that champions undiscovered talent.

Virgin Media Shorts gives you the chance to show your work in cinemas, on TVonline and on mobiles(via the mobile internet).

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 12 film makers win a chance to show their work on 214 cinema screens nationwide
  • 1 lucky winner lands £30,000 to make their next film.
  • 1 People’s Choice winner takes home thousands of pounds worth of new film kit.
  • Plus, we reward the college or school with the most entrants with loads of shiny new kit, too.

Entering is easy. Just check out the film spec. Then upload your film. The competition closes on 28 June 2010.

Duncan will be joined by actress Thandie Newton, film maker Mike Newell, film critic James King, and executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media Cindy Rose.

Win MOON DVD or Blu-Ray


CONGRATULATIONS TO: Ryan Boulding (Blu-Ray) & Andrew Kelly (DVD)

Thank you all very much for entering our first little competition 🙂


The very generous peeps over at Sony Pictures Entertainment have provided two copies of Duncan Jones’ fantabulous, award winning, debut feature ‘MOON‘ starring the incredible, Academy Award worthy, Sam Rockwell, for two lucky ManMadeMovies readers.

'Moon' UK DVD & Blu-Ray

As you will know if you follow the site, or from our handy review roundup, this is THE film to see, and will finally be available to love & cherish in your own home (UK) this coming Monday 16th November (HURRAHH!!)

So let’s make it easy for you to get your hands on a copy. We will be giving away one copy on DVD, and one copy on Blu-Ray. Please note, Blu-Ray IS multi regional, DVD is Western Europe Region 2.

Please answer the following question:

Who composed the beautifully, haunting soundtrack to ‘MOON‘?

Send answers to: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk

Subject line: ‘MOON DVD / Blu-Ray Comp’

State your preferred format: DVD or Blu-Ray

Please include your preferred delivery address should you win.

Competition is open to all (not just UK)

Last entries please by 23:59 Monday 16th November, at which point we shall summon Gerty to make the draw.

Good luck you 🙂

Win ‘Moon’ Poster signed by Duncan Jones with LAGenX

Talk radio LAGenx are offering you the chance to win a ‘Moon’ poster signed by none other than the Director himself Duncan Jones:

“We think Sam Rockwell deserves an Oscar nomination
 for his performance in Moon. We also like stories about mooning. Have
 you ever mooned or been mooned? Did it scar you for life? Tell us your
 favorite moon story for a chance to win the official Moon poster, autographed by director
 Duncan Jones. We’ll announce the winner on this Saturday’s episode of LAGenX (24th October 2009)!”

Check the >>LAGenX<< site for details on how to enter


Win PS3 + Moon & Support Sam with Sci-Fi-London


Well how could we not let you know about this. To celebrate the soon to be released ‘Moon’ on Blu-Ray & DVD, Sci-Fi-London are running a competition to win ‘Moon’ on Blu-Ray.

Not content to give away a fatastic Disk packed full of extras, they also have a Sony Playstation 3 to play it on. Head over >>HERE<< to enter.

Thanks also to the lovely peeps over there for spreading the word on the campaign to get an Oscar Nomination for the Magnificent SAM ROCKWELL!!!! – Click on Sam’s Oscar wherever you see him on the site for details.

Archive MOON Competitions: 5 Looky Likey

Right!  Enough of this mulling and oooooing and ahhhing.  There can be only ONE!  Well, four.  Here are your winners…

Winner of the beautiful MOON soundtrack CD signed by yours truly…

ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 5 Looky Likey

Winner of the gorgeous MOON T-shirt stolen from the Britxton Ritzy…

ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 5 Looky Likey

Winner of the exquisite MOON vinyl soundtrack signed by moi…

ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 5 Looky Likey

And… because I cant decide on a 4th, winners of delightful signed MOON posters…


Archive MOON Competitions: 4 Comic Strips

You mad buggers…

So… I hope you enjoyed that.

There were a HUGE number of entries for this silliness, and I want to thank you all so much for getting involved.  I admit I inadvertently steered things in low-brow direction with my photo choices, but a few of you managed to pull out some great ideas from the options available.

Anyway!  Enough talk!  To the genius of our 5 winners!


Archive MOON Competitions: 3 Sci-Fi Recreations

Neill Milton! You are a winner!

ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 3 - Sci-Fi recreations - Winner
DONT FORGET! IF YOU ENTERED COMP 3, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS! You are all winners, and I’m sending everyone who entered an 8 by 10 inch signed mini-poster for making this all so much fun! You guys rock! Duncan.

We have the entries!

They range from Blade Runner, to 2001.  From Gremlins, through the Blob, Star Wars, Man who Fell to Earth, Mega shark v Giant Octopus, MIB, Close Encounters to ET.  From Batman through X-Men to touching moments from ST:Wrath of Khan.  From Alien to The Day the Earth Stood Still.  May I just say, you lot are bloody marvelous.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present… your genius!

Archive MOON Competitions: 2 Geek Poems


MOON ManMadeMoon Competition 2 Poetry Poster
ManMadeMoon Competition 2 Poetry Poster by Duncan Jones

With competition 1 such a success, but with a few twitterers feeling left out because of the drawing element in the first round, competition 2 focussed on poetry!  But not any old poetry… oh no!  Submissions had to poetically espouse their love for something geeky.

There were three finalists…

But there could only ever be one winner…

MOON Poetry Competition - Winner - Kari Ely!
MOON Poetry Competition - Winner - Kari Ely!

There would have been a fourth finalist, but it was a little too clever for its boots, trying to get around the rule cap of 100 words, by use of a sneaky title…

MOON Poetry Competition - Nemesis09
MOON Poetry Competition - Nemesis09