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Source Code: Reviews & The First Five Minutes

Source Code | Change The Past - Save The FutureExcitement is building over here as the April 1st release date for Duncan Jones’ ‘Source Code‘ is just 2 days away! I’ll not being seeing Source Code until release in the UK this Friday, but there are many that have seen Duncan’s second feature film, and a lot of them seem to have rather marvellous things to say, so while I sit here thinking “2 more sleeps” why don’t you check out some of the great reviews.

If you’re still undecided on whether Source Code is the ticket for you this weekend, the first 5 minutes are included, just to whet your appetite 🙂

Kim Newman – Empire ****

“An exciting, intellectually stimulating science-fiction thriller which also connects emotionally. Everyone involved earns a promotion to the premiership.”

Catherine Shoard – Guardian ****

“this is a tale of mistaken identities and mysterious dames, strange agencies and impromptu heroics – an unabashed entertainment, moving, amusing, difficult to resist.”

Scott Weinberg – Cinematical

“A high-end, feature-length ‘Twilight Zone’ concept, bolstered by two excellent performances (Jake Gyllenhaal and the luminous Michelle Monaghan) and presented in a crisp 90-minute package, ‘Source Code’ is precisely the sort of clever-yet-accessible sci-fi thriller we need more of.”

Jordan Farley – SFX ****

“A movie with an indie spirit and blockbuster sensibilities, Source Code is popcorn entertainment with genuine heft, and proof that the move to Tinseltown doesn’t always mean having to sell your soul to the suits.”

Neil Smith – Total Film ****

“The Moon man returns to Earth with a clever, classy and affecting thriller that never goes off the rails. If Bowie isn’t careful, he’ll soon be better known as “Duncan Jones’s father”…”

Edward Douglas – Comingsoon.net 9/10

“Like the best science fiction, “Source Code” is quite deep and affecting on many levels with a premise that never gets dull or predictable or feels gimmicky. It’s very much the type of movie one can see over and over again and appreciate more of its intricacies each time despite knowing some of the many twists going in.”

Jon Lyus – HeyUGuys

“Jones has made good on Moon’s potential and we see a very talented director emerging, in command of his craft and pushing his boundaries. It is relatively unusual to be excited by what a director will do next and I want this film to do well if for no other reason than to have Duncan Jones working again, and soon.”

Source Code looks like it could also join MOON and get certified fresh as it’s just hit 90% on Rotten Tomatoes

Source Code Trailer Gallery

There has been plenty of good Source Code news out and about on the the net today. Interviews with Director Duncan Jones from the edit bay last year, where a lucky few were treated to a viewing of the first 10 minutes of Source Code, and a nice long chat with Duncan, make yourself a nice brew though before getting stuck in, they’re biggies!

  • Source Code Edit Bay Visit – comingsoon.net
  • Duncan Jones Interview SOURCE CODE & Edit Bay Visit – collider.com
  • /Film Visits the Edit Bay of Source Code – /Film

And just to wet your appetite a little further, we’ve popped up some lovely screen captures from the Source Code trailer on the ole ManMadeMovies Flickr page. Here’s the slideshow, go full screen, enjoy 🙂

Official Synopsis For Source Code Appears

Source Code - Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal)As you may recall, comingsoon.net picked up the first official promotional shot for Source Code last week from the American Film Market, and breaking across the net today we now have the official synopsis for Duncan Jones’ second feature, via JoBlo and Film School Rejects. There’s quite a bit of detail in here…

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes with a jolt to find himself on a commuter train heading into Chicago. Although the other passengers all seem to know him, he has absolutely no idea where-or even who-he is. The last thing Colter remembers is flying a helicopter mission in Iraq, but here he is in someone else’s life going through someone else’s morning commute. Before he can do anything an express train zooms by on the opposite track and a bomb explodes, seemingly killing Colter and all the other passengers.

Colter comes to in an isolation chamber, strapped to a seat, and wearing his military flight suit. He still has no idea what’s happening, except that he’s being spoken to by mission controller Carol Goodwin (Vera Farmiga), who calmly recites a series of memory questions to which Colter is shocked to realize he knows the answers. He learns he’s part of an operation called “Beleaguered Castle,” but before he can progress any further, Goodwin starts up the machinery and suddenly…Colter is back on the train, at exactly the same time he first appeared there, once again speeding through Chicago with the same group of commuters.

Colter figures he’s in some kind of simulation exercise, with his task being to find the bomber onboard the train before it goes off again. Living the explosion over and over, Colter must uncover the identity of the bomber, while also figuring out what the alternative universe of “Beleaguered Castle” is. Adding to the puzzle, Colter uses the second chance opportunities to make peace with his father, and to find romance with a fellow passenger on the train.

That enough to keep you going until March 2011? Hope so, but we’ll be sure to let you know if any other interesting little titbits come our way…

First Promotional Shot From Source Code Appears Online

Whilst on a trip to the American Film Market, Comingsoon.net have come across what appears to be the first promotional shot for Duncan Jones’ second feature ‘Source Code‘.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Coulter Stevens in Source Code
Source Code promo shot // via comingsoon.net

And checking comingsoon.net’s Source Code page, this appears to be a shot from towards the start of the film:

Colter comes to in an isolation chamber, strapped to a seat, and wearing his military flight suite. He still has no idea what’s happening…

Thanks to WDW for the pointer 🙂