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Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

创意“硬”科幻《源代码》8月30日登陆内地银幕Source Code opens in China today, one of only 20 foreign films to open on the Chinese mainland due to a quota system currently in place. Things may change in the future, with up to 1,600 new cinema screens being added per year to service a growing appetite for both local, and foreign films (1). Even GERTY has seen the potential, with actor Kevin Spacey starring in entirely locally funded feature ‘Inseparable‘, where 50% of the dialogue will be in Mandarin (2).

So it seems, for the moment, Source Code is lucky to be one of the 20 foreign films screening this year, and thanks to meeting new friends on Twitter, it may be that Chinese fans have had something to do with it’s selection, and one fan in particular, who has been supporting Duncan Jones work since the 2009 release of MOON… Continue reading Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

German MOON Site Goes Live Before July 15th Cinema Release

Good news from the eagle eyed Christian Biegai. MOON site to promote the German cinema release on July 15th 2010, is now live, featuring full synopsis and larger version of the trailer we showed you earlier.

Thanks for the heads up Christian, and for those of you who do not know, Christian is the composer on Duncan Jones’ short film ‘Whistle’ which is also included on the DVD and Blu-Ray release 🙂 You can check out Christian’s work on ‘Whistle’ and the rest of his portfolio on his site.

MOON German Promo Web Site
MOON German Promo Web Site

MOON Trailer in German Ahead of July Cinema Release

Wehay! From Koch Media, here is the German MOON trailer ahead of the July Cinema release. Looking like MOON will now be opening on 60 screens! Good Times 🙂

In einer nicht allzu weit entfernten Zukunft ist das Energieproblem auf der Erde endlich gelöst, seit die Firma Lunar Industries auf dem Mond den Brennstoff Helium-3 abbaut und es zur Benutzung auf der Erde abtransportieren lässt

Astronaut Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) ist auf dem Mond stationiert, um die einsame Aufgabe des Treibstoffabbaus zu überwachen. Nach knapp drei Jahren auf der Mondbasis führt er seinen Job nur noch mechanisch aus und verbringt die meiste Zeit mit dem Gedanken an seine bevorstehende Rückkehr zur Erde, um endlich seine Frau und ihre gemeinsame Tochter wiederzusehen. Aber zwei Wochen vor seiner Abreise beginnt Sam seltsame Dinge zu sehen und zu hören. Nachdem dann eine Routinekontrolle schief geht, befürchtet er, dass Lunar Industries anscheinend ganz eigene Vorstellungen von seinem Verbleib hat…

Great 8/10 review from Independentfilme

MOON To Get German Cinema Release

Saturday 12th June marks the 1st anniversary of MOON going on general release, starting in the US in 2009. Now coming to the end of a successful theatrical run in Japan, we now have great news for those of you in Germany!

Confirmed by Director Duncan Jones, MOON will go on general release in Germany on July 15th, opening on 30 screens.

More news on the cinemas you’ll be able to catch MOON as soon as we get it. Duncan also did a few interviews with the German press yesterday, so look out for those, we’ll feature those as soon as they pop up 🙂

With the French DVD / Blu-Ray release on the 16th June, and the German theatrical release round the corner, it’s great to see MOON carry on it’s trip around the Earth.

Keeping with the international theme, here’s the DUBBED italian trailer, oh Lord!

Moon: ‘Moon’ Opening in Holland 15th October 2009

Hoi Holland!

Donderdag in premiere!

‘Moon’ opens in Netherlands Thursday 15th October.

Have had a quick mooch about and found it is scheduled to show at the following venue:

Kriterion – Amsterdam: http://www.kriterion.nl/news/741/15/Moon/

And in case you don’t know already, here is what it’s all about:

Astronaut Sam Bell woont al bijna drie jaar op de maan in opdracht van Lunar Industries. Hij leeft daar een eenzaam bestaan en door een defecte satelliet heeft hij amper contact met zijn vrouw Tess en driejarige dochter Eve. Zijn enige maatje aan boord is Gerty: een robot. Onverwacht krijgt Sam gezondheidsproblemen en gaat hallucineren waardoor hij een bijna-fataal ongeluk krijgt.

Als hij terug is op zijn basisstation, ontmoet hij zijn jongere en gewelddadigere “ik”. Deze tweede Sam beweert dat hij daar is om hetzelfde driejarige contract uit te dienen. Dan begint de strijd van de ‘echte’ Sam om zo snel mogelijk uit te vinden wat er verkeerd is gegaan en hoe hij op een veilige manier terugkomt naar huis.

Please help all of Holland get a slice of ‘Moon’ by adding any additional cinemas in the comments below. Dank U Wel!

Duncan Jones Hosts Moon / Outland Double Bill 16th October

Moon / Outland Double Bill

Date / Time: 16th October 2009 18:30 > 23:00

Place: Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Place, London, UK

Tickets & Info: >>CLICKY HERE ME DEAR<<

Double Bill £6 Members / £9 Non Members Starring: Sean Connery & Sam Rockwell
Moon Director Duncan Jones comes to the PCC to present a very special double bill of Peter Hyams’ 1981 Sci-fi thriller ‘Outland’ starring Sean Connery and Duncan’s very own recent box office smash ‘Moon’.

Come and hear him speak about the inspirations behind his film and watch the two films up on the big screen.

In Outland, Connery is a Police Marshall assigned to a Jupiter mining colony to investigate mysterious deaths.

In Moon, Rockwell works alone on the moon, mining for fuel, however after a serious accident he begins to wonder if he’s hallucinating or if the truth is even more bizarre?

‘Moon’ info a plenty all over this site 🙂

‘Outland’ Info >>IMDB HERE<<

Go, have fun, come back and let us know all about it.