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Warcraft hits ¥1 billion ($152 million) in China!

WARCRAFT Gul'dan 1 billion yen China

WARCRAFT opened in China 4 days ago on June 8th and already appears to be proving rather popular as it’s just hit ¥1 billion ($152 million) in box office takings, even Gul’dan (Daniel Wu) is pleased about it posting earlier on his Instagram account “Gul’dan is very happy.”

It’s an incredible opening week so far in China and one I thought we’d like to know a bit more about. Luckily we have friend in China, so it’s over to Jessie to tell us more… Continue reading Warcraft hits ¥1 billion ($152 million) in China!

SOURCE CODE Breaks Through $100 Million Dollars At Worldwide Box Office!


Just last week, Duncan Jones announced on Twitter that SOURCE CODE had hit $50 Million at the US domestic box office, which in itself was a fantastic achievement!

Duncan Jones announces Source Code hits $50 million at US Box Office -  6th may 2011We can now also announce that, over the last weekend, SOURCE CODE has hit over $100, 000, 000.00 in world wide box office. Flippin’ fantastic! And I am guessing maybe a smidgen more than the whole cast, crew, and production team may hoped for.

Brilliant reviews and great word of mouth has spread as SOURCE CODE has rolled out worldwide, and helped to keep it in the US & UK Top 10 for 4/5 weeks after the initial April 1st release date.

In the last two weeks Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Indonesia had their first taste of the mind bending second feature from MOON Director Duncan Jones, and there are still quite a few countries to go before SOURCE CODE completes it’s worldwide theatrical run.

Thanks to everyone who has been out and bought tickets to experience & support SOURCE CODE, showing what we all know, that a lot of us appreciate intelligent, thought provoking, emotionally involving cinema, made by a fantastic team.

MAHOOSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! to Director Duncan Jones, Writer Ben Ripley, Stars Jake Gyllehaal, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright, Russell Peters & the rest of the cast, composer Chris Bacon and everyone at The Mark Gordon Company, Vendome Pictures & Summit Entertainment.

There’s still time to catch SOURCE CODE at the cinema, for the first time, or for a return visit 🙂

And we are constantly updating the remaining worldwide release dates, so hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy SOURCE CODE on the big screen near you soon, if you haven’t already.

Thanks! 🙂

Source Code Beats the Bunny & The Promotional Tour Comes To An End

Director Duncan Jones joked last week that he may have to add a scene into SOURCE CODE where Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) pooped jelly beans in an attempt to “Beat the Bunny”, luckily for Jake, this will no longer be required, as SOURCE CODE has retained it’s #2 Spot in the UK Box Office at least, and has indeed “Beat the Bunny”.

Last weekend saw the end of the SOURCE CODE promotional tour, taking in a trip across United States, then onto Madrid, Rome, Berlin and finally London.

It was a very busy conclusion to promotional activities in London, taking in a full day of press on Friday the 8th April, then a screening and Q&A with Duncan at the Odeon, Leicester Sq. Duncan also took part in an online chat with UK film magazine Empire on Friday afternoon answering questions from the magazines readers.

Empire Online - Exclusive Transcript Duncan Jones Webchat 8th April 2011
Empire Online - Exclusive Transcript Duncan Jones Webchat

It’s a great session, questions as diverse as why Duncan chose to Direct SOURCE CODE before moving onto his next, self penned project, what Duncan’s favourite films are (question coming from reader checking previous Empire article on Duncan’s favourite Sci-Fi films) And includes an answer that reveals the existence of an alt take on GERTY’s voice by Kevin Spacey in the style of Christopher Walken!

Duncan also mentions a Venn diagram in the webchat when asked about whether he is a Nerd or a Geek, so here it is, should you need to identify yourself 😉
Buzzfeed - Nerd Venn Diagram

The afternoon also included a Twitter Q&A with Digital Spy, questions submitted beforehand to @dsatthemovies with personal answers recorded by Duncan. You can view the whole session on Digital Spy Movies. And here is one from a Mr Joe Dante, of Hollywood, CA (not the first time Mr. Dante has appeared here)

Audience At IGN Session with Duncan Jones At Kapow 2011 by Richard Davies
Duncan Jones at Kapow 2011 - by Richard Davies

Saturday’s schedule was a little less packed, with an appearance at the first Kapow comic convention, where Duncan took part in a chat with IGN about SOURCE CODE, MOON, and his interest in computer gaming, and thoughts on computer game movie adaptations, all explained in this clip with IGNUK ‘s Chris Tilly

The evening, and indeed the promotional tour itself, was rounded off with a screening of SOURCE CODE at the Electric Cinema, with Q&A.

It’s been a hectic few weeks of travel, hundreds of interviews with press, online, and TV, screenings and Q&A sessions (which Duncan seems to love) which has obviously helped get the word out on SOURCE CODE and helped ensure that as many of you as possible get out to your local picture palace (with a few friends of course) and enjoy a bloody good film.

Duncan and his lovely lady, Rodene have arrived safely back in Los Angeles for a well earned rest, and to begin work on the next project. If you want to see what the whole promotional tour has been like from their perspective, go have a look at their SOURCE CODE blog, what they done wrote with their own hands, and done pictures as well 😉

This is not the end for SOURCE CODE though, it’s still on general release for you to enjoy for the first time, or to see again, armed with some secrets to look out for on a second viewing, courtesy of Empire’s Damon Wise. Have fun! 😉

Source Code: Opening Box Office & Reactions From William Gibson & Mark Kermode

Duncan Jones’ Source Code opened in Canada, Philippines, UK & USA on Friday 1st April and had a great weekend according to US & UK box office figures.

Figures from Box Office Mojo in the US show Source Code opening weekend of $14,812,094. UK Digital Spy reported today that Source Code just missed the top spot in the UK Box Office by a mere £86,079 pulling in £1,306,661 to which I am happy to have contributed my hard earned pocket money.

And it looks like those figures are likely to grow steadily through the week as fantastic word of mouth and recommendations continue online with feedback on Twitter on the #SOURCECODE tag steadily building after the weekend screenings. Lot’s of wonderful feedback directly to Duncan on there as well.

When it comes to Sci-Fi there can hardly be any greater recommendation that you go see Source Code than that of author William Gibson who simply stated.

William Gibson Loved Source Code! - Twitter

Which I guess kind of blew Duncan away, as his response to those three little words was:

“Im rubbing my eyes seeing William Gibson tweet that he liked both my movies. Gibson brought SciFi into the 21st century for me.

In my mind, William Gibson is to my generation what PKD was to his.”

And there was more praise from UK film critic Mark Kermode on BBC Radio 5 Live on the afternoon of the Friday April 1st opening where Mark chose Source Code as his film of the week, making it 2 for 2 for Duncan with Dr Kermode as you may recall, awarding Duncan Best Director for MOON at the Kermode’s in March 2010.

I’ll be going again this weekend with some friends who will be going for the first time, it really is the kind of film that requires repeat viewing, which appears to be the case for many that have been already, with more word of mouth and fantastic reviews, there is hope, that we may beat the bunny (Hop) this coming weekend, Duncan has a contingency plan though, should it be necessary.

“Think we have a chance of beating the bunny this week, or am i going to have to add a scene where Jake poops jelly beans?”

Thanks to all that have been out to see Source Code already, please pass on the good word to family, friends, colleagues & total strangers on the bus, it’s great to have a new film out there that causes discussion & debate after viewing, that isn’t a reboot, or a sequel, or a prequel, from a Director who cares very much about the audience’s experience. If you want more Duncan Jones films, then tell the studios and the cinemas in the easiest way possible, go out, buy some tickets, and enjoy Source Code 🙂

MOON Features in Top UK Films of 2009

UK Film Council - Top UK Films 2009
UK Film Council - Top UK Films 2009

Figures released this morning by the UK Film Council put the Best British Independent Film of 2009, MOON, in the top 20 box office for both UK Films, and UK Independent Film.

MOON comes in at #19 with a £1.32 Million Gross in the Top 20 UK Films, and #14 in the Top 20 UK Independent Films.

Fantastic for a little British Sci-Fi, with limited release, and limited promotion. Despite this, MOON has continued to perform well in theatres around the world, currently on general release in Germany (1 year after original UK release) and approaching $10 Million gross worldwide (src Box Office Mojo)

A lot of MOON’s success has been down to incredibly good word of mouth, and support from movie sites, and the movie blogging community. Thanks to everyone who went out and bought a ticket 🙂

If you missed MOON at the cinema last year, you can catch it at the Prince Charles Cinema, and the BFI Southbank in August.

Thanks to Pinewood Studios for the heads up (follow them on Twitter)

月に囚われた男 MOON In Japan

MOON was released in Japan on 10th April 2010, expanded across further citys / screens from 24th April. As you may be aware from previous posts, the japanese release as been supported by a great new web site, an innovative twitter campaign, and some nice advanced booking goodies as well as a new trailer.

So How’s it doing over there? Thanks to Jason Gray over on Screen Daily we have some details on how MOON is being received:

Moon (Tsuki ni Torawareta Otoko, 『月に囚われた男』) has a Yahoo! Japan user rating of 4/5 stars, which is quite high.

Since 4/10 opening in Tokyo & Kanagawa, opened in Kyoto, Osaka and Fukuoka. Sapporo & Nagoya in May.

Opening was 2.3m yen on two screens, which is a strong per screen average. Grossed just over 7m yen as of Apr. 17/18 weekend.

Checking Box Office Mojo, as of 25th April, MOON has taken $132,657 (12,534,762.36 yen) with further screens to open shortly in May, full list of cities / cinemas as follows:

City > Cinema > Opens
Fukuoka Solaria Cinema 17th April 2010
Kyoto Kyoto Cinema 24th April 2010
Hyogo Cine Libre Kobe 24th April 2010

Or if you prefer in Japanese, full listing also here. So thanks to all our friends in Japan for news of MOON, and for going out and giving it such a great welcome, still time to get out to the cinema and see it if you haven’t already, and if you have, spread the word on a great, award winning movie 😉

Special thanks to Jason Gray, who you can follow on Twitter for more news on film in Japan.