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Source Code: ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes Japanese DVD & Blu-Ray Release March 21st

Source Code ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission 8 Minutes Japanese DVD & Blu-Ray 21st March 2012

Thanks to our friend Rintaro Watanabe over in Japan, we now have a home release date for Source Code ミッション:8ミニッツ (Mission: 8 Minutes) in Japan.

After a successful run in theatres in Japan toward the end of 2011 (opening in October), you will now be able to pick up a copy of ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes on DVD or Blu-Ray on the 21st March 2012.

Rintaro has also sent over the link to Amazon Japan in case you want to pre-order, sure there are plenty of other retailers you will be able to pick it up from as well. I’ll leave you with the Japanese trailer.


German MOON & Source Code Duncan Jones Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray

Duncan Jones Edition MOON Source Code SteelbookWell here’s one we hadn’t heard of. Seems you people lucky enough to live in Germany can get a MOON / Source Code Blu-Ray Steel Book from STUDIOCANAL. And not just any steelbook, not a Limited Edition, not a Special Edition. A ‘Duncan Jones Edition’ no less!

Thanks to MovieC0llect0r for popping up the unboxing 🙂

And you can buy it here on Amazon.de

Source Code DVD and Blu Ray Out in the UK Tomorrow and Duncan Jones Talks (a bit) About What’s Next

There is a distinct silver lining to the beginning of the new working week. It comes in the shape of Source Code, which will be available in all imaginable formats from Monday morning across the UK. So whether you fancy a DVD, a blu ray, a combo pack, a double play blu ray, and/or a steelbook, tomorrow you can become the happy owner of a film that topped every chart on its release in the US last month.

SOURCE CODE - play.com - Steelbook

Just as it did on its theatrical release, Source Code is receiving more top reviews to mark the occasion. To quote but three…

Mark Kermode:  ‘Working from a playfully thoughtful script by Ben Ripley, Jones confirms his status as an adroit storyteller with a flair for succinct visuals and a firm grasp of narrative cohesion.’

The Telegraph: ‘This romantic, touching film about changing life’s pre-written scripts seems feelgood, but, as with Jones’s previous film, Moon, implies a darker vortex of proliferating realities and outcomes.’

Total Film: ‘Source Code is lean, keen and, ironically, bears repeated viewing’.

The DVD release also means more press and there is an ENORMOUS article and interview with Duncan Jones in – and I apologise – the Mail this weekend, accompanied by some rather good photos of the man himself.

A particularly good interview this weekend has come from DIY Films and Becky Reed. This includes some hints about Duncan’s next project: ‘I can say that it is a science fiction film, and potentially… I’ll take a break from sci-fi after this film. Moon was done at a tiny budget and we really squeezed everything we could out of it. Source Code was a chance to work on a bigger budget with name actors, but on a project that wasn’t my own. Hopefully, this third film will be the kind of sci-fi I want to make, on a budget where I can afford to do it as I see it in my head. After that, I’ll change genres.’

Intriguingly, Duncan mentions that he and his producer travelled to New Zealand to visit Peter Jackson’s WETA company and saw Andy Serkis complete some of his human motion capture magic for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Another hint, perhaps?

‘I feel I would be privileged to get the chance to work with WETA so hopefully that will happen.’

But while we wait for more news of the coming project, may I suggest that you grab yourself a copy of Source Code this week. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try and spot those Duncan Jones Source Code secrets.

Unkle Rupert is currently on his well-deserved hols and I’m delighted and honoured to once again be holding the fort. I will endeavour to keep the place tidy and leave some milk in the fridge for his return.

Source Code DVD / Blu-Ray Enters US Charts At Number 1


Source Code DVD & Blu-Ray has entered the US national home entertainment charts at Number 1! Reported on Hollywood Reporter yesterday:

Summit Entertainment stormed to the top of the national home entertainment charts last week with Source Code, a PG-13-rated action thriller starring Jake Gyllenhaal that generated $54.7 million in theaters.

Report supported by Rentrakfor week of July 24th – 30th (Source Code release on the 26th July in the US)

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Some interesting figures also on the uptake of the the Blu-Ray release, no doubt helped somewhat by an exclusive lenticular sleeve release for the Best Buy chain:

Source Code generated 41 percent of its first-week sales from Blu-ray Disc, significantly higher than the latest weekly percentage for Rango (28 percent) or Limitless (33 percent).

Possible we could also see this trend continue for the UK DVD / Blu-Ray release on August 15th as well, with an exclusive steel book case edition Blu-Ray now sold out due to popular demand on pre-order with popular online retailer Play.com.

And don’t forget UK pals, if you can’t wait until August 15th, rental chain Blockbuster have Source Code available to rent NOW! I picked up a copy last Friday, chap in the shop said he loved it, and it has been very popular so far, there were hardly any left on the shelf when I picked it up 🙂

Thanks to our good friend Larry Richman in the US for the Hollywood Reporter link.

Exclusive Early Source Code Rental With Blockbuster + Competition

Source Code DVD / Blu-Ray Release UK Blockbuster 29th July 2011Source Code is released on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US tomorrow (26th July), while we in the UK have to wait until the 15th of August to pick up a copy. That is unless you are a member of Blockbuster who have the exclusive early home rental of Duncan Jones’ thought provoking, action packed, box office smash starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga & Jeffrey Wright.

You will be able to rent Source Code from Blockbuster from this Friday, 29th July on both DVD & Blu-Ray, and you can also win a copy by entering Blockbuster’s Source Code competition.

And just in case you’re wondering what Source Code is all about, wishing you could watch the first few minutes to get a taste of what the weekends entertainment could be like. Have a look at…the first few minutes 🙂

SOURCE CODE: UK & US Blu-Ray And DVD Release Details

With SOURCE CODE coming to the end of it’s theatrical release in the US & UK, seems like a good time to look forward to the the home release on DVD and Blu-Ray. And we now have dates to pop on the calendar.

The US release has been reported on most sites as 26th July, and has been accompanied by quite different artwork (via dvdactive ) for the pack shots, than on the theatrical release. This appears to be an early trade advert, so things can change between now and release.

SOURCE CODE DVD / Blu-Ray Trade advertisement with some early package artworkWe’ve also had confirmation this morning of the UK DVD / Blu-Ray release of SOURCE CODE from online retailers play.com and Amazon UK, with play.com offering an exclusive Steelbook packaging on both DVD & Blu-Ray. Both confirm UK release date as 15th August 2011.

SOURCE CODE - play.com - SteelbookAll pack artwork subject to change at the moment, but certainly seems that the UK release is sticking with the UK theatrical release design. All seem to agree on the special features though:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Duncan Jones, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Access: SOURCE CODE – featurette.
  • Cast and Crew insights.
  • Dynamic, scene specific focal points.

Having watched and listened to a fair amount of interviews with Duncan & Jake during the SOURCE CODE promotional tour, am now really looking forward to listening to the audio commentary, like a bloomin comedy double act they are, and could probably quite easily take that up if this movie business don’t pan out as well as it is at the moment.

Will keep you updated if anything changes 🙂

MOON DVD & Blu-Ray German Release 28th January

Well it’s taken a while, but our friends in Germany can celebrate and have all sorts of ‘MOON’ fun next week, when Duncan Jones’ multi award winning first feature ‘MOON’ is released on DVD & Blu-Ray on Friday 28th January.

Distributed by Koch Media, MOON is released in both single & double disc special edition, on both formats. The difference between the two being the addition on the special edition of the original UK release bonus material (Duncan’s short ‘Whistle’, ‘The Making of Moon’, Special Effects Feature, & interviews) and now for our german viewers.

  • Top 10 in den deutschen Kinocharts
  • Überwältigende Presse- und Zuschauerresonanz zum Kinostart – jetzt schon ein Klassiker des Genres!
  • Mit Sam Rockwell (“Iron Man 2”, “Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis”) sowie Kevin Spacey (“21”, “Superman Returns”) prominent besetzt.

Astronaut Sam Bell ist alleine auf dem Mond “Selene”, wo er als Mechaniker den Abbau von Helium-3 überwacht. Das kostbare Gas könnte die Energiekrise auf der Erde beenden. Zwei Wochen vor seiner Abreise beginnt Sam seltsame Dinge zu sehen und zu hören. Nachdem eine Routinekontrolle katastrophal schief geht, entdeckt er, dass Lunar ganz eigene Vorstellungen von seinem Verbleib hat. Als dann noch ein Doppelgänger auftaucht und die Firma einen bewaffneten Aufklärungstrupp schickt, wird Sam klar, dass seine Rückkehr zur Erde in Frage steht.

“Mit einem großartigen Science-Fiction-Drama gibt David Bowies Sohn Duncan Jones ein aufsehenerregendes Regiedebüt. Befeuert von einem spektakulären Auftritt von Sam Rockwell in einer Doppelrolle, ist ihm eine exzellente designte Produktion gelungen.” (Blickpunkt Film)

So for all you lovely people in Deutschland (or MOON collectors) you can order through Koch now:

  • Single Disc DVD – HERE
  • Double Disc DVD Special Edtn – HERE
  • Single Disc Blu-Ray – HERE
  • Double Disc Blu-Ray – HERE

MOON Blu-Ray Or DVD Free With SFX Magazine Subscription

Thanks to the Eagle eyed SongWarMonger we have news of a smart offer from Decembers UK SFX Magazine.

As you can see from the wee picture below, subscribe now for £22 every six months, and you get BAFTA award winning MOON on Blu-Ray or DVD and dafter than MOON, horror comedy Zombieland. If you’ve got them already, looks like the perfect gift for that special someone what likes great Sci-Fi and zombies, and stuff.

MOON Free with SFX Magazine Subscription Dec 2010

Yannick Dahan Heaps Praise on MOON in French Review

Yannick Dahan reviews MOON

Sophie Lefevre from the company distributing the French MOON DVD & Blu-Ray release dropped us a note to point us towards this video review of MOON by Yannick Dahan:

Yannick Dahan is a very frank journalist ! His program TV is broadcast on a specialized chain Terror-SF.

He never hesitate to destroy films and when he praise a film, it’s a great moment !

Watching the review, the passion was obvious, but my French aint so hot. Luckily, the lovely Hélène Bricks has translated it all for us…

Continue reading Yannick Dahan Heaps Praise on MOON in French Review

Support Bletchley Park By Bidding on Signed MOON DVD & Blu-Rays

MOON signed by Duncan Jones for Bletchley Park Auction

Thanks to Shed Master UncleWilco, and Director Duncan Jones, you now have the chance to bid on signed copies of MOON, 2 x Blu-Ray & 1 x DVD, all signed as you can see in pic above by Duncan.

From UncleWilco:

As you know Bletchley Park is our charity for Shed week 2010 and the way I thought of helping them and the wonderful Huts ( Hut 6 was Hut of the year 2009) they are in a right state due to lack of funding but the Bletchley Park Trust are doing as much as possible to safeguard these historic buildings and luckily the people in government have finally seen their importance to Britain and the world.

Anyway I have organised a charity auction which starts today and runs through Shed Week until next Thursday to raise some extra funds.

Lucky we have some great supporters of shed week and they have provided us with some brilliant items you can bid for on that ebay with all the funds going straight to Bletchley Park! so everyone’s a winner.

So, get on over to UncleWilco’s Shed Blog for info on how to bid, and head over to the Bletchley Park site for more information on the huts, and their role in cracking the Enigma code.

(UncleWilco has confirmed will ship worldwide on these, costs will be sent in invoice if you are outside UK and are a winning bidder)