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BlizzCon 2014 – Choose Your Allegiance!

We have a few hours to go on the opening day of BlizzCon 2014 until the one hour WARCRAFT Movie Presentation with Duncan Jones and Chris Metzen so it was a surprise to get any WARCRAFT movie news before then.

As you may already be aware, when taking up arms and entering the World of Warcraft you have to choose which faction you wish to represent, Alliance or Horde. Legendary have now launched the first wave of promotion for the WARCRAFT movie by asking you to nail your colours to the mast and show your allegiance.

If you’re ready to let everyone know which side your on, then get over to one of the two web sites just launched and either:

Fight for the Alliance!

WARCRAFT - Fight for the Alliance

Fight for the Horde!

WARCRAFT - Fight for the Horde!Signing up for either will give you access to a faction specific site and provide you with a download pack of image files for you to let everyone know where you stand. Social media icons and cover photos, desktop, tablet and mobile phone wallpapers.

It’s around 2 hours until the WARCRAFT Movie Presentation now, keep up to date with news either here or over on Twitter where we’ll try and live tweet the news as it happens from @ManMadeMovies 🙂

Duncan Jones To Attend BlizzCon 2014 For One Hour Warcraft Movie Presentation

BlizzCon 2013The posting of Blizzard Entertainment’s schedule for BlizzCon 2014 reveals WARCRAFT Director Duncan Jones will be attending the convention to take part in a one hour presentation along with Blizzard’s Chris Metzen (Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development).

Taking place on Friday 7th November 14:15 – 15:15 the schedule teases:

Please join the Warcraft movie director, Duncan Jones, along side Blizzard’s Chris Metzen as the give attendees and viewers at home an exclusive presentation packed with surprises.

The event is a celebration of Blizzard Entertainment‘s gaming goodness featuring World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo & StarCraft, and takes place over two days at the Anaheim Convention Center.

WARCRAFT Movie LogoFilming completed earlier this year on 23rd of May so the gang are well into post production and were even able to offer an exclusive glimpse of WARCRAFT to attendees of San Diego Comic-Con back in July. That footage is still tightly under wraps but you can read a description of what was screened over on JoBlo. So will the teased surprises include new footage that the rest of us will get to see? We’ll have to wait and see what occurs on the 7th November…

If you’re unable to attend BlizzCon 2014 and want to get all the info on World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo & StarCraft as well as that one hour WARCRAFT movie panel with Chris Metzen & Duncan Jones, you can pick up a virtual ticket and watch over 60 hours of convention footage streamed live to your desktop.

WARCRAFT is scheduled for release March 11th 2016.