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WARCRAFT: The Beginning UK Release Moved Forward to May 30th 2016

WARCRAFT POSTER November 2015WARCRAFT: The Beginning UK distributors, Universal Pictures UK have, just announced Duncan Jones’ latest feature film has had it’s UK release date moved forward to Monday 30th May 2016 ahead of it’s US release of June 30th 2016.

A nice treat for those of us living in the UK, and a double treat for Duncan Jones as (as pointed out by our old pal The Laughing Bansee) May 30th is also Duncan’s 45th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Duncan Jones!

Happy Birthday Duncan Jones - 41 Today

Inspired by the news of Duncan’s new project to bring the life of James Bond author Ian Fleming to the screen, here we have a DJ in a DJ.

This photo was taken in L A last night where Duncan is busy soaking in the whole Bond experience. It has not been manipulated in an image editor (I just knocked it up in an image editor)

Now why did I start this blog update…oh yeah…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUNCAN 🙂 Have a bloody lovely day mate 🙂

Happy 40th Birthday Duncan Jones…Are You Hungry?

We couldn’t really let today pass by without wishing MOON & SOURCE CODE Director, Duncan Jones, a very HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY. Was kind of stumped when it came to what gift would be suitable, when up popped Twitter pal Natasha Ipatova with these delicious looking Lunar Industries GERTY cookies 🙂

Lunar Industries GERTY Cookies from @Nashbrik for Duncan Jones' 40th BirthdayHope you have a great day, mate! I’m off to put the kettle on, time to dunk a GERTY *evil laugh*

Happy Birthday Sam Rockwell

Happy Birthday Sam Rockwell

Some say he is the modern day equivalent of the great Gene Kelly. Today we celebrate the Birthday of the greatest dancer on the silver screen, MR SAM ROCKWELL.

Sam has also been known to do a nice bit of acting as well, but for today, we shall celebrate, by watching him throw some shapes.

Get on the good foot & do the bad thing Sam, have a great day 🙂