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MOON Features In The Hope Lies’ Programme For ‘Days Of Fear And Wonder’

MOON - Norwegian Poster by Haakan HosethOver 200 locations across the UK will be presenting over 1000 screenings of classic Sci-Fi films and television programmes from October to December as part of the BFI’s celebration Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder

As part of the celebration our friends over at Hope Lies have created three very different strands of programming for independent arts centre QUAD in Derby, and they have selected MOON!

“We recently revealed that we’d been commissioned to curate a strand of programming for the British Film Institute’s Days Of Fear And Wonder, their ambitious science-fiction oriented programme that dominates much of the final quarter of 2014. Today we announce our full plans.

Our programme is for the Quad in Derby, an independent cinema complex. Over the course of three months we will be screening three strands of Science-Fiction films, with each strand focussing on something different.”

MOON features in the first strand, European Invasion!, along with Jean-Luc Godard’s Alphaville and Elio Petri’s The 10th Victim.

MOON screens on Tuesday, 14th October at 18:30, tickets available now from QUAD.

Further details over on Hope Lies

MOON poster featured above was the Norwegian theatrical release poster by Haakon Hoseth.

MOON At The BFI with Duncan Jones & Gavin Rothery PT 2

Welcome to part two of our exclusive interview with MOON Director Duncan Jones, and Concept Artist/VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery from the August 2010 screening of MOON at the BFI Southbank, London.

Ben Mortimer chats to Duncan about his upcoming 2nd feature ‘Source Code‘, the status of MOON follow up ‘Mute‘, other projects that Duncan has been linked with since the success of MOON (including, as revealed previously, Judge Dredd)

Love how happy they all get at the mention of the Trigan Empire 🙂

Ben also gets an update from Gav on where his career is taking him since the success of MOON. Apologies for the delay in getting this up, but hope that you enjoy enough to forgive us.

Thanks to Ben and James for getting down to BFI at such short notice, and of course to Duncan & Gavin for being so generous with their time.

Part 1 where the chaps talk about the beginnings of MOON can be seen here.

If all that tickles your fancy, please make sure you pop over to Gav’s fantastic portfolio site, and his revealing behind the scenes MOON blog ‘They Never Went To The Moon

And don’t forget to check out Ben and Cuffy’s sites.

Interview: Ben Mortimer
Filmed, edited and produced by James Cuff

Hugh Grant To Star In 4 Weddings & A Space Clone?

When MOON was screened at the BFI to a sell out crowd at the end of August, we were lucky enough to get a word with MOON Director Duncan Jones, joined by Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery.

Thanks to the wonderful support of great friends Ben Mortimer (interviewing) & James Cuff (camera) we proudly present the first part of their interview.

Duncan & Gavin cover the beginning of the MOON process, their obvious love of Mexican food, the change in the writing process for Duncan post MOON, and also hint at a possible Sci-Fi-Rom-Com mashup featuring Hugh Grant.

This is a quick taster of the full interview, we’ll let you know as soon as the fantastic Mr Cuff has edited the rest down.

MOON BFI August 31st Screening With Q&A Upgraded!

MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010
MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010

Good news if you were unable to get tickets for the screening of MOON at the BFI Southbank on Tuesday, August 31st. More tickets are now available as explained by the BFI:-

Moon: Tue 31 Aug 18:20 NFT1
We are delighted to announce that director
Duncan Jones will take part in a Q&A following this screening. Gavin Rothery, Concept Artist, VFX Supervisor; Hideki Arichi, Art Director and Barrett Heathcote, VFX Editor will join Duncan Jones in the Q&A following this screening. The Q&A will be hosted by Damon Wise.

Due to overwhelming demand, this screening will now take place in NFT1 (from NFT2).

Better start brushing down the tux (or Selk suits) chaps 🙂

MOON Screening At BFI with Q&A! 31st August 2010

MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010
MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010

On the 28th & 29th of August, you get to see MOON on the big screen as part of the BFI Film Science: Future Human season, this is a mighty fine thing of course…BUT! On Tuesday 31st of August you can see MOON & Take part in a Q&A with Director Duncan Jones, Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery, VFX Editor Barrett Heathcote and Art Director Hideki Arichi.

Tickets are available now from the BFI HERE

MOON Back On The Big Screen – August In London

Great news for those hankering to see MOON again on the big screen, with not one, but TWO events for those in the Capital.

First up is a very tasty double bill of MOON & 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Prince Charles Cinema, August 4th 2010. With MOON on at 18:20 followed by 2001 at 20:30.

MOON & 2001 Double Bill At The Prince Charles Cinema
MOON & 2001 Double Bill At The Prince Charles Cinema

As if that wasn’t good enough, MOON will also be back on the big screen later in August at the BFI Southbank as part of their ‘Film Science: Future Human’ season. Screening on 28th/29th/30th August 2010, booking details here.

MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010
MOON At The BFI Southbank - Aug 2010