Archive MOON Competitions: 3 Sci-Fi Recreations

Neill Milton! You are a winner!

ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 3 - Sci-Fi recreations - Winner
DONT FORGET! IF YOU ENTERED COMP 3, SEND ME YOUR ADDRESS! You are all winners, and I’m sending everyone who entered an 8 by 10 inch signed mini-poster for making this all so much fun! You guys rock! Duncan.

We have the entries!

They range from Blade Runner, to 2001.  From Gremlins, through the Blob, Star Wars, Man who Fell to Earth, Mega shark v Giant Octopus, MIB, Close Encounters to ET.  From Batman through X-Men to touching moments from ST:Wrath of Khan.  From Alien to The Day the Earth Stood Still.  May I just say, you lot are bloody marvelous.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present… your genius!

Archive MOON Competitions: 2 Geek Poems


MOON ManMadeMoon Competition 2 Poetry Poster
ManMadeMoon Competition 2 Poetry Poster by Duncan Jones

With competition 1 such a success, but with a few twitterers feeling left out because of the drawing element in the first round, competition 2 focussed on poetry!  But not any old poetry… oh no!  Submissions had to poetically espouse their love for something geeky.

There were three finalists…

But there could only ever be one winner…

MOON Poetry Competition - Winner - Kari Ely!
MOON Poetry Competition - Winner - Kari Ely!

There would have been a fourth finalist, but it was a little too clever for its boots, trying to get around the rule cap of 100 words, by use of a sneaky title…

MOON Poetry Competition - Nemesis09
MOON Poetry Competition - Nemesis09



Archive MOON Competitions: 1 GERTY Face

So it all began way back in ancient times, when Competition 1 was launched. An art challenge to come up with a replacement face for Gerty, the robot in MOON. It came down to 8 magnificent finalists.

But there was so much goodness in the rest of the competition, it seemed only fair to share the best of the rest with everyone…

The winner was the incredibly amusing entry from Ranjit, that just tickled my funny-bone.

Winner of ManMadeMoon MOON Competition 1 2009


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