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See MOON Free With Haringey Libraries

Haringey Libraries have announced details of their Talking Pictures Free Film Nights, and the undouted highlight as far as we are concerned (obviously) is their screening of Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell.

This adds to the previously announced Glastonbury Festival screening of MOON. Great to see that people are getting the opportunity to see MOON on the big screen nearly a year after it made it’s theatrical debut, a true cult classic already, proven earlier in the March with the Jameson Cult Film Club screening.

Details for the Haringey Libraries screening as follows:

Thursday 1st July @ 7pm
The Original Gallery
Hornsey Library
N8 9JA

Admission is FREE!

Call the Haringey Art Team on 0208 489 1419 to book 🙂

Further details on the rest of the programme on the Haringey Libraries posterous page. You can also follow them on Twitter for further announcements.

See MOON at Glastonbury 2010

The world famous Glastonbury festival takes place between 23rd > 27th June 2010 at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Glastonbury, UK. As well as the usual line up of popular beat combos (with biggies like Stevie Wonder, U2, Muse) there will also be a cinema on site, so don’t forget your popcorn when checking off essentials to take to the festival this year.

Of course, one of the most in tents cinema experiences this year will be Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell, which you will be able to see at 17:00 on Thursday 24th June.

There’s a full programme of movies on over the duration of the festival at the Pilton Palais Cinema Tent, check out the full doings HERE.

Source Code Edit Begins & Jake Gyllenhaal Urges You To See MOON

Update time folks. After some well deserved rest & relaxation last week, this week has seen ‘Source Code’ Director Duncan Jones & gang begin the edit on Monday 17th May.

Now relocated to LA, Duncan let us know on Twitter earlier this week:

Paul Hirsch, Source Code editor, telling me stories about editing his previous films… Like STAR WARS & FERRIS BUELLER!! How cool is that?!

Yup, Oscar winning Star Wars Editor Paul Hirsch, very cool indeed 🙂

With World Cup 2010 almost upon us, ever the Brit abroad, Duncan is also working on making sure the edit continues whilst watching Englands progress through the tournament, by shifting the edit suite to Ye Olde Kings Head pub in Santa Monica, suitably dressed of course.

Also this week, IGN featured Jake Gyllenhaal where he again exudes enthusiasm when talking of working with Duncan, and talking about ‘Source Code’. Also urges people to see MOON, well done that man 🙂

30 Ninjas – Jake Gyllenhaal & Duncan Jones v Mike Newell

Post title sounds like the result of an evening out on the beer in the far East. In actual fact it refers to Julina Tatlocks exclusive interview with ‘Source Code’ and ‘Prince of Persia’ star Jake Gyllehaal over at the 30 NINJAS site.

Obviously Mr Gyllenhaal is busy on the global promo trail for ‘Prince of Persia’ at the moment, but good to see plenty of good words for Duncan Jones and ‘Source Code’ along the way. A small extract of the interview:

JULINA: Tell me about the different styles of Duncan Jones, who directed you in Source Code, and Mike Newell.

JAKE: Oh my gosh, every director than I have had the pleasure to work with has been so different in their style. So Mike Newell, just physically … they both happen to be British, but Duncan spent a lot of time growing up in the States and all over the world so he has a different sort of sensibility than Mike. Well, Mike is like six foot five, and Duncan is like five ten or something, so [laughs] that is one major difference. And in a way, their sizes mimic their styles, because Mike is very robust and dramatic in his approach and he’s like (in a gruff British voice), “Oh yes, my dear boy, it’s fantastic,” and there’s always this sort of energy to it. Duncan really creates this space that is much more quiet, and I would say that there is a serenity to the way he directs, and to me it’s fascinating that the two of them could not be more different. That’s actually a really good question. They had two different beasts [to direct], you know? Mike had a movie where there are just so many elements that he had to balance, and I learned from him a really important lesson that every actor should know; he said, “You know what I look at more than the monitor?,” and I said “No, what Mike?” And he pointed to his watch. When I asked ”Really?,” he said, “You never get all the things you want as a director, and you’re always chasing time.” Any actor who is in sync with their director knows you want to try to give your director everything that they want within the day. And that’s something that I really learned with Mike. It is something that I don’t think that actors really know: how much a director is dealing with. So when I went to work with Duncan I brought that mentality with me, and it was like, “What do we need? Did we get that? OK, what do you need from me? Let’s go.”

Head over to 30NINJAS for the full interview, and Jake’s thoughts on working with Duncan. And see previous posts on this ole blog for more on ‘Source Code

Duncan Jones To Judge Virgin Media Shorts

Highlighting, and supporting new talent in UK Film, Virgin Media Shorts, supported by the UK Film Council have revealed their judges for the 2010 competition, one being our own, BAFTA Award winning Director, Duncan Jones.

Image by Rodene Ronquillo

You gotta be in it to win it folks, so if you fancy seeing your short film up on the silver screen, here are the details:

Virgin Media Shorts is a short film competition that champions undiscovered talent.

Virgin Media Shorts gives you the chance to show your work in cinemas, on TVonline and on mobiles(via the mobile internet).

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 12 film makers win a chance to show their work on 214 cinema screens nationwide
  • 1 lucky winner lands £30,000 to make their next film.
  • 1 People’s Choice winner takes home thousands of pounds worth of new film kit.
  • Plus, we reward the college or school with the most entrants with loads of shiny new kit, too.

Entering is easy. Just check out the film spec. Then upload your film. The competition closes on 28 June 2010.

Duncan will be joined by actress Thandie Newton, film maker Mike Newell, film critic James King, and executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media Cindy Rose.

‘MOON’ Props & Costumes Auction

The Prop Store of London will be holding an auction of ‘MOON’ gear starting Monday 9th November 2009 at 16:00 GMT.

The Prop Store is proud to present an exclusive collection of props, costumes and model miniatures from Duncan Jones’ Sci-Fi masterpiece ‘MOON’.

Each item will come complete with a special MOON COA which is signed by Director Duncan Jones, Producer Stuart Fenegan & Stephen Lane, CEO of Prop Store.

Further details over at the >> Prop Store MOON auction launch page <<

The auctions will be held on and run out of The Prop Store UK facility.

There will only be a limited number of pieces – but there is some great stuff.

  • Model miniature Moon Rover vehicles x2 built by Bill Pearson.
  • Sam Rockwell’s jumpsuit 1 Only!
  • GERTY the Robot 1 Only! (of course there is only one GERTY)

As well as original artwork, blueprints, hand props, other model miniatures and gadgets.

All in all only about 70 items.

10 items will be listed per day starting November the 9th at 4pm GMT and each auction will run for 7 days. Each auction starts at just 99p (!) with no reserve!

Yes, you read that right, the real GERTY will be in the auction, responding to questions on twitter on how he could even think of letting GERTY leave, ‘MOON’ Director Duncan Jones stated:

i cant afford to keep him! He eats nothing but fillet mignon and caviar!

Bookmark the E-Bay page ready to start your bidding HERE

And just to wet yer “Whistle” here is a small gallery: