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German MOON & Source Code Duncan Jones Edition Steelbook Blu-Ray

Duncan Jones Edition MOON Source Code SteelbookWell here’s one we hadn’t heard of. Seems you people lucky enough to live in Germany can get a MOON / Source Code Blu-Ray Steel Book from STUDIOCANAL. And not just any steelbook, not a Limited Edition, not a Special Edition. A ‘Duncan Jones Edition’ no less!

Thanks to MovieC0llect0r for popping up the unboxing 🙂

And you can buy it here on

ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes – Source Code In Japan

ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission:8 Minutes Source Code Japan Posterミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes (Source Code) opened strong in Japan last weekend entering the box office charts at number 5. We’ve had some great feedback coming through Twitter to Director Duncan Jones, many like:

From pigitter:

I came to Roppongi in Tokyo to watch a source code. The movie theater was full . We love you!:D

From MorihiroFischer:

I saw “Source Code” yesterday in Tokyo, blew my mind completely. One of the year’s best. Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Duncan Jones and Mamoru Oshii for Cut Magazine - Tokyo Oct 2011 - デヴィッド・ボウイの息子と押井守As we mentioned previously, Duncan & Rodene went out to Japan at the beginning of September for a short promotional trip ahead of Source Code’s Japanese release. The undoubted highlight being a meeting with animation and live action film directing legend, 押井 守 Mamoru Oshii (Ghost In The Shell). As Rodene says on the Source Code tour Tumblr:

…they were interviewed at the same time with one interviewer and each had their own translator, it was a long but interesting interview!

The double interview has been published exclusively in CUT 11月号 magazine, available from their site, have yet to come across a complete translation (Help!) but Duncan did share a great boating analogy that the two Directors came up with while discussing the size of projects that they have been involved in, and would like to be involved in:

Making an indie film is like driving a speedboat.  You can turn fast, do what you want to, when you want to.  Source Code felt more like captaining an oil tanker.  Big, long, slow turns that required a lot of planning and notification.

What myself and Mr, Oshii would like to captain one day is a big blockbuster, or a battleship!

Duncan was also able to finally meet up with an old friend of the blog, a fine fellow who has been keeping us up to date with things over in Japan since MOON was released, Mr Rintaro Watanabe.

Rintaro Watanabe and Duncan Jones Oct 2011As well as meeting up to say hello, have a nice cup of tea & some biscuits, Rintaro and Duncan also found time to have a chat about MOON, Source Code, the film making process, and Duncan’s admiration for Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano (Zatoichi, Ichi The Killer).

For all our friends in Japan, thank you for going out to see Source Code over the last week, apologies for babbling away in English, am ashamed to say my Japanese isn’t great (none existent) so here are some interview links just for you 🙂

ダンカン・ジョーンズ( 映画監督 ) Duncan Jones Interview With Rintaro Watanabe

デビッド・ボウイの息子ダンカン・ジョーンズ監督が新作 Yorimo interview with Duncan Jones

ミッション:8ミニッツ Mission: 8 Minutes is in cinemas now!

MOON & Source Code Double At The New Beverly LA With Duncan Jones November 18th & 19th

MOON & Source Code Double Bill at the New Beverly, Los Angeles, CAAs Michael Palin would say, if he were hanging from a cell wall right now, talking to anyone in LA, or the surrounding area “You lucky, lucky…” you know the rest 😉

And he’d be right, because situated on 7165 West Beverly Blvd,Los Angeles, CA. The New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles will be hosting a double bill of MOON & Source Code on Friday the 18th, and Saturday the 19th November. That’s two double bills of critically acclaimed, award winning Sci-Fi. Not only that, but the Director of both films, Duncan Jones, will be there in person as well, on both nights!

MOON & Source Code Director Duncan JonesSo get yourselves over to the New Beverly site, get in touch, and get those tickets before they’re all gone! Have fun! 😉

Source Code ( Contra o Tempo ) To Be Released in Brazil 30th September

Source Code Brazil - Contra o TempoGreat news for everyone in Brazil that have been waiting so long to see Duncan Jones’ Source Code. Twitter friend Emerson Medina has been in touch to let us know that Source Code will be released on September 30th under the title ‘Contra o Tempo’ (Against Time)

Sinopse: Contra o Tempo‘ acompanha o capitão Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), que acorda no corpo de um outro homem e descobre que faz parte de uma missão para salvar Chicago de um trem desgovernado. Em uma tarefa que não se parece a nenhuma das que já realizou, percebe que é parte de um experimento do governo chamado “Source Code,” um programa que lhe permite passar pela identidade de outro homem nos últimos 8 minutos de sua vida. Ele tem poucos minutos para descobrir o que irá acontecer com o trem.

Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

创意“硬”科幻《源代码》8月30日登陆内地银幕Source Code opens in China today, one of only 20 foreign films to open on the Chinese mainland due to a quota system currently in place. Things may change in the future, with up to 1,600 new cinema screens being added per year to service a growing appetite for both local, and foreign films (1). Even GERTY has seen the potential, with actor Kevin Spacey starring in entirely locally funded feature ‘Inseparable‘, where 50% of the dialogue will be in Mandarin (2).

So it seems, for the moment, Source Code is lucky to be one of the 20 foreign films screening this year, and thanks to meeting new friends on Twitter, it may be that Chinese fans have had something to do with it’s selection, and one fan in particular, who has been supporting Duncan Jones work since the 2009 release of MOON… Continue reading Chinese Fan Helps Spread The Word On MOON & Source Code

Source Code Screens In Japan

Source Code might not be out until 28 October in Japan but it had its first media screening a couple of days ago on 18 August.

With thanks to Rintaro Watanabe, who was at that screening, here’s a photo from the event. Happily but not surprisingly, Rintaro thoroughly enjoyed the film and Duncan Jones tweeted at him that he may be in Japan soon. On 28 October, perhaps?

Meanwhile, to mark the release of Source Code on DVD and blu ray in the UK, In Style has released this video which aims to explain the science behind the source code in under two minutes. An astrophysicist lends a hand. You can watch that here.

Duncan Jones Knows Just Who He Wants to Star in His Next Film

To mark the release of Source Code on DVD and blu ray in the UK this week, LoveFilm features a new interview with Duncan Jones. In it, Duncan talks a little about the contrast
of making Moon and Source Code, but he also speaks a little bit more about The Third Project. He even has an idea of cast. Duncan might not give much away but it does make one think about the type of actor that he would like to direct next. Read the interview here and, if you’re feeling lucky, there’s also a Source Code competition.

This one is hopefully going to be a summation of what I would love to make as a science fiction film – a little bit future set. Connected to the universe that is described in Moon, but a completely independent story. And also connected to a script I’ve been working on for a long time, Mute, which we’re doing in parallel as a graphic novel.

I will say that I have a particular cast in mind for a number of the characters, to help me give them a voice and write them in a way which is believable. I definitely have people I’d love to work with, and hopefully they’ll want to work with me too!

Also, just in case any directors might be thinking of giving their masterpieces a new lick of paint, Duncan mentions that the science fiction film that inspired him the most ‘always was’ Blade Runner.

Source Code DVD and Blu Ray Out in the UK Tomorrow and Duncan Jones Talks (a bit) About What’s Next

There is a distinct silver lining to the beginning of the new working week. It comes in the shape of Source Code, which will be available in all imaginable formats from Monday morning across the UK. So whether you fancy a DVD, a blu ray, a combo pack, a double play blu ray, and/or a steelbook, tomorrow you can become the happy owner of a film that topped every chart on its release in the US last month.

SOURCE CODE - - Steelbook

Just as it did on its theatrical release, Source Code is receiving more top reviews to mark the occasion. To quote but three…

Mark Kermode:  ‘Working from a playfully thoughtful script by Ben Ripley, Jones confirms his status as an adroit storyteller with a flair for succinct visuals and a firm grasp of narrative cohesion.’

The Telegraph: ‘This romantic, touching film about changing life’s pre-written scripts seems feelgood, but, as with Jones’s previous film, Moon, implies a darker vortex of proliferating realities and outcomes.’

Total Film: ‘Source Code is lean, keen and, ironically, bears repeated viewing’.

The DVD release also means more press and there is an ENORMOUS article and interview with Duncan Jones in – and I apologise – the Mail this weekend, accompanied by some rather good photos of the man himself.

A particularly good interview this weekend has come from DIY Films and Becky Reed. This includes some hints about Duncan’s next project: ‘I can say that it is a science fiction film, and potentially… I’ll take a break from sci-fi after this film. Moon was done at a tiny budget and we really squeezed everything we could out of it. Source Code was a chance to work on a bigger budget with name actors, but on a project that wasn’t my own. Hopefully, this third film will be the kind of sci-fi I want to make, on a budget where I can afford to do it as I see it in my head. After that, I’ll change genres.’

Intriguingly, Duncan mentions that he and his producer travelled to New Zealand to visit Peter Jackson’s WETA company and saw Andy Serkis complete some of his human motion capture magic for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Another hint, perhaps?

‘I feel I would be privileged to get the chance to work with WETA so hopefully that will happen.’

But while we wait for more news of the coming project, may I suggest that you grab yourself a copy of Source Code this week. It’s also the perfect opportunity to try and spot those Duncan Jones Source Code secrets.

Unkle Rupert is currently on his well-deserved hols and I’m delighted and honoured to once again be holding the fort. I will endeavour to keep the place tidy and leave some milk in the fridge for his return.

Duncan Jones Appeals To Chinese Audience Over Film Piracy

Source Code - ChinaAs we get closer to the release of 源代码 Source Code in China on the 30th August, Duncan Jones has put out an appeal to the audience in China to go see Source Code at the cinema, and not watch pirated versions.

Duncan Jones Letter To Chinese Audience Before Source Code Release 30th Aug 2011This has been translated and posted also at which we understand is one of the biggest Chinese web sites. Many fans in China have contacted Duncan through Twitter, to ask for the release of Source Code in mainland China, but communications are hampered somewhat by them having to find various ways around controlled access to some online resources, we heard earlier in the week from Jessie about their efforts over there to try and spread the word about MOON in 2009, and now Source Code in 2011.

Proper amazing that we all find a way to speak to each other about shared interests, so quickly, despite language and technical barriers. So for our friends in China, here is (hopefully) the translation of Duncan’s letter above. He did start sending one to every member of the population, bit ended up sticking his mouth together after licking a large amount of envelopes. Hopefully this is the next best thing.