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MOON: Steve Howarth’s Model Miniatures

You will hopefully be well aware of MOON Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery‘s excellent ‘They Never Went To The Moon‘ site, full of wonderful behind the scenes tales on the making of MOON, and where Gavin has also very generously shared many concept and design drawings, mock ups, and animatics.

Gavin describes the model building process in detail, and the joy of working with an incredible team headed up by legendary model maker Bill Pearson, in fact you almost smell the workshop when reading this entry.

So how would you like a peep into the model building process itself? Well ok, pop your breathing masks on, as we head into the wonderful world of Steve Howarth at Fingertip Fabrications.

Fingertip Fabrications - Duncan Jones' MOON

As well as a wealth of MOON model creation detail, including the birth of GERTY, and the creation of the MOON Rovers, you can also delve into the making of the Helium3 Harvesters, and Sarang Moon Base itself.

The site has a lot more to offer than MOON as well, so stop by and treat yourself to Steve’s work on Red Dwarf and the 2005 film adaptation of Douglas Adams ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy‘ along with many other examples of Steve’s Film & Television work.

There is absolutely tons of info on the site covering Steve’s career, it’s an absolute treat, so sit down and have a bloody good mooch through, enjoy!

Duncan Jones to Direct Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Source Code’

Duncan Jones & Jake Gyllenhaal

Duncan Jones is to direct Jake Gyllenhall in forthcoming Sci-Fi thriller ‘Source Code’

Screen Daily reports from the American Film Market festival:

Philippe Rousselet’s Vendome Pictures has announced its first project, teaming with Mark Gordon on the sci-fi thriller Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Summit International has already pre-sold rights to more than 15 territories at AFM.

Duncan Jones, fresh from his critically acclaimed low budget sci-fi Moon, will direct the story of a US soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown commuter and is forced to live and relive a train bombing until he can find the perpetrator. Ben Ripley wrote the screenplay with revisions from Billy Ray.

Responding to questions regarding the progress on ‘Mute’, Duncan Tweeted:

For those asking, Mute still in the plans, just slightly delayed. It’s a hard sell.. whereas Source Code came with an offer hard to refuse.

Its a good step up in budget and ambition. I’m excited to work with Jake G too. Cool guy. I like him.

Response so far from those that have read the script is very positive, with our good friend @crazysphinx saying:

Don’t know which draft, but I read the script sometime ago. It’s really good. Can’t wait to see @manmademoon ‘s take on it 🙂

And Alex Billington at chipped in with:

Just found out Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) is directing Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal – I’ve read the script, it’s frickin’ awesome!

Further details online in the Screen Daily article HERE

And more details on the history of the script so far from Brendon Connelly at /Film

Nice one Mr. Jones!

Moon Now Available for UK iTunes pre-order

Moon is now on UK iTunes to pre-order for release on 16th November 2009 linkage >> HERE <<

I do not have any other accounts apart from UK, so if you are elsewhere in this world we call Earth and can check, then please let us know if it is showing up in iTunes for you also.

Moon - UK - iTunes

Oooh and while your there, why not pick up Clint Mansell’s beautiful Moon soundtrack just to keep you going until film release.

Moon: ‘Moon’ Opening in Holland 15th October 2009

Hoi Holland!

Donderdag in premiere!

‘Moon’ opens in Netherlands Thursday 15th October.

Have had a quick mooch about and found it is scheduled to show at the following venue:

Kriterion – Amsterdam:

And in case you don’t know already, here is what it’s all about:

Astronaut Sam Bell woont al bijna drie jaar op de maan in opdracht van Lunar Industries. Hij leeft daar een eenzaam bestaan en door een defecte satelliet heeft hij amper contact met zijn vrouw Tess en driejarige dochter Eve. Zijn enige maatje aan boord is Gerty: een robot. Onverwacht krijgt Sam gezondheidsproblemen en gaat hallucineren waardoor hij een bijna-fataal ongeluk krijgt.

Als hij terug is op zijn basisstation, ontmoet hij zijn jongere en gewelddadigere “ik”. Deze tweede Sam beweert dat hij daar is om hetzelfde driejarige contract uit te dienen. Dan begint de strijd van de ‘echte’ Sam om zo snel mogelijk uit te vinden wat er verkeerd is gegaan en hoe hij op een veilige manier terugkomt naar huis.

Please help all of Holland get a slice of ‘Moon’ by adding any additional cinemas in the comments below. Dank U Wel!

Moon: Australian release & win double pass

Cinetology win Moon tickets

Moon opens nationwide in Australia next week from the 8th October 2009. To celebrate the release, movie review blog Cinetology are offering you the chance to win one of 25 in-season double passes valid nationwide from October 8th 2009, all details >>HERE<<

In other Australian Moon news, Director Duncan Jones went on an interview-a-thon last night with the Australian press / radio, so look out for plenty of coverage over the next week from:

  • News: Street Press Australia
  • News: Rotten Tomatoes Oz
  • News: Herald Sun
  • News: The Age ‘EG’
  • News: The West Australian
  • Radio: Robbie, Marieke & the Doctor on Triple J

Enjoy ‘Moon’ at last Australia, we know you have been waiting a long time!

Info & Movie times available at the Sony Australia Moon site >>HERE<<

Philip K Dick ‘Blade Runner’ Letter Makes Jones ‘Mute’

Moon Director Duncan Jones has been bowled over by the content of a letter written by Sci-Fi author Philip K Dick to the ‘Blade Runner‘ film production company in 1981.

Philip K Dick typewriter & mug

It’s always interesting to discover what an author thinks of a movie adaptation of his work (in this case ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’), but PKD goes further than providing a simple critique of the Ridley Scott directed movie, he actually takes the opportunity to make a statement on the current (then) state of the Sci-Fi genre as a whole, and what Blade Runner has done to point the way out of a seemingly stale situation, at the same time remaining humble with regards his own role in one of the greatest movies of all time. Read the letter >>HERE<<

Distributing the link to the letter from his Twitter account Jones says:

Anyone read that beautiful letter Philip K Dick wrote the production team of Blade Runner after he saw the first few shots? Amazing stuff!”

in the long run, i think he has been right about even the business success of the film”

He said BR wasnt sci-fi.. it was “Futurism!” Love it…”

so much of that letter is even more relevant today”

his comments on the staleness and inbreadness of sci-fi seem as relevant today as then though, dont you think?”

When asked by @davymacBeautiful letter from PKD. Also, would you consider another ‘Futurism’ movie yourself?”
Jones responded “part of the reason i love that letter so much is that Mute kind of is.”

Enjoy the letter, and hopefully we will be hearing much more on ‘Mute’ in the near future.

Moon: Early Concept Artwork & Behind the Scenes!

Want to see some very early ‘Moon’ concept artwork AND some behind the scenes shots from the shoot itself? Course you do, for example, here is a fantastic early concept of the lovely GERTY:

Moon: GERTY concept artwork

Full size images available on the ‘Moon: The Movie’ Flickr group along with more early concept artwork, behind the scenes pics from the original shoot, and many great pics added by other group members from ‘Moon’ premiers, red carpets and much more.

Couriered to us in the early hours of the morning by a wheezing bearded fellah with a missing tooth (I almost mistook him for Herman Toothrot!) Many thanks bearded courier guy 🙂

Will post these up on the manmademovies Facebook group also, enjoy!