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SOURCE CODE: Italia – Primi 5 Minuti


Ciao! SOURCE CODE opened in Italy on 29th April in around 300 cinemas. Distributed by 01Distribution, promotion for SOURCE CODE is in full swing with an official site in conjunction with Gazzetta dello Sport, and now the first 5 minutes (well 4 minutes 19 seconds) of SOURCE CODE in Italian!

Source Code è il programma top secret di una misteriosa agenzia governativa americana. Il Capitano Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal ) è costretto, suo malgrado, a rivivere gli ultimi 8 minuti di vita del passeggero di un treno che esploderà. 8 minuti per scoprire chi è l’attentatore, 8 minuti per capire chi è lui, 8 minuti per capire chi è la donna che ha davanti (una splendida Michelle Monagha). Un allucinante viaggio nel tempo imprigionato in una vita non sua cadenzata dalla voce di chi guida il gioco, il colonnello Goodwin (Vera Farmiga)

Source Code: Win A Trip to SXSW 2012

Source Code Mission

With just over a week to go until Source Code premiers at SXSW on 11th March, additional content is now coming online on the official movie web site.

As well as viewing the trailer and synopsis on the main site, there is now a mission page where candidates (you) can connect via social media and web platforms to complete a series of missions, each mission completed is rewarded with a badge, and upon completion, candidates will be fired into the mind of a…oh hang on, each candidate will have their image added to an animated Source Code poster on the main site.

As if that wasn’t good enough, candidates will also be entered into a competition to win a trip to SXSW 2009, to meet Director Duncan Jones just before the screening of MOON, unless the past time / dimension interface is down, in which case it will be a trip to SXSW 2012, which is in the future, pretty cool either way.

Sounds like you should get over there and have a go?

Update: Just checked the Ts & Cs “NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 13 and older” So looks like US residents only..

Source Code Official Site Goes Live

Been a busy week on the ‘Source Code’ front. First we had the official synopsis, then the surprise appearance of a very well received trailer, and now the official Summit Entertainment ‘Source Code’ site has gone live.

Source Code Official Web Site

The site currently contains a short synopsis, and the recently released trailer, with options to download the trailer for desktop, or mobile devices.

You can also add the official Facebook page to your ‘likes’ and subscribe to the Summit YouTube channel for future updates.

So there ya go, a week full of ‘Source Code’ goodness, nice 🙂

Official Synopsis For Source Code Appears

Source Code - Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal)As you may recall, picked up the first official promotional shot for Source Code last week from the American Film Market, and breaking across the net today we now have the official synopsis for Duncan Jones’ second feature, via JoBlo and Film School Rejects. There’s quite a bit of detail in here…

Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) wakes with a jolt to find himself on a commuter train heading into Chicago. Although the other passengers all seem to know him, he has absolutely no idea where-or even who-he is. The last thing Colter remembers is flying a helicopter mission in Iraq, but here he is in someone else’s life going through someone else’s morning commute. Before he can do anything an express train zooms by on the opposite track and a bomb explodes, seemingly killing Colter and all the other passengers.

Colter comes to in an isolation chamber, strapped to a seat, and wearing his military flight suit. He still has no idea what’s happening, except that he’s being spoken to by mission controller Carol Goodwin (Vera Farmiga), who calmly recites a series of memory questions to which Colter is shocked to realize he knows the answers. He learns he’s part of an operation called “Beleaguered Castle,” but before he can progress any further, Goodwin starts up the machinery and suddenly…Colter is back on the train, at exactly the same time he first appeared there, once again speeding through Chicago with the same group of commuters.

Colter figures he’s in some kind of simulation exercise, with his task being to find the bomber onboard the train before it goes off again. Living the explosion over and over, Colter must uncover the identity of the bomber, while also figuring out what the alternative universe of “Beleaguered Castle” is. Adding to the puzzle, Colter uses the second chance opportunities to make peace with his father, and to find romance with a fellow passenger on the train.

That enough to keep you going until March 2011? Hope so, but we’ll be sure to let you know if any other interesting little titbits come our way…

First Promotional Shot From Source Code Appears Online

Whilst on a trip to the American Film Market, have come across what appears to be the first promotional shot for Duncan Jones’ second feature ‘Source Code‘.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Coulter Stevens in Source Code
Source Code promo shot // via

And checking’s Source Code page, this appears to be a shot from towards the start of the film:

Colter comes to in an isolation chamber, strapped to a seat, and wearing his military flight suite. He still has no idea what’s happening…

Thanks to WDW for the pointer 🙂

Duncan Jones Interview With Indigo Magazine Ahead Of German Release Of MOON

Indigo Magazine - Duncan Jones Interview
Indigo Magazine - Duncan Jones Interview
Indigo Magazine feature an interview with MOON Director Duncan Jones in the filmwelt section of this months issue, ahead of the July 15th cinema release of his first feature in Germany.

Click on the logo above, or image below to go to the full interview, or download the complete July issue in PDF format here 🙂

Covering the making of MOON, the influences of classic Sci-Fi, and the involvement of Sam Rockwell, Duncan also talks about his time living in Berlin in the 1970’s, and hints that he may return in the near future to make another film…

Indigo Filmwelt interview with Duncan Jones July 2010
Indigo Filmwelt interview with Duncan Jones July 2010
And nice to see another photo of Mr Jones by the lovely Rodene Ronquillo

Update: Further German press coverage

Tip Berlin have feature this interview with Duncan

Welt Online also have a feature on MOON and Duncan

MOON Japanese Promotional Goodies & DVD/Blu-Ray Release Dated

I am very lucky to have a very fine friend living in Japan at the moment, cannot thank Adam Touhig enough for sending these amazing Japanese MOON promotional goodies. Chirashi, lovely promotional booklet, unused cinema ticket, and of course, coloured gem fridge magnets (?!?).

Gallery below, click each to enlarge.

We also now have a Japanese home release date for MOON on DVD & Blu-Ray, so if you’re over there and missed the cinema release, you will be able to pick up a copy to enjoy at home on August 11th 2010, detail here, thanks to Rinato Watanabe for the link 🙂

MOON Japanese home release 11th August 2010
MOON Japanese home release 11th August 2010

German MOON Site Goes Live Before July 15th Cinema Release

Good news from the eagle eyed Christian Biegai. MOON site to promote the German cinema release on July 15th 2010, is now live, featuring full synopsis and larger version of the trailer we showed you earlier.

Thanks for the heads up Christian, and for those of you who do not know, Christian is the composer on Duncan Jones’ short film ‘Whistle’ which is also included on the DVD and Blu-Ray release 🙂 You can check out Christian’s work on ‘Whistle’ and the rest of his portfolio on his site.

MOON German Promo Web Site
MOON German Promo Web Site