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Stunning Painting of Sam Bell by Cameron S

Spotted this stunning painting of Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in MOON a while back on Reddit and waited to share as we wanted to credit the artist, contact with the chap that posted it reveals the name of the artist as simply Cameron S. Hopefully Cameron will get in touch and we can update.

Cameron has perfectly captured Sam’s emotional reaction to viewing videos from home on Earth of his wife Tess with their little girl, Eve. Reminds me of the equally brilliant painting of Eve Bell by Massimo Carnevale.

Sam Bell by Cameron S

Print Off And Make Your Very Own Lunar Rover

“Paper Rovers….” sang Marie Osmond once, as if she knew one day you would be able to print off and make your very own Lunar Rover from MOON. No surprise though as she did have the nickname ‘Nostradamus’ within the Osmond family.

Lunar Ind Paper Rover By Martin SangerThanks to Martin Sänger for sharing. Get yours from his site and have a look at the other Sci-Fi related paper craft…I said paper… oh suit yerself 😉


Dutch Virtual World Builders Inspired By MOON Build Sarang Base

Sarang UDK Still by Rachel van der MeerRachel van der Meer got in touch with MOON Director Duncan Jones and Concept Artist & VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery recently to let them know that along with fellow students at the NHTV In Breda, Netherlands, she had built a virtual MOON base. A MOON base that can be entered, walked around, and interacted with. Rachel kindly took the time to provide a LOT more detail (and make me jealous that she got to walk around it using an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset)… Continue reading Dutch Virtual World Builders Inspired By MOON Build Sarang Base

MOON Soundtrack Vinyl Secret…

If you are an old geezer like me, you may recall the days we’d go and buy our music from a record shop. Our 7″ & 12″ vinyl singles and albums would come on lovely two sided vinyl. As well as the music there was visual content added into the bargain, wonderful sleeve art and paper printed centres carrying record label and catalogue numbers, we’d sit looking at all of this while listening to the music on our record players, it was good.

There was also sometimes secret visual content that only the most attentive would discover, and in those days we didn’t have an internet to pass on this information, so it was self discovery or word of mouth that would reveal… a message between the run out groove and the centre label.

Now, I have a vinyl copy of Clint Mansell‘s stunning soundtrack to MOON, it is still sealed in cellophane and “Mint” so I have never even taken the record out to look at it. At least one person has though, thanks to James Lloyd we can now reveal the secret message on the vinyl edition of the MOON soundtrack…MOON OST Vinyl Run Out Message

Check out more secret messages on Vinyl Remarks 🙂

MOON Inspires Digital Illustrator’s Lunar Mining Vehicles

Lunar Harvester by Adam Burn

Inspired by MOON and new developments in potential near Earth asteroid mining from companies such as DSI which could eventually lead to real life Lunar mining for Helium-3 (He-3), digital illustrator Adam Burn has created these fantastic concept lunar vehicles which have already caught an admiring eye from MOON Writer / Director Duncan Jones…

Continue reading MOON Inspires Digital Illustrator’s Lunar Mining Vehicles

Cloning Sam Rockwell?

You know we love finding interesting new posters designed by all the talented people out there inspired by MOON & Source Code, but they are usually posters *for* MOON & Source Code.

This one tweeted to MOON Director Duncan Jones a couple of days ago by Matt Bucceri takes the idea of Sam Bell being cloned and appears to suggest that it was actually Sam Rockwell that was cloned. But by who? And how? And are there Sams walking around out there now?…
Cloning Sam Rockwell?

Digital Design Student Inspired by MOON & Gavin Rothery

Digital Design student Patrick Chamberland was so inspired by his love of MOON and the work of Concept Artist and VFX Supervisor Gavin Rothery, he produced this stunning work as part of his course work at Centre NAD in Montreal, Canada.

Gerty Final by Patrick Chamberland
Gerty Final by Patrick Chamberland

As well as sharing GERTY with us, Patrick was also kind enough to let us know some details about his version of GERTY:

I am currently a student in 3D Animation and Digital Design at Centre NAD, in Montreal, Canada, with a concentration in videogames.

We had a project in which we had to create a model of an object that was futuristic in nature and we had the option of creating a new design or using an already existing one. Being a huge fan of Moon (which I consider to be one of my top 5 movies of all-time) and Gavin Rothery’s designs, it then dawned on me that this would be the perfect opportunity to create my favorite robot ever, GERTY!

I was very fortunate that Gavin’s site was a treasure trove of fantastic reference to try and achieve the closest possible accuracy to the movie version of GERTY.

The actual model was created using 3DS MAX and a few different softwares were used to create the model’s textures with the main one being Photoshop.

What I think is really exciting with this model is that the image of the final rendered version is from a software named Marmoset Toolbag which is a real-time renderer. What this means is that the look of GERTY in the image is how he would look in an actual game engine such as the Unreal Engine.

If time permits, I would love to also model the whole Serang base and place it in the game engine which would mean that I would be able to walk around the whole base in real-time!

I have attached a picture of the non-textured/wireframed version of the model as well as a pic of the final “in-game” version.

This was certainly my most fun project to date and that was because of the passion ignited inside of me by Duncan’s amazing work in creating the movie masterpiece, Moon.

And here is the non-textured / wireframe image Patrick mentioned above. Stunning work once again from someone inspired by MOON. Thanks, Patrick 🙂

Gerty Wire by Patrick Chamberland
Gerty Wire by Patrick Chamberland

Have a mooch around Patrick’s site for more goodies.