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MOON Beats Avatar, District 9, Star Trek & Up To Scoop The Hugo Award

Hugo Awards

The 2010 Hugo Awards have just taken place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia, BLIMEY O’REILLY! MOON has won the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long category, beating other nominees Avatar, District 9, Star Trek & Up. A fantastic achievement against an outstanding list of fellow nominees.

The award, designed by Nick Stathopoulos is a bit of a stunner, described as “An organic Art Nouveau Hugo”

An organic Art Nouveau Hugo by Nick Stathopoulos
An organic Art Nouveau Hugo by Nick Stathopoulos

Following Cover It Live coverage there were huge cheers at the event, with Hugo Awards Cheryl Morgan saying “Good job Duncan Jones is not here. Would have made complete fool of myself”

Duncan Jones’ reaction came via Twitter

Holy shnikey! A Bafta and a Hugo in the same year! I really CAN only go down-hill from here!! ;’)

The full list of all of this years Hugo Award winners is available here.

Congratulations AGAIN, to all team MOON 🙂

MOON Wins SFF 2010 Vision of the Future Award

Space Frontier Foundation

The Space Frontier Foundation have awarded MOON their 2010 ‘Vision Of The Future’ Award.

From the SFF site:-

“The winners of the Space Frontier Foundation’s “Best Presentation of Space” and “Vision of the Future” awards have brought the possibilities and realities of space exploration to the public, sparking imaginations around the world. Fiction and non-fiction features play a role in informing and inspiring mankind to pursue its future in space and with these awards, contributions to both are recognized.

The awards will be presented at the NewSpace Awards Gala,  the signature event of the NewSpace 2010 Conference in Silicon Valley, CA on July 23-25.”

Head over to the SFF site to find out why MOON was chosen for this prestigious award, beating James Cameron’s Avatar.

Congratulations to all on team MOON 🙂

MOON Receives HUGO Award Nomination

Duncan Jones Directorial debut MOON has received a nomination in the 2010 HUGO Awards. Announced on the Aussiecon4 Twitter feed this evening, the nominations for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long are:

  • Avatar
  • District 9
  • Moon
  • Star Trek
  • Up

Some stiff competition there, we’ll find out whether MOON can take the prize at the awards at Aussiecon 4 in Melbourne on Sunday, 5 September 2010. Full list of nominations on the Aussiecon 4 site.

What are the Hugo Awards?

The Hugo Awards, to give them their full title, are awards for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. They were first awarded in 1953, and have been awarded every year since 1955. The awards are run by and voted on by fans.

Once again, good luck MOON!

Duncan Jones Wins Best Director in 5th Annual Kermode Awards

Duncan Jones has received, perhaps the highest accolade in the British film industry. The coveted Kermode award for Best Director, for MOON.

Ed Sullivan / Kermode (Kermode award photo by Jane Parker)
Ed Sullivan / Kermode (Kermode award photo by Jane Parker)

Although extremely busy on the first week of filming his second feature ‘Source Code‘ in Montreal, Canada, Jones reacted almost immediately to the news of this fantastic achievement on his Twitter account:

Thats a very special one! And the awards a looker… A model of Ed Sullivan!

For those of you who are not aware of Mark Kermode, what better introduction than that what they put on his BBC Blog HERE:

Outspoken, opinionated and never lost for words, Mark Kermode is the UK’s leading film critic.

He is resident film critic on Radio Five Live’s Mayo Show and on the News Channel, is a presenter on The Culture Show and often appears on BBC Newsnight Review.

Kermode has been a big supporter of MOON, interviewing Duncan on BBC Radio 5Live at the Edinburgh Film Festival back in June 2009 prior to the films UK July launch.

Duncan Jones & Mark Kermode

Wittertainment Live image by Martin Burns from Flickr

Kermode’s admiration for Jones’ work recently caused him to play a version of ‘Thus Spake Zarathusa‘ on a Rolf Harris Stylophone in homage to MOON.

So, once again, we say congratulations Duncan & all involved in making MOON 🙂

Thanks to Jane Parker for use of the Kermode Award photo.

Vote MOON Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy in Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010

The initial public vote nominations for the Jameson Empire Film Awards 2010 have been whittled down to the final nominations. Again it’s all down to public vote, winners decided by us, the movie going, ticket buying peeps, as Jason Issacs says:

“When the critics judge something, it comes from the encyclopaedic knowledge of everything that’s ever been put out at all. When Bafta and the Oscars judge something, it’s us judging our peer group and looking for different things, and possibly carrying with it all the alliances and prejudices that go with that.”

“And when the public judge something, it’s from films that they’ve actually bought tickets to go and see. So there may be a bunch of films they haven’t seen, but there were things that they were drawn to go and see … and they were happy they bought tickets for, so it just tells you something else … the real cold face of arts meets commerce.

“In the end, it’s a film business and these things have to be attractive to the public, so it’s in some ways a more honest celebration of what the public have liked, but they are the public’s awards.”

BAFTA Award winning Director Duncan Jones‘ MOON is up for Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy, so if you would like MOON to win, head over to the form and cast your vote >>HERE<<

Duncan Jones WINS BAFTA for Outstanding Debut By A British Director

Duncan Jones BAFTA Outstanding Debut From British Director

MOON Director Duncan Jones picked up the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut By A British Director at the Orange British Academy Film Awards this evening at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in London, England.

A very emotional Jones accepted the award from British actor Colin Firth in the evenings opening Award. Close to tears, Duncan revealed that he had not realised how important the award was to him until it actually happened, thanking his producers on MOON (Trudie Styler, Stuart Fenegan & Trevor Beattie) and making special mention of MOON star (The Amazing) Sam Rockwell, who has become a firm friend after Jones wrote the role of Sam Bell specifically for him after conversations about what classic Sci-Fi films meant to them when Jones originally approached Rockwell with a different project entirely.

Nearly overwhelmed by the occasion, Jones revealed how he felt he has finally found his calling in life in making movies, and we here on Man Made Movies are certainly glad he has.

Duncan’s acceptance speech showed the honesty, humility and good grace that is the mark of the man.

We all look forward to many more such occasions, but for now, enjoy a well earned hangover tomorrow Duncan, before heading back to Canada to begin filming ‘Source Code’ with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Post award interview with Edith Bowman, Duncan Jones & Colin Firth >>HERE<< on the BAFTA Youtube Channel.

Duncan Jones accepts his 1st BAFTA AWARD

Edith Bowman Interviews Duncan Jones with Colin Firth

The British Academy Film Awards GOOD LUCK MOON

Orange British Academy Film Awards

Fingers crossed we will be celebrating victory for MOON in the Orange British Academy Film Awards tomorrow night, Sunday 21st February 2010, where Director Duncan Jones & MOON are up for:


The awards will take place at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.

Watch The Awards

The Awards will be broadcast in the UK at the following times on Sunday 21 february:

  • BBC Three at 7.30pm (GMT) for Red Carpet Highlights
  • BBC ONE from 9pm (GMT) for the Awards Ceremony itself

BBC America will also broadcast the Awards ceremony in the US.

And if you are on Twitter, follow OrangeFilm , Bafta and Peter Serafinowicz from 20:00 GMT for Mr. Serafinowicz’s online commentary, or as Peter says:

So tomorrow night am doing a live tweet BAFTA commentary and will chat w you all. Stay tuned! #orangebafta

MOON Director Duncan Jones has flown over from Montreal where he is currently getting ready to start shooting his next feature ‘Source Code’, and seems to be suited and booted ready for the occasion from his Twitter stream this afternoon:

Been to Armani to get a suit for BAFTAS. Lovely fellah sorting it there said he’s never dealt with anyone quite so unsuitable! The cheek! 😉

So, Best of British luck to MOON & Duncan Jones for the Orange British Film Academy Awards!!!!

MOON Wins Jameson Cult Film Club Vote – Tickets Available NOW!



The votes are in, they have been verified and counted and we are please to confirm that the winner, with 59% of Empire readers’ votes is…… MOON.

Join us on March 17 to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Jameson way with our screening of MOON, followed by an after-show party – all at an unique venue, the Royal Institution, in W1, London .

Tickets are now open, so if you want to join us for a chance to see this BAFTA nominated film, at the Royal Institution – the home to great British scientific achievement – then CLICK HERE. 

Picture 2

What can you expect from the Jameson Cult Film Club event?

Guests arriving will be greeted by an interactive Sci-Fi experience, taking a journey through the Royal Institution’s futuristic world to the Space Bar, where you’ll experience scenes and themes from the film. You can even see the actual space suit worn in the film as you enjoy complimentary Jameson cocktails and wait for the countdown until the film takes off.

There will be special surprises, linking back to the film, spread throughout the Royal Institution, so that on every floor you’ll come across something that will get you in the mood for the film.

And that’s not all…

As March 17 is a very special day for us, we’re going to be throwing an after-show party for everyone who comes to the screening, in a Space Bar set up within the upper floors of the Royal Institution, whilst in the library, a DJ will be spinning some, out of this world tunes.

Come and enjoy Paddy’s Day to the full with a Jameson and the Jameson Cult Film Club.

MOON Takes Two More Awards at Festival de Gérardmer – Fantastic’Arts


MOON has received two more awards! This time at the Festival de Gérardmer – Fantastic’Arts, Gérardmer, France:


The festival has taken place since 1994 and focuses on the fantastic film genre. It also features competitions for video games and fantastic literature. The festival is successor to the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival. (src IMDB)

Gerardmer - MOON awards

Thanks to @cloneweb for the pointer 🙂