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  1. I would like to contact Duncan Jones, either in a forum or email. I am not a crazy fan or anything but would like opinions/advice. Moon was a captivating film and I have been writing stories that involve issues addressed in Moon.

    I would like to ask him some questions about Moon and screenplay writing. Also some intellectual property questions.

    If that can be arranged, I would really appreciate it. Again, I don’t need his personal email, just a forum where we can briefly communicate.


  2. I’ve forgotten how I came across it but IMDb doesn’t include the Hugo Award. (And, probably because I had to skip the Worldcon that year, I’d forgotten how stiff the competition was!)

  3. Hello! Moon was fantastic and moving. I’ve been recommending it to people. I have one single question though. It’s more of a trivia bit. I like reading up on such things on IMDB. While reading over trivia tidbits I recalled a scene in the movie where Sam is dancing to “Walking on Sunshine”. I thought, “that’s kind of funny since Helium-3 is embedded in the Lunar soil”. Sam is actually, to a degree, walking on sunshine!

    Was the song coincidence or purposely used for that reason? I’m a science buff and lover of random trivia so I’m itching to know. 🙂

    All the best!

  4. Hello,

    I would love to contact Duncan Jones to have his film “Moon” screened at our film festival this year June 16 2011, The Image Gazer Film Festival. It would be an absolute honor to have you be a part of our traveling film Festival here on the Coasts of Maine. I look forward to possibly hearing back from you.

    Wish you well and continued success,

    Dylan Howard

  5. Dear Duncan,

    It is with great regret that I must complain about my recent viewing of Source Code. Not long ago I contacted you via Twitter to say I was going to enjoy SC at the local cinema, my only company being a great big fat, hot fudge sundae. YOU, however advised me to take my Husband along.

    So, I waited for him to return from work in Saudi and dutifully took him with me, as per your instructions. My complaints are as follows:-
    a) Throughout the entire film I was subjected to elbow jabbing, followed by questioning as to what was going on.
    b) I was deprived of my sundae due to being reminded that my already, less than sylph like figure, would only be made more ‘rotund’ by consuming the heart attack in a plastic cup.

    I still managed to enjoy the film immensely but would ask that you consider making a ‘dumbed down’ version, perhaps with Steven Segal and Jordan as lead roles. The reason being, according to my husband, is that you failed to follow ‘bloke’ protocol by including only one of the three B’s… Bombs, Bullets and Boobs!

    To illustrate how dim you need to make the testosterone version, at the end of the film, my husband asked, “So why did he look different when he looked in the mirror then?” Thank God procreation is simple, or I would have had to draw a big red arrow from my belly button pointing down to indicate where babies are made.

    Also, to make it simpler, you could have a scene of dialogue with cartoon images to describe exactly what is going on, kind of like Scooby Doo. Then issue the film to be shown on the Movies for Men channel with an apology for confusing many of the male population with the previous intellectual version.

    As for my own thoughts… I see no reason why you couldn’t have included a scene with Jake Gyllenhaal butt naked, rubbing baby oil into his body. When you have such gorgeous men as your lead roles, please consider more nudity in the future.

    Seriously, I would just like to say, thanks for making intelligent movies. I loved Source Code and will be buying the DVD so that I can watch it in peace with Ethan (6) and Josh (5), who will undoubtedly have a better understanding that their Father!

    1. Thanks, Beth. It’s a shame we did not have you on board to begin with, we could have avoided this obviously embarrassing situation. We’ll pass on your comments to Duncan and can only hope that it’s not too late to ensure some of these points are adressed in Film #3. If it’s any consolation, MOON features some nice bare Rockwell rump in a shower scene, you might want to check that out 😉

      Your comment made me proper larf it did, thanks for taking the time to get in touch, an for getting out to support SOURCE CODE at the pictures 😉 x

    2. actually I would like to enjoin Beths complaints. I know I have raised these issues on Twitter and frankly I am unimpressed that film makers today are not taking into account young families.

      My wife and I enjoy smart and clever film making with storylines that dont treat their audience like they are on some sort of disney ride.

      However since we both decided to start a family a few years back this has clearly coincided with several key release dates for @ManMadeMoon films as a result we have not had a chance to catch these in all their cinema experience opportunity. This includes being elbowed and nudged and sold overly expensive coke packed with ice.

      If at all possible can we see the next release from Duncan demonstrate a little social awareness for modern life and provide childcare and day creches in which to place our children so we might enjoy these films as they are intended to be seen .

      We for one look forward to the next project ‘I know what you’ll keep doing last summer’

  6. I suppose one of the nicest things you get to hear when you have made a film is ‘Thank You’ – It is very special to affect culture.
    I thoroughly enjoyed Moon because it is a great film but also because it is a decidedly polished and mature science fiction film. I grew up reading Philip K Dick, Aldous Huxley and books like ‘We’ by Yevgeny Zamayatin… all of the things I took from those stories were how sometimes big, bold ideas and speculation reveal more about human nature than films which try to look at life too directly.
    This is not a plug, but I can’t help but want to share this on here. I wrote a short story about cloning a long time ago, which was really just a vehicle for magnifying the fascinating idea of what ‘being unique’ or ‘the only me’ really means.
    When I saw Moon I felt happy and terribly sad. Happy because I just love seeing great story, I showed it to friends and went to their houses to watch it with them. The sadness came because I felt like I was sat on my bum not getting films made when I love the medium so much and think I have stories worth sharing. I did make a few films straight after Uni which played in the UK and internationally, just little short films but quite nicely done, but then life took over a little and I let it.
    Anyway, recently I decided to take action (Moon was the film which really kicked me up the bum, I want to be making films like this, then crowdfunding was the ignition for the method of getting it funded) and have started work on bringing that original short story to life. I think I wrote it in around 2003. It’s about a man who wakes into a room with no idea where he is or how he got there (a predictable opening scene which rapidly defies convention) before discovering that in every single one of the rooms around him is another clone of himself, all of whom woke into the exact same mysterious situation. It’s a gripping little film, full of ingenious ideas, loops and an epic visual ending.
    Anyway. Thank you for making Moon. If you or any of your blog viewers are interested in my film ‘Mouse’ then they could watch the pitch here http://vimeo.com/34532459 follow me on twitter @justintagg or the project itself @mouseshortfilm – Have a great 2012, I cannot wait for your next film.

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