Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction MOON Lunar Rover

Would you like to own one of the original model miniature lunar rovers from Duncan Jones’ 2009  multiple award winning debut feature MOON? Daft question really, wouldn’t we all…

Only four (3 x 1:12 & 1 x 1:6 scale) lunar rovers were made for MOON by the amazing model miniature team of Steve Howarth, John Lee, Chris Hayes, Ron Hone and Richard Sinclair headed up by industry veteran model maker Bill Pearson, so the chances of actually getting hold of one are very very rare. Thanks to Prop Store though you may be able to get hold of one of these beauties as they have one of the three 1:12 scale lunar rovers up for auction on September 23rd 2015. Here’s the full wang:-

“A model miniature Sarang Lunar Rover from MOON. This model is one of four model rovers built for the film, used by Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) during mining operations at the Lunar Industries He-3 refinery on the Moon.

This model miniature built by Bill Pearson to 1:12 scale is made of styrene with wood and styrene wheels and was designed to be pulled by wire for movement. Intricate mechanical detail is built into the hull including mining equipment on the back, ladders and hatches. Five lights, operated using a switch at the rear, are fitted to the front beneath the cockpit. The entire model is finished in white with Lunar Industries decals and has been distressed to look hard-worn from use with dust applied between the wheel treads.

The model displays some wear including scuffs to the paint finish on the wheels. However, the model remains in very good condition. Dimensions 41 cm x 25 cm x 21 cm”

Auction estimate for this one is £5,000.00 – £7,000.00, full details of this and the rest of the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction including an interactive catalogue available over on their site.

For more details of the build process itself, treat yourself to a trip over to Steve Howarth’s model miniature site.