Duncan & Rodene JonesMany of you will be aware of Rodene’s cancer diagnoses in 2011 and her subsequent fight to become free of this disease that affects so many of us and those we love. Having bravely battled the foul beast over the last few years Rodene continues to campaign for awareness of early diagnoses through encouraging all to “Touch Up Your Loved Ones”, if it weren’t for Duncan doing just that they may never have discovered Rodene needed to get checked ASAP in the first place.

Rodene has created a new donation page in aid of the Tower Cancer Foundation so to help boost the total and get you lot to “Touch Up Your Loved Ones” we’ve decided to auction a MOON poster signed by her lovely hubby and Writer / Director of MOON, Duncan Jones.

Auction details at the bottom of the post, all money raised will go towards the Tower Cancer Foundation, over to Ro to explain a bit more.

In 3 years, I hope to be free and completely clear of any and all cancer.

In 3 years, I hope to help raise at least $110,612 (this specific number stands for the date of my diagnosis and wedding date, 11/06/12) for cancer support groups and research. 

In 3 years, I hope that I’ve helped raised more awareness than I ever thought I could’ve. 

In 3 years, I hope that we’ll be closer to a cure, actually, I hope we find a CURE now. 

I really ****ing hate cancer, and I hate it when people don’t think its something to worry about. Its a world problem, and it’ll take the world to help find a cure.

We can and will fight this as a team….the closer we get to finding a cure, the longer we have to laugh, love and live together..or be miserable about other things. 

Please, touch up your loved ones, touch up yourselves, get screened, remind others around you to, early detection is all we really have right now. Don’t neglect your health.

If it weren’t for my husband, Duncan aka @ManMadeMoon, I probably wouldn’t be fighting as hard as WE are today. 

For more on how we found out, click here

Let’s live longer and LOVE longer, let’s find a cure together. 

Let’s find a way to STOP cancer from taking any more lives.

Even if you and your loved ones haven’t had to face cancer YET, there’s a high chance that somebody you love will have to battle this harsh disease in your future. 

Any and every donation is important and very much appreciated. 

I hope I don’t have to raise money for Tower Cancer Foundation for long, because they’ll be a dang cure soon. Meantime, I want to support their efforts in all areas of research and cancer patient support. Please join me. 

So much love, 
♥ the Joneses. ♥

Rodene: @RodeneRonquillo
Duncan: @ManMadeMoon

Auction is for one MOON poster (27 x 38 inches) signed by Writer / Director Duncan Jones.

MOON Poster Signed By Duncan JonesTo ensure all money from auction go directly to Ro’s Tower Cancer Foundation campaign total, bids will be by email. Please send your bid.

To: unklerupert@manmademovies.co.uk
Subject Line: MOON Poster Auction Bid

We’ll keep everyone up to date on current top bid (highest bidder name witheld) via our Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Please send in your bid by next Sunday 26th October 22:00 GMT.

Signed poster will be sent to highest bidder upon confirmation of donation to Ro’s Tower Cancer Foundation fund raising page.

More on Ro’s “Touch Up Your Loved Ones” campaign HERE

Thanks! 🙂