BBC Deliver Christmas TV MOON Sandwich

Radio Times Christmas Double Issue December 2012
Radio Times Christmas Double Issue December 2012

If you live in the UK, one of the major signs that Christmas is nearly upon us is the bumper Christmas edition of the Radio Times TV listings magazine. Once purchased & lovingly plopped on the coffee table, in the magazine rack (or secretly secreted under the seat cushion of MY armchair) it’s time to get out the highlighter pen and get busy marking off the must see films & holiday specials.

This year there’s a particularly cool treat for Sci-Fi fans on Sunday the 30th of December when BBC2 host the UK “proper telly” premiere of Duncan Jones’ multiple award winning 2009 feature debut¬†MOON. Cool as that is, MOON is sandwiched in between a 1 hour documentary on the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong at 21:00, and one of Duncan’s all time favourites, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner (Final Cut) at 23:30. That puts MOON at smack on 1hr 30 minutes* from 22:00 to 23:30 (or a little less with time for the nice announcer in between).

If your highlighter has run out of ink, Daniel Benneworth-Gray has already done the honours :) 

MOON BBC2 30th December 2012 22:00 - Image by Daniel Benneworth-Gray
MOON BBC2 30th December 2012 22:00 – Image by Daniel Benneworth-Gray

So that’s Sunday night sorted, and of course I’ll be watching. Like any other film I love, even if I own it on DVD or Blu-Ray, I cannot resist tuning in to a “proper telly” broadcast. Elsewhere in the Radio Times MOON is also singled out by Radio Times film editor Andrew Collins as his film of the day, so that’s that! :)

MOON film of the day BBC2 22:30 30th December 2012 - Andrew Collins
MOON film of the day BBC2 22:30 30th December 2012 – Andrew Collins

Thanks to Joanne Havens for that piccy :)

Maybe we could all watch it together? Will have a think and see if we can get a hashtag on the go for the evening, let me know what you think.

Sunday December 30th 2012

Neil Armstrong: First Man on the Moon BBC2 21:00
MOON BBC2 22:00
Blade Runner BBC2 23:30

Then if you’re still up at the end of all that, there is the great Blade Runner making of documentary Dangerous Days: on the edge of Blade Runner at 01:20.

*Looks like MOON has a running time of just under 1 hr 30 minutes taking into account announcer in between it and Blade Runner straight after. IMDb states a theatrical release running time of 1 hour 37 minutes, and the UK DVD is 1 hr 33 minutes.

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  1. Good news for u.s. english fans of the family, my sis got the “C” also last friday. But we all positive. “Time” has wings and so sorry that i can’t make it back to britain from boston until new year’s day. catch the flick later xx .

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