COMPETITION: Stand Up To Win $126.00 & More…

Russell Peters accepts Jake Jake Gyllenhaal's challenge in Source Code

It’s been bloomin’ yonks since we had a competition here, so Duncan has come up with one that harks back to the great MOON competitions he did back in the olden times (ok 2009).

In the still image from Source Code above, you can see Max Denoff (Russell Peters) accepting Colter Stevens’ (Jake Gyllenhaal) challenge to make all the people on their train laugh. Duncan’s challenge to you is…

Perform a stand up comedy routine on a train in front of all the passengers and get a friend to film it. Upload the video evidence to youtube, vimeo etc and send us a link to prove you did it. We’ll compile them all into a blog post and have a public vote. The one with the most votes wins.

Just like Max the winner will receive $126.00 in cash from Source Code Director Duncan Jones, and some other nice bits & bobs Duncan will pop together to make it all worth your while 🙂

Sounds simple, but have you got the bottle? Eh?…

Tweet links of your video evidence to Duncan @ManMadeMoon using hashtag #SourceCodeStandUp or e-mail a link to me here

We’ll set an end date when we get a few in so you know what your up against.

Good luck, and have fun!


Seems @crimsong19 wants to do his “routine” on an Ox & Cart, so we’re opening this up to any form of mass transport. Now warm up, gargle, La La La Laaaaaaaaa, and GET OUT THERE!

One thought on “COMPETITION: Stand Up To Win $126.00 & More…”

  1. I’ve been wanting to do this since Mr. Jones tweeted the dare last week. The problem (I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit) is that I seem be fresh out of real, actual friends. I’ve been reaching out to people to see if anyone wants to film me doing this on a NYC subway, but no one has even had the courtesy to get back to me. So here’s my offer: if you know of anyone in New York City who would be willing to shoot the video, send them my way, and you can pay them the $126 for their time. They don’t even need a camera; they can shoot it with my iPhone. I’d like to do it just to do it, the money isn’t the motivating factor for me. I think it’s a cool idea, I’m amazed that no one has done it just to do it. Maybe I’m not the only one without any friends. Anyway, let me know what you think and if it’s feasible. Thanks for taking the time to read this — smile

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