Not sure what GERTY is smiling about…Oh! Yeah! You can watch Duncan Jones multiple award winning 2009 feature debut MOON now, for free*

Duncan Jones' MOON Streaming Free on Crackle

Just clicky the piccy, or click here to enjoy one of the most critically acclaimed Sci-Fi films of this century 😉

Streaming on Crackle has been tested US and UK so hopefully it’s all good wherever you are. And if that’s your first encounter with MOON, please don’t forget you can also pick it up on DVD & Blu-Ray with lots of additional content including Duncan Jones directorial debut ‘Whistle’ (2002), along with 2 commentary tracks and some great making of features as well. Enjoy!

*When we say free, we mean please ensure you provide a DNA sample in the test tube that will be provided by Lunar Industries at the end of the film. Don’t worry, they won’t do anything dodgy with it, it’s just like a survey, kind of…