Imagine Sam Bell working his taters off mining He-3 for Lunar Industries, coming towards the end of a three year contract on MOON base Sarang. Alone apart from the company of his robotic companion GERTY, unable to communicate directly with Earth and his young family, desperate to get home and be with the ones he loves. Sam is slowly losing his marbles without any other human company, so imagine if he found out after all this time that something like this had been going on, right under his nose!

MOON - Lunar Industries Bar by Josh Kao

A bar, a Lunar Industries Bar on the MOON!, with dancing girls and an obviously wealthy cliental. All of which is bad enough, for poor old Sam. But imagine if he also knew that GERTY knew, AND was busy in there serving drinks!

Well, none of this is true of course, the image above is a piece of concept art by artist Josh Kao that we came across recently after it was featured in Charlie Jane Anders feature over on io9 about Josh’s concept art, specifically his futuristic cityscapes.

Pop over to Josh’s blog to view more, prepare for a long stay though, there’s some incredibly good stuff over there. On the piece above, Josh says:

Bar design based on the movie “Moon”, my favorite film of 2009. That’s a gogo dancer, not a stripper….i swear. I needed to fill up some space…

Josh has even included this kind of plan view, just in case you fancy setting something up yourself 🙂

Josh Kao - MOON Lunar Ind Bar Overview

And if you want to see more, actual MOON concept art, pop over to MOON VFX Supervisor and Concept Artist Gavin Rothery’s site.