Duncan Jones' MOON (2009) Starring Sam RockwellFriends over in Ireland have a unique opportunity to attend a MOON masterclass next month. Taking place on Friday, 10th February in Galway. Read on for the official doings…

Galway Film Centre and Fás Screen Training Ireland are holding a Masterclass on the making of the film ‘Moon’ in Galway in February 2012. Its production designer, Tony Noble (The Good Shepherd, Rendition) and its art director, Hideki Arichi (Batman Begins, Troy, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith), will take part in this masterclass facilitated by production designer, Anna Rackard (Ondine, Stella Days, King Arthur).

Moon, starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones (Source Code), is a high concept, sci-fi drama, which won many awards and garnered worldwide attention on its release. Set on the Moon and shot over 33 days in London, its achievments and quality far surpassed its low budget of $5million. The film was made in the vein of Alien and 2001, eschewing digital animation in favour of model making and set builds. It contains over 400 VFX shots, which highlights how effectively the budget was used, considering a film like Star Wars would have approx 300 VFX shots. In a sense, the film is indie filmmaking at its finest, with one of the crew commenting that it was made by ‘a bunch of guys with a couple of laptops’. Indie filmmaking or not, the film matches and surpasses the quality of many mainstream films and blockbusters.

This masterclass will focus on the following:

  • Initial design & concept
  • The design process, from first conversations to concept drawings to models to built sets/miniatures to final film (with VFX added)
  • Working with the VFX supervisor (How did they break down what would be built in full size, in miniature or in part build, etc.)
  • An in-depth examination of the built sets & exterior moonscape
  • Graphics, set decoration, lighting, backings, the robot and vehicles
  • The budget and what constraints that made on the design

The masterclass takes place in Galway City on Friday, February 10th from 11.30am  to 2.30pm, and costs €25. While this masterclass focuses on the work of the art department, it would be of interest to all film personnel.

Please apply online at www.screentrainingireland.ie

Deadline date for application is Thursday, February 2nd. For more information, contact Mary Deely at 091-770748 or email education@galwayfilmcentre.ie