Poll: Would You Like To Be Able To Buy MOON Merchandise?

Since the release of MOON in 2009, there has been the odd request for a MOON merchandise. Unfortunately, there is no official merchandise available at the moment.

No official t-shirts, posters, badges, patches, mugs, robotic assistants, flowbees or sealed bags of beans exist. We occasionally manage to find some promotional bits & bobs to send out to competitions winners, or auction off for charity. But nothing you can actually order online, or go buy from a shop.

BUT WAIT! For MOON Director Duncan Jones has just told this:

There’s a CHANCE we may finally get to sell Moon posters & Collectors toys.

Basically we need to show there are at least 500 fans out there who would buy a Gerty desktop toy or a collectors Sam piece. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, we’d like to get an idea of how many of you would be interested in buying some MOON gear, and what you’d like to be able to buy if it were possible. Please complete the poll below, and leave a comment, because I’ll be doing a random draw on the comments on Friday 16th at 23:00, and sending the winner a MOON promo T-Shirt (S/M or L) and a set of 4 MOON patches.

Many thanks in advance, I’m sure there are at least 10 of you out there, hopefully more ๐Ÿ˜‰

242 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Like To Be Able To Buy MOON Merchandise?”

  1. i was one of the first,if not the first person to contact Duncan Jones about merc from the movie!as soon as Moon came out i was like i want some of that!I asked him on twitter about it.now that it is going to happen i am very happy!

  2. Egad…do I ever want merchandise. I remember exchanging tweets with Duncan about this right after it came out. Heck, my wife even won a signed poster in his twitter poetry contest — we need more merch!

  3. Would love to have a Rover on display at home – so cool to have a replica of the actual model used in the movie (none of your CGI muck!)

  4. I would certainly buy a Gerty desk toy. As soon as I saw the film I considered making a model of Gerty. I’m still mulling over go to include an LCD with changing emoticons :). Also I would like a model moon with the harvesting patches on it, that was such a striking image from the film.

  5. But if someone WERE to produce gerty miniatures, he or she would get into trouble wouldnt they? Ive made one for myself…but I darent cast it and make multiples.,,, a couple of friends say theyde like one.

    1. I made one for myself only thus far…but if you were looking to buy the pattern for your merchandice scan…you know where to come, meantime…I hang onto it. Its action man scale.

  6. Original posters are so fricking rare. Searched high and low for a one-sheet but just couldn’t find one. I eventually tracked down a UK quad and paid nearly ยฃ100 for it off eBay, this was only a year after the films release.

    Duncan, seriously, people like me who adore your film will BUY EVERYTHING! Haha. Give me toys Duncan!

    1. Ouch! Well, certainly sounds like things are moving on the merch front, so hopefully it won’t be long before you’re snuggled up with your very own fluffy GERTY ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I can backup the claim of the other Scott above, original posters are VERY difficult to come by. I would love to get a chance to get my hands on one. I haven’t seen a legit US Moon poster in almost a year of daily searching! The UK Quads are pretty rare as well!

    If you have a stash of the US originals, would love to bid on them for charity ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Moon rover model would be totally awesome – but so would the Lunar Industries mug, or Sarang “crew” clothing.. get in there before Lastexittonowhere does ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. No guide on how to dance like Rockwell? Oh well, a man can dream…
    Literally any merchandise would be tremendous, to be honest. I’ve been finding ways to force recommendations for this film into chats since it came out, so any kind of conversation piece would be helpful.

    Also, admit it, people: Who would buy two Sam action figures and pretend that they’re arguing?

    1. Hi, El. Post was originally published in Sept last year, have just added the mug today after someone requested it. Can’t think why I didn’t originally tbh.

  10. I seem to have developed an affection for mugs, particularly corporate-looking ones from films and games (Portal has been a goldmine), so I naturally wanted a Lunar Industries one since I first saw Moon. I want that mug so badly.

  11. Hey did this merchandise ever become available????!!!

    Also, I’d love LUNAR mug, all the suit Patches, the hat, the Graphics stickers, and, well, honestly, anything that came into contact with Sam Rockwell, no matter how trivial! I think there’s a market also for the full jumpsuit – and the radioactive tampon you say is so comfy in the commentary – if those were offered but that probably gets too tricky due to sizing.

    I sought out MOON because of Duncan then Moon was just by chance my introduction to SR. So Moon sent me on a wild journey this past year or so, to get ahold of everything he’s ever done. So a big THANK YOU to you guys on many levels. Not sure how I missed that guy all these years. THANKS for an extremely awesome and well done film – just perfection on all levels- Duncan (and Source Code was great too, my husband bought that and we saw it before Moon but I did not realise it was you, until later) and looking forward to many more gems from you and seeing your continued successes in the future!

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